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International Committee Against Stoning

Press Release 84: The Islamic regime of Iran plans to execute Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani immediately

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PR 84
1 November 2010

The Islamic regime of Iran plans to execute Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani immediately

According to news received by the International Committee against Stoning and International Committee against Execution on 1 November 2010, the authorities in Tehran have given the go ahead to Tabriz prison for the execution of Iran stoning case Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani. It has been reported that she is to be executed this Wednesday 3 November.

We had previously reported that the casefile regarding the murder case of Ms Ashtiani’s husband had been seized from her lawyer’s office, Houtan Kian, and found missing from the prosecutor’s Oskoo branch office so as to stitch Ms Ashtiani up with trumped up murder charges. Ms Ashtiani’s son, Sajjad Ghaderzadeh, and her lawyer, Houtan Kian, have warned of the regime’s plan to do so on many occasions. With the arrest of Ms Ashtiani’s son and lawyer on 10 October and her not having had any visitation rights since 11 August and after fabricating a new case against her, the “Human Rights Commission” of the regime has announced that: ‘according to the existing evidence, her guilt has been confirmed.’ In fact, the regime has created a new scenario in order to expedite her execution.

The International Committees against Stoning and Execution call on international bodies and the people of the world to come out in full force against the state-sponsored murder of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani. Ms Ashtiani, Sajjad Ghaderzadeh, Houtan Kian and the two German journalists must be immediately and unconditionally released.

International Committee against Execution
International Committee against Stoning
Tel: 0049 (0) 1775692413

176 Comments for “Press Release 84: The Islamic regime of Iran plans to execute Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani immediately”

  1. Please release her and her son and others supporting her who have been jailed. The world will think highly of you as people and as a nation. Allow her to live in peace and maybe when, and if, you get to Heaven/Paradise, you will be granted entry because of the good deed you do now. Do this, and will you be able to look your God in the eye – I think not!

  2. charlene

    Well sounds like some one just like the violence! There is no adultry involved, her husband has passed on, so legally she is a widow, which is the same thing as not being married in the eyes of the law. So why carry out this unjust act of brutality? They need to rethink their ideal of what is right and what is wrong! God will be watching, and he don’t like bullies, so give this young lady, her life so she can carry on with what GOD had intended , to live a long and good life. And with that they will find peace in their hearts for doing the right thing. This young lady has done nothing wrong.

  3. Ian Godwin

    What a backward country Iran is in this 21st century.You are all back in the eigth century.A number of people will, no doubt,being Iranian and completly pure and without sin themselves will carry out the diabolical execution of a young woman and mother. I feel sorry for your sick medieval country.I suppose the cowardly mullah’s will not say anything? No doubt some of them will come to the execution gloat and smile. What a sad backward country Iran is as I said before.

  4. lindy

    NO TO THE DEATH PENALTY!! all countries that have it are uncivilized!! are you all campaigning against it in your own countries? im so proud that we got rid of it here in south africa-every person on death row is someones son or daughter,no matter what they have done! its got nothing to do with religion!!!

  5. Helen

    This is totally babaric, if Islam is a gentle religion why is this sort of punishment done in its name?

  6. Gregory Antoni

    You , the Iranian government are uncivilized murderers, plain & simple, if you follow through with this execution.

  7. Ritachile

    No to the death penalty!

  8. I want to appeal to the Iranian leadership to let thiswoman go free. Let her to Brazil of Uganda.She will loved and welcome

  9. Chadwick

    Iranian Government, why do you delight in killing? God created this woman and only God can take her life. Let her live,

  10. Gloria A Williams

    Please forgive and let her live. Forgiveness is an act of obedience, please be obedient and let Allah be the judge.

  11. Calvin Hennig

    Refraining or not refraining from this punishment will mark the degree of your civilization.

  12. J Herbs

    Please stop this !! Everyone is human and bound to fail in God’s eyes and Humans’ eyes, the only difference is that God is merciful and forgiving whereas humankind is not that lenient.

  13. You must understand that you are murderers.Please wake up and end these death sentences.

  14. Shameful crime against humanity…stop this!! You are all going to be guilty of murder and pay the price.Be compationate

  15. Ajay

    Forgiveness is a godly virtue. Even your prophet forgave those who insulted or hurt him. Be forgiving!

  16. amy

    please spare her life for the sake of her children…Allah is PEACE and treating a mother this way is going against the peaceful way of life as the prophet had taught us.

    Stop the execution!

