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International Committee Against Stoning

The Islamic Regime of Iran is to execute two young men for homosexuality by stoning

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According to the news we have received Ayub and Mosleh, 20 and 21 years old, are in danger of execution by stoning in the city of Piranshahr in the province of Kurdistan. The two young men are currently imprisoned in the city of Orumieh. They have been accused of having and filming homosexual relations. Pictures of President Ahmadinejad were incorporated into the film and loaded onto their mobile telephones. In additions, headshots of Khamenei pasted over a donkey were also found on the mobiles.

This film fell into the hands of the regime’s agents in Piranshahr who immediately ordered the young men’s execution by stoning to instill fear in the people of Iran. The news indicates that they will be stoned this Friday, Jan 21st 2011.

The International Committee Against Stoning calls for immediate action to protest the Islamic Regime’s medieval and brutal sentence against these two young men.

We particularly ask the people of Piranshahr to contact us immediately with further news about this case, and to prepare to prevent this heinous act. We urge the young people of Piranshahr to hasten to the aid of Ayub and Mosleh and declare that they will not permit this tragedy to occur in Piranshar. We must gather and collectively declare that we will not permit the Islamic Regime to murder and stone the youth of Iran in fear mongering acts.

We call on people everywhere to spread the news of the inhuman and medieval act against Ayub and Mosleh and do whatever they can to save them.

After the worldwide campaign against the stoning of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani that drove the Islamic Regime to a weakened position and brought the world out against the murderers of the Islamic Regime and against stoning, the Islamic Regime wants to show that it will not stop stoning and such depraved inhuman tactics. We must stand against stoning in Piranshahr.

The International Committee Against Stoning
Jan 16, 2011

21 Comments for “The Islamic Regime of Iran is to execute two young men for homosexuality by stoning”

  1. Keyvan

    I saw this news now! & today is that day! I don’t know what happend for them , Do you know anything?

  2. Andrea Grater

    Please these ancient, barbaric tactics MUST stop now and forever.

  3. Shelagh Stephen

    Do you have a link to a petition we can sign?

    STOP NOW!!!!

  5. Andy Thayer

    I strongly oppose BOTH the proposed executions of these two young men AND any war threats by U.S. and Israel against the people of Iran. Unfortunately, threatened executions like these only give hypocrites in the U.S. a golden excuse to bang the war drums.

  6. Stop all stoning and executions in Iran. These are barbaric acts against human dignity!

  7. Sue mike

    Stop your murdering evil

  8. Victor Gottlow

    Please, stop this death sentence. Please respect human rights.

  9. Nazmi Kara

    I am waiting for the destruction of Islamic Regime of Iran. I hope it will be soon. If there were not innocent people of Iran It would be better to NUKE Iran.

  10. I am stricken with horror and outrage regarding the scheduled executions of Ayub and Mosleh. These stonings must stop! These two young men should not be put to death, period. Please let us know who to contact and where to register our outrage.

  11. dumaison

    it’s really horrible. is there a petition for them?

  12. God love them I am lost for words and my heart goes out to them both! Jacx

  13. Sam

    Please let me know how I can directly help this case. Whom I should email/call.
    Thank you.

  14. Robert Alvarez

    In the name of all that is Holy, I ask the people of Piranshahr to stand up against manipulation via fear. Enchanted Empress Blessings, Robert Alvarez, the Psychic Witch.

  15. Can’t we bring Iran up on charges in the UN? Surely they are violating the Charter.

  16. It is absurd and terrifying what happens in Iran. Demagogues all around saying that they act after God’s Willing. It is our responsibility as human-beings to go against it.

  17. Sonia Cosme

    Please these two young have a life to learn. They are young and can make mistakes. Think as their fathers and give them a chance.

  18. How is that that NO action is being done against the evil practices of the barbaric regime of Iran? Why the superpowers do nothing?
    That simply can’t. The UN, unfortunately, discredited itself by doing nothing on behalf of Sakineh Ashtiani, Nasrin Sotoudeh, and by doing absolutely nothing on behalf of the political and homosexual prisoners in Iran who have NOT any chances of survival at the hands of the cruel, medieval, Islamic regime!
    Shame to you UN for doing nothing! Once again, there MUST be created a world body by the superpowers, a body policing the mistreatment of political prisoners, homosexuals and vulnerable people by their barbaric regimes! IT MUST BE DONE NOW!
    We all know that the UN is a joke. But we as the people of the world, yes we are capable to a change but unfortunately not in cases as Iran unless Iranians go on with a successful revolution and bring down their regime. We, the people of the world are a tremendous chaos. I think it is in the interest of the USA and Western powers, and possibly also in the interest of many other countries in the World to create a world body, let’s say WHRC that means World Human Rights Center which would coordinate global efforts on behalf of human rights across the world, including Iran and some other bad cases. Don’t you think such a center would be good? Imagine, there happens something very bad in Iran or elsewhere, you send a message to the WHRC and then both, the WHRC and we the people of the world go further into action. But we have our center, our “head” which gets and sends the messages, which is in contact with the Security Council of the UN and with the world superpowers, with G8 and G20, with the European Union, and so on. It’s an incredible structure on a global scale, very human, and looking like the human nervous system with its brain but on a global scale.
    We need it in order to go with our efforts to defend human rights across the world!

  19. Madeleine Pennock

    What can one add? “Iran just please stop your killing of innocent people.” Maybe there is yet another case to write to your Iranian embassy to stop another horrific killing. Just imagine the pain their parents must be feeling.

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