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International Committee Against Stoning

Call for action on Saturday Dec 4 against the execution and stoning regime, in Iran and abroad

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ICAE calls upon people in Iran to widely participate in Shahla Jehad’s memorial. And while staying in solidarity with Shahla’s family, express your despise towards the barbaric act of execution.

ICAE calls upon all people and organizations around the world who are against execution to gather in front of Islamic Republic of Iran embassies and city centers to strongly condemn IRI’s barbaric act of execution and to demand an end to it.

Details and locations will be provided here at a later time.

List of protest actions against barberic execution of Shahla Jahed by the Islamic Republic of Iran



Time: 4 December 2010, 12-1pm

Place: Domplatte



Time: 4 December 2010, 2-4pm

Place: Trafalgar Square


Washington DC

Time: 5 December 2010, 12 noon

Place: in front of islamic interest section, 2209 Wisconsin Ave NW Washington DC

International Committee Against Execution

Spokesperson: Mina Ahadi    0049-177-569-2413

11 Comments for “Call for action on Saturday Dec 4 against the execution and stoning regime, in Iran and abroad”

  1. jlmt1

    many international decisions are taken against the death condemnation, but the leader of the democratic states USA is still practicing death sentence. the “cold war” between Iran and USA is a real great problem…

  2. Liliane Rannou

    I see no meeting in Paris, as last week. But we will be crying and mourning too here in Paris, while snowflakes are crying down too on our city. We are not yet well organized but we will be ; we won’t forget Shahla and people still in jail, Sakineh, her son and lawyer, and numerous other democrats. We are so sad but we won’t forget you our sisters and brothers in Iran.

  3. lone svenfelt

    small men have small brains and in order to be noticed, they commit big crimes. The people of Iran deserve something better. Please be brave and go out into the streets and protest against your barbarian leader. Kill all women and there will be no men. In China the Emperors build a large terracotta army to keep away the spirits of all the enimy they had killed. Ammadinejad start building one, you tiny little man will need a big one.
    They spirits will haunt you and you will see that Allah was not with you at all.

  4. Liliane Rannou

    To the authorities of Iran, recent murderers of Shahla : Stop killing people of Iran, stop killing, executing, stonning. Those who try to dominate by terror are nothing at all, nothing. Shame on you. Iran people will get rid of you soon with a worldwide support.

  5. ana morris

    Tell Prez .Ahmnogoodinbed to leave off our sisters. Just cos he’s into little boys he hates women.

    Hey Iran, it is 2010, not 2010 B.C.

  6. Jill

    May democracy come soon to Iran with true elections and the removal of this murderous regime.

  7. oliver

    end execution, thats not justice. stop the murder

  8. میترا


  9. Helen Speight

    This wwas a disgraceful act. Stoning should be stopped immediately.

  10. Paulson

    Barbarian act!

  11. Solange Motta

    STOP IT NOW!!!

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