  17. deborah

    It seems the government of Iran has lost its humanity. They forgot that all life is very precious. Stop before it is too late

  18. Nathalie S

    IF you are human, then, MAKE LOVE…as much as you choose…it is your body, your life, your decision… instead of brainwashed wars and radical extreme beleifs that deprive human beings of living their life FREELY witch is their BIRTH RIGHT!!
    Stop following a religion blindly witch seems like a santa claus for adults, what do the stoners think they are going to get at the END, some treats for the insane inhuman treatment they inflicted on a woman?? WAKE up from this hell of a nightmare that men are creating!!

  19. jaypian

    Please safe her life and stop the execution.

    We love God, Iran and Sakineh

  20. Please do not proceed unjustly

  21. Hans


  22. Ben

    I went out with a beautiful Iranian 20 years ago. She was really worried about being seen out and about in London with me, because she thought she was being spied upon by Iranian ‘friends’. This gives an idea of what she managed to get away from and the stories she told me about Iran frankly were not some of the best I have ever heard. If there is not enough strong evidence to prove Sakineh’s guilt (without using torture, for Mohammed’s sake), then she should NOT be facing the death sentence. This whole thing makes a kangaroo court look civilised! I would not call what you are planning to do an execution… It is a barbaric, monstrous, heinious crime against humanity. Just face it, you have got it wrong this time.
    The eyes of the world are watching you now. You have got a few hundred years of catching up to do. Please start now by staying the hangman’s noose. BG

  23. Phillip N

    This is a crime against all that is Humanity

  24. Timothy Worel

    This is a miscarriage of justice. Forced confession, sham trial, denial of legal representation, now they want to use Sakineh as a pawn and kill her just to show the world that they can.
    Even if she were guilty of adultery, and it has been stated that her husband was dead before the relationship began. She has received lashes and a long prison sentence. Double jeopardy. Release her, her son and lawyer and the German journalists. Show compassion.

  25. Roland Wingert

    There is a website with a petition to save her life:

    Every vote is important. Moreover, you´ll get many telephone numbers of Iranian embassies where you can call and tell them your opinion (if you want).
    If you really want to help her: here is your chance.

  26. Maria de fatima Moraes Rodrigues

    Essa inteção barbara e horrenda é inaceitável para todas as nações e povos que crêm no amor, na compaixão e na misericórida de um DEUS que dá vida, perdoa mesmo quando reconhecemos que erramos, o que não é o caso da sra. Sakinhe. Nós repudiamos veementemente a continuidade desses atos em nome de DEUS, Não podemos aceitar que Países com suas práticas bárbaras sejam apoiados, mantendo esse estado de opressão e tirania contra as mulheres e até mesmo desrespeitando o direito de um filho defender sua própria mãe, prisão e tortura, inclusive para o advogado da Sra. Sakinhe e jornalistas da Alemanha. Os países e governantes de todo o mundo que praticam e defendem a liberdade, os diretos humanos e cristãos, devem adotar medidas sérias e irrevogáveis contra um govenro tirano, cruel e insensivel!
    Liberdade para a Sra. Sakinhe, seu filho, advogado e os jornalistas!

    Maria de Fatima Moraes Rodrigues

  27. cris costa

    Please set Sakineh free!!!

  28. Robert Pruden

    Stop this injustice now!

  29. vesniko

    To stone woman? ! It is totally insane. Totally immoral and mad – madness!

  30. Maria José Castro

    Please, stop her execution.

  31. I have gone to university and done business with a lot of people who are ashamed of coming from Iran. They now say they are from Persia. These people are well educated and are decent citizens. Iran is ruled by force and terror by a bunch of barbarians. All this in the name of God? Then God damn them.

  32. Colette Klassen

    This is totally unacceptable. A man would never be treated the same way for similar behaviour.

  33. Jill Iversen

    How scared old men with beards must be of women to persecute a single woman so relentlessly. They are too stupid and blind to learn from history, like many men that have gone before them, otherwise they would know that totalitarian regimes fall sooner or later. I hope their god is as unforgiving as they are.

  34. Lisa Ransom

    This would be an act so lacking in compassion and forgiveness, that I cannot understand at all what it would serve. Surely it just compounds a negative view of Iran and Islam, that may be better being challenged. If all of us were condemended for mistakes we have made, it would be very sad world.
    Cruetely just makes peoplemore cruel.

  35. Leticia

    Please set Sakineh free!!

  36. Leticia

    Please set Sakineh free!!!!

