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Press Release 88: A response to the Islamic Republic of Iran’s deceptions regarding Sakineh’s impending execution

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PR No. 88
4 November 2010

A response to the Islamic Republic of Iran’s deceptions regarding Sakineh’s impending execution

An immediate and worldwide public outcry followed an urgent press release by the International Committees against Stoning and Execution giving notice of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani’s imminent execution. Shortly thereafter more than half a million people sent letters of protest, there were two million tweets on Sakineh, and rallies and events were held in a number of cities.

The International Committees against Stoning and Execution issued the press release after receiving credible information attesting to the plan to execute her on 3 November. Reliable sources within Iran confirmed having seen the actual execution order sent from Tehran to Tabriz prison’s office of sentence implementation and also seen Sakineh’s name on a blacklist of those to be imminently executed.

The Islamic Republic of Iran often executes people without any public warning or notice and even without informing lawyers and family members in order to avoid local and international condemnation. According to the International Campaign for Human Rights, at least 23 people have been executed these past few days alone without any official announcement.
Nonetheless the regime persists in concealing the real danger Ms Ashtiani’s life is in. Its Foreign Minister, Manouchehr Mottaki, told his French counterpart Bernard Kouchner that ‘the final verdict in the Sakineh Ashtiani case has not been announced by the Iranian judiciary.’ Malek Ajdar Sharifi, the head of the justice department in East Azarbaijan province, where Ms Ashtiani is imprisoned, also said that her case was under judicial review and she was in ‘perfect health.’

In the Islamic Republic of Iran, a ‘judicial review’ often effectively means that the regime is waiting for the opportunity to carry out its executions. The regime has executed many people whilst their cases were ‘under review.’ One well known case was that of juvenile ‘offender’ Delara Darabi who was executed in 2009 during a two month reprieve.

Whilst Sakineh has been held incommunicado since 11 August and her son, Sajjad Ghaderzadeh, and lawyer, Houtan Kian, been imprisoned and tortured since 10 October, the International Committees against Stoning and Execution will continue to act as their voice and their defence. And we will continue to raise the alarm when necessary until Ms Ashtiani’s stoning and execution orders are rescinded and she, her son and lawyer are unconditionally and immediately released.

International Committee against Execution
International Committee against Stoning

3 Comments for “Press Release 88: A response to the Islamic Republic of Iran’s deceptions regarding Sakineh’s impending execution”

  1. James Manulevu

    Its so sad to see such barbarianism in the world today. Its a good thing Christians stopped stoning people a long time ago. I pray for the deliverance of Sakineh from this punishment. Nobody deserves it. :(

  2. Lilia Patterson

    I truly hope that Ashtiany and her son and her lawyer will be released in the face of international pressure and condemnation of their brutal acts against the woman within their country – which is a shame on the face of this planet – and would be a politically suicidal act for the Iranian regime to perform.

    They just give the opportunity for the West to continue to criticise and condemn them which puts the whole of Iranian society under threat from outside threats such as the USA and Israel now as a result.

    Therefore I truly wish that this campaign will be able to turn the Iranian regime around and to behave a bit more intelligently and realise that they have far more important issues to deal with – thancondemning a woman who is a victim of circumstances and who needs to be released in order to continue to protect the lives of her children.

    If the Iranian regime was intelligent and truly wanted to ‘represent Islam’ as they seem to think that they want to throughout the ‘world’ then it would be great if they would consider the basic principle tenet of Islam that the mother is the central foundation of society – and therefore allow this ‘mother’ to live in peace to protect the lives of her 2 children who have all lost the protection of their father and they are only been abused while the true killer has been proven to be still walking free.

    This just shows the total hypocricy and injustice of the Iranian regime, which is a failure and shameful for the name of Islam throughout the world.

    I truly support the International Committee against stoning to continue their good work to show up and condemn the shame of those who seek to represent to show the face of Islam throughout the world, but fail so shamefully by this total neglect to ensure the best protection of Sakineh’s children – i.e. to be protected by their mother – who should be respected primarily as the highest value as a mother under the basic tenet of Islam.

  3. eva neubert

    with deep feelings of pity and regret, I protest against stoning and death sentence in Iran and everywhere!
    I hope, Ms Ashtiani, her son and laywer and all other victims of injustice come free !

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