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Topless Ukraine women protest Iranian woman’s death sentence

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1 Comment for “Topless Ukraine women protest Iranian woman’s death sentence”

  1. Lilia Patterson

    Gosh – that’s a new one.
    I wonder if the topless Ukrainian is a prostitute who has many Iranian male customers who visit her in Ukraine who is outraged at the hypocrisy of the Iranian regime.

    National Geographic in fact did a feature a few years ago which included information about Iranian males who specifically visit Moscow in order to ‘commit adultery’ with prostitutes (many of whom are Ukrainian).

    Many of the Islamic mullahs in Iran in fact are known to be involved in prostitution rings, using ‘forced marriages’ as a way to force women into marriages with pimps who then ‘sell their wives’ to other ‘husbands’.

    The widespread pressure on women into prostitution or forced marriages in Iran in fact has been one of the major reasons that women were the majority of those who were protesting against the recent Iranian elections.

    The police reaction instead was to shoot female students in their beds in university dormitories in reaction.

    The men who remain in control of the Iranian regime hold a war of terror against their own women while they continue to claim their rights of freedom to travel to other countries such as Russia and Ukraine to freely use the services of prostitutes without any concern about their own morals in the process.

    Reports from Iran have claimed that nany of the Mullahs who claim to be religious in fact are involved in prostitutions rings at the highest levels.

    For a Ukrainian woman to protest naked against the Iranian regime’s decision to assassinate Sakineh for the ‘crime of adultery’ therefore has great significance in particular – it highlights the total hypocricy of the Mullahs in control of the IRanian regime.

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