  37. Katherine

    Don’t kill Sakineh!!! Don’t fill with grief the life of her children!

  38. Max

    Rescue all the women, children and non-extremist males from Iran, and then nuke the fuck out of the country, and make the world forget it ever existed.

  39. Niall

    God that’s really horrible. What is your source for this awful news?

  40. Jean

    Le régime usurpé, illégitime et barbare de l’Iran donne chaque jour une image toujours plus désastreuse de l’Islam à la face du monde.
    Au nom de Dieu, par un effroyable blasphème, ce régime s’apprête à supplicier une femme pour des motifs qui seraient risibles si la situation n’était pas si tragique.
    Au nom de lois qu’aucun peuple n’a jamais votées, ce régime insulte l’humanité en général et le monde musulman en particulier.

  41. Albert

    Executors, What will you achieve with this act after all? Do you really think this will better the world? Whoever is without a sinn should throw the first stone. The only God will judge us all for what we did or what we did not do. I feel so sorry for the executioners. Imagine that this is happening to their beloved mother, wife or sister and think again. Good luck but you will not have served any purpose in life with your stoning act and unfortunately you will not find any satisfation in this stoning. It will haunt you forever!.

  42. This is not right….please reconsider doing this inhuman execution…. please!!!! Kent f.

  43. Al Djinn

    Surah Ar-Rahman

  44. Miloš

    Attempt of killing is International shame

  45. Suzanne

    The Koran advocated LOVE and RESPECT – SHOW IT

  46. Jessica

    This has to be stopped! What can we do?! Please stop this, it is inhuman!

  47. stephanie

    The Iranians should think about their kinfolk in Europe who have made their homes there. How would Iran feel if the same thing happened to one of their’s in another country. This woman should be shown compassion for her grieving, not be punished for seeking solace in another. How unsupported is she?
    Alone and without even believing that her God is merciful. Certainly, Shariah Law should not be
    interpreted for this kind of crime. No crime has been committed and she should go free. Crimes against humanity fall within the category of murder, armed robbery, child abduction, paedophilia and so on. To take another life for a seemingly minor officence (under their law – not ours) seems absurd. I wonder what the Sultan of Oman would feel about this? His country is orderly , fair and just – no begging, no poverty and safe. Iran will never regain its respect in the world for this situation. LET HER GO FREE AND THE WORLD WILL KNOW THAT IRAN CAN BE JUST AND FAIR.

  48. charavin françoise

    Sakineh must live; and stop stoning immediately!

  49. David Spangaro

    In the name of the shared love of our creator and humanity i appeal to the rulers of the country to not carry out this sentence It will seriously damage your country in the eyes of the world

  50. David

    It is doubtful these people will listen to reason but our governments should stop all contact and trade as a signal of the world condemnation and disgust. I know the USA is no better and they will talk to anyone with oil or money but the rest of us should mark her murder with some action against this barbarous country.

  51. Brigid Murphy

    Please save this woman – she is a child of God and deserves her dignity.

  52. Tony Bathurst

    Does not the word “love” in your language and religion include putting the needs of others before your own? Your intention of murdering Sakineh is as far from this as can be imagined. Are you a primitive society? Prove otherwise by halting this abomination and setting Sakineh, her family and others free.

  53. Beverley

    God is the only one who can judge, not us HUMANS. We cannot take a life into our own hands.

  54. Steve Martin

    How can we in the West take Iran and its Despot government, its religion and its people seriously, when acts of utter barbarism like this are allowed to go unpunished.
    For every stone that strikes that poor woman, we should launch 10 cruise missiles aimed at the seat of Iranian Government to rid the planet of this cancer, once and for all.
    If they want to live and pray in the stone age, then so be it….we can make it happen!!!
    We can not allow such fools to develop a nuclear threat.
    Its no wonder the Israelis are worried…………….Would you want these morons living next to you ????
    We have a saying in the West that people get the government they deserve. So its time for the people of Iran to stand up and be heard……Allah and his two thousand year old fairy story won’t save that poor girl.
    But the Iranian people can

  55. AnaMargarida Simões

    Stop stonning immediatly!

  56. AL

    Please do not do this, the conclusion of the trial seems unsteady. Also, what are the sentences for the alleged co -conspirators?

  57. AL

    Please do not do this. The coclusions of the trial seem unsteady. Also, what is the fate of the alleged co-conspirators?

  58. Las autoridades Iraníes deberían pensar más en los hombres musulmanes que mantienen relaciones ilícitas y no son condenados a muerte. ¿Por qué a tantos adúlteros varones no se les castiga como a las mujeres que, por debilidad, se han visto obligadas a adulterar?
    ¡Qué mal interpretaáis la ley islámica! Tenéis la mentalidad de hace 1000 años. Y siempre la aplicáis a vuestro favor y en contra de las mujeres. Sois un pueblo de asesinos, inmisericordes, que estáis haciendo lo que os da la gana con vuestras interpretaciones del Korán. El Islam lo hacéis una religión donde no existe la misericordis ni el perdón. ¿por qué vais a asesinar a una pobre mujer por un fallo que ha tenido en su vida? ¿Cuántos fallos más graves tienen los hombres y por qué no los matáis a pedradas? ¡Qué incongruencia! Que Alá tenga piedad de esa pobre mujer

  59. Kayne

    Why are they needlessly killing a person, even a woman? What if … they killed all these stupid people that run this farcical regime so ignorance cannot breed anymore ignorance, before it really gets nasty for the rest of the world. History repeats, but it can be altered, now is the time to alter it.

  60. c dimmock

    Free Sakineh!! End the Murders!! Time to really thing about this crime and decide for the Good of Mankind! what is the Crime? MURDER and Pride… In the name of the world and everybodys God FREE HER!! ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!

  61. Anne Hanly

    This proposed execution is completely inhumane and should be stopped. If Allah is merciful I am sure this is not what he would want. As a frequent viewer of Press TV, the Iran State TV, I am curious about the fact that they rarely if ever refer to the internal implementation of SHaria Law although they are immediate and comprehensive about the ills of the West. If the Islamic Republic of Iran stands over the implementation of Sharia Law why don’t they explain or defend their position for all on Press TV – that States international voice?

  62. Jehanzeb k. Malik

    If she is innocent i would urge the council to give her every chance to prove her innocence. Because one can only make a right decision if he is unbiased and has completely and clearly heard and understood all the parties involved.

    If she has been found guilty, I would dare to say that I am gonna support death by stoning. And im not saying this because I dont know her personally. Allah forbid if my wife, mother, sister or daughter was found guilty I would myself stone her to death.

    • Jehanzeb k. Malik

      And this not goes only for Sakineh. I also stand-by to stoning to death the man who was involved in adultery. May he be given a more brutal death sentence if available.

      • Wim

        Her husband was already dead at that moment.

        If people could just stop judging each other, the world would be a far better place.

    • Peter Lanser

      You are a sick sick person. You deserve to be stoned yourself for thinking that way.

  63. desde otra mujer


    Preciosa mujer
    de ojos negros
    ya sin luz
    siendo sombra
    en vida.
    …Supistes amar
    en un mundo oscuro
    que quiere apagar
    la luz que brilla.

    Mujer mirame!
    No ves en mi,libertad
    vida que por ser
    mujer y no animal
    es merecida.

    Que aprenderan vuestros hijos
    de su muerte?
    Si, el tuyo
    y el tuyo
    y el tuyo!

    Y tu hija?
    Ya condenada recien nacida?
    Si,que puedo decir entre la tranquilidad de mis palabras
    Que derecho tengo yo
    de amar una,dos,tres y mas veces
    de sonar
    mientras tu por haber amado
    esperas tu muerte(ya desde nacida)

    Lo siento,
    escucho tu nombre
    vuestros nombres
    y mis aguas
    me hunden.
    Quien tirara las piedras?
    Pobre mujer….

    Quien se atrevera a amar
    despues de tu muerte?
    Pobres mujeres….

    Y Dios,ese dios por el que
    los hombres se pierden.
    Vale la pena
    ser amada por el?
    el mismo
    que os condena.

    Una batalla
    para las mujeres
    entre mujeres,
    las que luchan
    y las que tiran las piedras
    en un mundo de hombres
    que siguen las letras
    de Dios
    a su combenencia!

    desde otra mujer.

  64. José

    Los iranies son unos salvajes, anclados en los tiempos primitivos de la humanidad, no se pude matar y menos en nombre de Dios, Dioses amor y salva cuerpos y almas. Se merecen el aislamiento total de la comunidad internacional si no evolucionan con el resto del mundo y se humanizan más.

  65. Vlado

    This is wrong

  66. Reyhana

    Where is your IMAN do you not fear your CREATOR!!!!!!!!

  67. Marras Vorster

    How come there are no Iranians complaining here?

  68. Karin Masson

    This is murder,stop it now.

  69. Brian Masson

    Put a stop to this barbarity.

  70. Lucia

    humans have to be more compassionate and loving, what kind of persons are these that
    kill? Who gave them that right to do harm to others?

  71. Zina

    Stop these outrageous acts and free Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani she has suffered enough.

  72. bert

    Iran will prove its modernity by not killing this lady.

  73. shaida shafi

    Please stop this …No-one has the right to judge this woman but God. She is being made a scapegoat and that is wrong.

  74. Tatjana

    Please, be meryful….STOP STONING !!!!!

  75. Judith Murray

    Stop the execution of Sakineh Ashtiani

  76. David Tattersall

    One of God’s commandments: You are not allowed to kill, so they are disobeying God

  77. V12345

    You’all need Jesus.This is crazy!!!!!

  78. “Love” is the only thing that is eternal. And those that love others, love God. Those that murder do not love God. There is a greater judgment for those that take innocent lives. And this judgment does not come from the hands of any man. It comes from God (Yeweh, יהוה, YHWH) and Him alone. Release her while the window of grace is still open for you.

    • Lucas Verhoeven

      Yes, the world cannot stand by and let these bigots and barbarians do this to Sakineh. However, they also do it to so many other women and sometimes men. They are like the Nazi’s really. They must be stopped one way or another, as evil must be resisted or it will spread like a virus, as it is doing already.
      This is unspeakable barbarity. If the Divine is truly merciful, He/She must be pretty pissed off with these mad mullahs and ayatollahs.

    • VI er i 2011, snart. Jeg fatter ikke, at der er stadigvæk stenkast, i denne verden, alle verdens regeringer skal laves om, og det skal være de humane , der skal stoppe det, for de primitive regeringere, må VIRKELIG OMSTILLES, her og nu, hun skal frigives, HER OG NU, MED MIN TYKKE UNDERSKRIFT


    Jesus dit: ‘Que celui d’entre vous qui n’a jamais péche` lui jette la première pierre.’ Jean 8:7

  80. Gerry

    Iran, many years ago, was a centre for art, architecture, literature, medicine and science. Sadly its leadership, since those glorious times, have made it a centre for bigotry, injustice, untruth, barbarism and brutality. They seem to revel in being regarded as the armpit of the world. They will kill Ashtiani because they can do so. Its like a dog licking its genitals – because it can. Appeals to the Iranian leaders’ sense of decency, honesty, justice and humanity are a waste of time. They have no understanding of those concepts. The only hope for the future is that they have spiralled down as far as possible into the depths of depravity and the only direction from there is upward.

  81. Louise

    Please set Sakineh free and stop stoning people. It’s barbaric!!!

  82. A. Orton

    Compassion, kindness and respect for ALL life is needed on our planet.

  83. Iran has been ahead in so many Arts. Has brought to the world great things in Arquitecture, painting, Literature, etc. Show the most important thing: Respect Human Rights. A Nation shows is real face in the treatment of the weak one´s, its women, children, por one´s, even criminals. Don´t be sadistic, over reactionary and criminal with the weak part of the society. Be Royal!

  84. Jan Simone

    This backward country hates itself and it’s people so much they just kill each other. What a pathetic group of creeps. They get what they ask for, no respect from any country in the world.
    Bad karma is hell, seems it’s in store for them. Their big excitement is to kill an innocent woman to get their kicks. Sick pukes.

  85. Indira

    This is another atrocity by the Iranian govt. Free Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani immediately.


    You Muslims answer this: From English Qur-An, given to me at Blue Mosque, Istanbul, therefore presumably officially sanctioned.
    Page 349 AN-NUR (THE LIGHT) In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful
    2] The adulteress…flog her 100 stripes, and do not let pity stop you.
    (Then follows English explanation to me, the reader: ” this punishment is only applied to the unmarried… female. In the case of a married woman, the punishment of stoning is applied. (THIS LADYS HUSBAND WAS DEAD)…..provided certain conditions are met:1] both of them are caught in the actual act of intercourse. 2] there should be four witnesses of good character (IF THESE EXIST THEN WHAT WERE THEY DOING WATCHING, AND IF THEY WERE OF GOOD CHARACTER WHY DID THEY WATCH AND NOT STOP THE COUPLE?) 3] A confession FREE OF ANY PRESSURE by the adulteress that should be repeated four times. (REALLY?) It then says: ” …if a commandment is received from God ….rendered the punishment stoning to death. What happened to the merciful God? (which I believe in)

    • S.Oz

      Thanks for this information my dear sister, may it be an answer to Mr Jehanzeb k. Malik who is ready to stone her (or even his wife, sister or daughter) to death if “she is found to be guilty” where none of the conditions are met!!!

  87. claudia

    Plis. if God pardon why the man can´t ? we are under the low of God, and him no kill the people. Where is the compation and the great soul of this people that talk in name of God. So shame !!

  88. Neil Bonner

    All of these comments are reasonable and rational. Unfortunately reason and rationalism do not form part of the psyche of the Iranian regime. These politicians and theocrats should be put on trial for crimes against humanity. We should pity them for being cursed with retardation, an inability to function in a modern world and a blind, dumb devotion to the distorted, damaged and twisted thing they call their religion. I am minded of the the rise of Nazism in the last century. On that occasion the world said NO.

  89. Sheila Vance

    If this is Sharia law it is totally barbaric. Iran (and the other countries the Middle East) is way beind the times. It takes two for adultery – what punishment does the man get?

  90. Sue Fielding

    Shame on you Iran. The whole world is watching.

  91. Ramachandra K

    I pray gods and goddesses of all relgions and the ONE ultimate God to use all his forces to stop this brutality of killing this innocent woman Sakinesh Ashtiani.

    I hope Iran will show the world that it loves humanity !!

  92. Raewyn

    Misinterpretation of the Koran for the benefit of men who think they are ‘Gods’ on earth needs to stop. Dont execute this woman. You would be sinning greatly against the God that you claim to worship otherwise.

  93. Jorge Amores

    Life is the most precious thing on this planet. Please respect that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. Brenda

    Please stop this barbaric treatment and acts of violence and murder against innocent women. This type of inhumane behaviour should not be tolerated in what is supposed to be a civilized world.

  95. Mati

    Please please don’t punish this lady. It is like punishing all women for all they have given. Think of your own mom who has raised you with all the struggle and sacrifice in life.

  96. NK Foong

    Do unto others as you would have them do unto you

  97. ehsia

    its 2010. How can they stiil be stoning people? How backwards can a nation be?

    • Walt

      The Iranian regime is following the same pattern of behaviour as the Nazis and they somewhat confirmed it even by denying the holocaust. Their ignorance and brutality matches that of the SS.

  98. Joseph McConnell

    God is compassionate and merciful. This ‘execution’ is a blasphemous act of unspeakable barbarity.

  99. murder by any other name...

    Stop this execution. Modern day witch hunt, unbelievable!

  100. Agnieszka Mazur

    Death pennalty is the greatest crime one can commit. There is no excuse to it.
    Stop this procedure in your country.

  101. ruth

    yes, bring home the ambassadors, we should be saying this is not ok ever, never in our lifetimes or our childrens lifetimes

    this is a war i’d fight, rather than wars for the cellphone networks or oil
    this is about life, the source of life
    women in this world
    not bimbos, not whores, not commodities
    and sadly there are places in the world where we are worthless
    so we have to fight this

  102. lynne

    Please stop this treatment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. Anna

    This is totally unacceptable in a supposed civilised society. Execution and persecution is wrong and cannot be tolerated.

  104. Hans Olby

    Please save this innocent woman from execution !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  105. Abdul

    The sin of Sakineh is not greater than the sins of Meccan’s whom Hazrat Muhammad PBUH forgave at the time of Fateh Mecca. be merciful, let Sakineh to have a free life. Sakineh! Christ is with you. don’t be afraid of anything, He already has taken your sins away and has forgiven you. be rejoice in Christ Love. Heavenly Father is watching you and His hands are upon you.

  106. Ruth Samuels

    No way should this woman be executed. There is so little humanity in the world. There seems to be little shown for women in this regime. Just the right to kill. And we, humans are supposed to be civilize?

  107. Ruth Samuels

    Such inhumanity is beyond belief. So much of human nature is beyond belief. And we are civilized? No way should this woman be executed. No one has the right to do this.

  108. kass

    this is not justifiable in any culture. shame on you.

  109. S. Kneisel

    This obscene judgement is another example of frightened, mysogenistic, hate-filled old men hiding behind their god as they condemn all women to the status of less-than-human slaves. The Pope and his minions are not significantly different, as they refuse priests the right to marry, and the right of women to serve as ministers of God. If this woman is stoned, and if God is just, we may pray that she finds peace in her heaven, and that her murderers find everlasting torment in their hell.

  110. miguel pereira

    This execution will seriously harm the reputation of Iran!

  111. Why does Iran’s government insist in behaving like we’re living in the Middle Ages? This is clearly madness and can only lead to further outcry which in turn will endorse Iran’s image as a primitive and intolerant state. A repeal of this sentence would however have a radically different effect and would show Iran’s willingness to respond to the opinions of so, so many people around the world. There are two options and one of them is
    blatantly stupid.

  112. Nade

    NO execution Ms Sakineh M. Ashtiani !

  113. Why does Iran’s government insist on pretending we’re living in the Middle Ages? This is madness and can only lead to more public outcry and a terrible reputation for Iran as a barbaric primitive state. However a repeal to this decision could change that radically. There are two options one of them is clearly stupid!

  114. President Ahmadinejad, champion of the ‘rights’ of your people, prove the whole world wrong through the immediate release of Sakineh otherwise we people of the world will continue to say your government is a murderous regime with you as the refereein the butchering of your women. Sakineh must live, if she dies then her blood is in your hands and surely one day you like Slobodan Milosevic and Saddam Hussein will answer to the whole of humanity, and we wont pity you. You are shaming Islam if you stubbornly go on to commit this most barbaric, inhuman and dispeakable shameful act of callousness by a government and president who claims to be a liberator for the people of Iran and for which Sakineh is one. FREE SAKINEH & ALL HER CO-ACCUSED IMMEDIATELY!!!!!

  115. A Wright

    What a sick country! How can a woman commit adultery by herself. The man is never mentioned . I bet he has got away with it !!!
    Iran is a country I will never visit. I would be too afraid as it is run by bullies who hate women.
    We need to all make sure we never buy products from this place either. Let’s hit them where it hurts -in their exports.
    I do hope pressure is brought to bear on this cruel regime and she is shown compassion but even if she is lucky there will be others who have not had the same publicity who are suffering (or have suffered) the same fate.
    Those responsible for her death (if she is executed)will I hope suffer greatly in the months to come and die within the year. It is called KARMA. Such cruel people are not wanted on this beautiful planet.

  116. margreet Dubbelaar

    It is time we make a worldwide law against the dead penalty.
    It is time for equality on all fronts.
    How can God, Allah, or any god head devide laws for man and woman.
    We are all equally created.

    Our government has the opportunity to be the fore runner in this field.
    Show the world that love means; all of us!

  117. siemek

    To iran regime:

    please come here to Europe and suck me, you guys!!!!!!
    You are so strict because you are weak man!!!!


  118. K. Eisenschneider

    Please stop this barbaric punishment. We are in the twenty first century. Please set Sakine free.

  119. Gina De Micheli

    This woman has suffered enough. Surely it is time for the Government in Tehran to show some mercy.

  120. Karla Pravia

    Si aplicamos esta ley del “ojo por ojo” entonces los hombres musulmanes quedarían cojos. A ver musulmanes, tantas mujeres que ustedes creen que debe ser apredadas, me pregunto con cuántas mujeres creen que van a quedar si siguen aplicando esta ley.

  121. Greg Varela

    This atrocious act of inhumanity is painful for me to envision. How one holds this in their psyche for their whole life is a mystery to me. The Iranian government should be shamed into stopping such a ruthless act of violence. The Iranian government will continue to cripple their growth and development as a society by carrying out such acts. The Iranian government should know the whole world is watching them and we are furious!

    • I agree that this proposed execution is unbelievably atrocious. The woman is an inncent victim of an inhuman attitude by the Iranian government. I can’t imagine anyone of just average intelligence agreeing with the Iranian government’s actions. Sad and totally reprehensible!

  122. M.Fallgren

    Please, please save this womans life and let her be free, what horribel crime had she comitted to be punished so very hard for several years and now risk to be executed?

  123. Rudy Friesen

    The Koran says that saving the life of one person is equivalent to saving all of mankind. Can we not save this person whose life is so much more valuable than her death?

  124. peter morrow

    For pity’s sake please stop this madness

  125. Jurga, Lithuania

    Please stop Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani’s execution

    • taher

      I cam not begin to tell you how I feel tonight. I feel hopeless and helpless. I have been following this story and am heart broken of all have been executed and being excited. I am sorry for the humanity and life in general and weep in my own terms for every human life that is perished in the name of any religion and belief/ just helpless and sorry for the himanity to have withness this crule and unjust punushment.
      Life is precious.

  126. Bernt Selberg

    Please stop stonning

  127. Louise

    Please save this innocent woman from execution !!!

  128. Louise

    Please save this innocent woman from excution !

  129. Marco Saloni

    Salvate Sakineh non è giusto nè umano quello che volete fare. Sapete quante persone sono più colpevoli di Sakineh? Tutti. Siamo tutti colpevoli, salvatela e lasciatela vivere, non siete voi che la potete giudicare.
    Sakineh salva!

  130. Our race stands at a crossroad. One path leads to extinction, as a natural and rare World Age brings to a close inhumanity to humanity, which cannot enter a New World fast approaching or another path, which invites us to willingly cooperate in the commUNITY of life, end the blame game, conflict and other negativity, to liberate new and greater possibilities; our divine destiny. Every choice to liberate Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, is a choice to liberate Earth and us from the debris of a burdened human past!

  131. Verona Rochat

    The act of stoning is barbaric and unacceptable! I demand that Sakineh be released. You kill her – you kill yourself, and especially you kill all women! Where is your mercy? Where is your love? You are not God! Wake up to the truth of your wrongdoing! Verona

  132. Bernadette Menasse

    This is inhuman.

  133. jan wilde

    please do not execute sakineh mohammadi ashtiani, she is innocent and needs to be saved. she deserves to live. i’m against stoning and execution. please let her be free

  134. Jennie Chesterton

    Please release Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani

  135. Chris Murray

    Hard to believe such brutality and utter ignorance can exist in this day and age.What happenned to human compassion.I really feel for this poor woman and the pain her family must be going through .

  136. Sheila Moorcroft

    This is barbaric. I cant believe this is happening in the twenty first century. Please set Sakine free.

  137. Baret Magarian

    The International Committees against Stoning and Execution call on international bodies and the people of the world to come out in full force against the state-sponsored murder of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani. Ms Ashtiani, Sajjad Ghaderzadeh, Houtan Kian and the two German journalists must be immediately and unconditionally released.

  138. leonie coetzer

    It is time that international action be taken against countries that do not permit fair legal process, use torture and execute woman for alledged adultary when it is a well known fact that men in these countries are guilty of multiple and continuous acts of adultery which goes unpunished.

    This case should be an example, although I suspect many executions like hers take place every day. I live in Kuwait so I do not speak out of ignorance about the difference of how the laws of the Koran are applied to men vs women.

  139. Dr. Natalie Kelly

    Please, to any and all who will listen, if you consider yourselves, in any way, a civilized or Godly people, do not allow this atrocious act of violent injustice to be carried out. All of humanity is watching.

  140. Michael O'Connor

    Please reconsider your decision to execute Sakineh Mohammadi. No matter how you view it, your actions represent organized murder and this action will surely come back on you. Compassion is its own wisdom as it open your heart to joy, beauty and love.

  141. eva

    Freedom! No death penalty!

  142. Eugenio Pio Mularoni

    Chi è senza peccato scagli la prima pietra !!!

  143. Eladio Fernández-Nieto

    Solicito la suspensión de la condena a muerte a Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani. La pena de muerte debe ser abolida. (Y mucho menos metiendo a Dios por medio).

  144. georges polian

    NO execution, pas d’execution, de Ms Sakineh M. Ashtiani !
    Nouveau procès équitable !

  145. CAYLA Simone

    arrêtez cette horreur
    cette punition remonte à l’ère pré-historique alors que l’Iran est m’héritière d’ une magnifique Histoire Culturelle.
    quelle honte !

  146. patricia winchild

    Our family is horrified that this could happen ! We cannot believe that any country could be doing such a thing to a woman in the 21st century. And Iran not appearing to have any real rule of law except this extreme disregard for human life is very very frightening. I hope, we all hope that somehow Iran’s government will intercede on her behalf.

  147. Andreieff

    Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani immediately

  148. I hope we can stop this madness!

  149. Deborah Weisz

    This cannot happen. It is abhorrent and cruel.

  150. Javi Pérez

    Will she be executed by stoning or by the gallows? I hope the Iranian authorities stop that murder.

  151. Virginia Castañeda

    Please, stop her execution.

  152. kramer.mina

    Stop Stonning

  153. pilar


  154. Pilar Pérez

    We can’t give orders to Iran’s Governers, but we can say to our governers… stop this.
    Bring home the embassadors, inmediatly
    We should be saying this

  155. pilar

    medios de comunicación, políticos, ciudadanos del mundo….llenar las ondas, redes sociales… de mensajes para abrir los ojos a los que van a lapidar a Sakineh

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