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International Committee Against Stoning

Open letter demanding release of Sakineh, her son, lawyer and two journalists

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Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani’s son, Sajjad Ghaderzadeh, and lawyer, Houtan Kian, were arrested along with a German journalist and photographer in Tabriz on 10 October 2010 at 1900 hours local time. The security forces raided the lawyer’s office where an interview was taking place and arrested all four.

Their whereabouts are currently unknown and no news has been received of their situation since the arrests. It is known they were arrested given that at the time of the raid, one of the journalists was on the phone speaking with Mina Ahadi, Spokesperson of the International Committee against Stoning and International Committee against Execution. The four have not returned home or to their hotels since; the Islamic regime has confirmed the arrest of the two journalists.

We, the undersigned, unequivocally condemn the Islamic Republic of Iran for the arrests and call for the immediate release of the four. We also demand the release of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani and an end to stoning and execution.

Mina Ahadi, Spokesperson, International Committee against Stoning and International Committee against Execution, Germany
Maryam Namazie, Spokesperson, Iran Solidarity and One Law for All, UK
A C Grayling, Writer and Philosopher, UK
Alfred Breitman, Writer, EveryOne Group, Italy
Angela Payne, HQ Coordinator, Anti-Injustice Movement, UK
Anne Zelensky, Présidente, La Ligue du Droit des Femmes, France
Anne-marie Lizin, Senate Honorary Speaker, Association of the Wallonia Women Council, and Coordinator of HOCRINT, International Association against Honour Crimes, Belgium
Annie Sugier, President, Ligue du Droit International des Femmes, France
Åsa Dahlström Heuser, Campaigner, Belgium
Auberger Michel, France
Bernice Dubois, Coordination Française pour le Lobby Européen des Femmes, France
Brigitte Allal, professeur de lettres, France
Catherine Auberger, Human Rights Campaigner, France
Catherine Deudon, Photographer, France
Chantal Crabère, Campaigner, France
Cherifa Kheddar, Presidente, l’association ” Djazairouna”, des Familles Victimes du Terrorisme Islamiste, Algeria
Christa Stolle, Terre des Femmes, Germany
Christiane Labarre, Women’s Rights Campaigner, Belgium
Christiane Mauchauffée, Women’s Rights Campaigner, France
Daniel Lardy, Primary School Teacher, France
Daniel Salvatore Schiffer, Philosopher, Writer, Promoter of the “Open Letter to the Iranian Authorities” to support Sakineh, Belgium
Daphné Pavia, Regards de Femmes, France
Dario Picciau, Director, EveryOne Group, Italy
David Pollock, President, European Humanist Federation, UK
Dennis Penaluna, President, Nottingham Secular Society, UK
Dominique Peignoux, Regards de Femmes Ile de France, Vice President, Chevalier de la Legion d’Honneurm, France
Ed Buckner, Board Member, American Atheists, USA
Eli Vieira, President, Secular Humanist League of Brazil, Brazil
Elizabeth Sidney, OBE, Chair, Women Worldwide Advancing Freedom and Equality, UK
Eloise Power, Doughty Street Chambers, UK
Fabio Patronelli, Artist, EveryOne Group, Italy
Francis FitzGibbon QC, Doughty Street Chambers, UK
G. R. Joly, Women’s Rights Campaigner, France
Georges Delpech, Campaigner, France
Ghulam Mustafa Lakho, Advocate High Court of Sindh, Pakistan
Giti Thadani, Writer and Filmmaker, India
Glenys Robinson, Writer, EveryOne Group, Italy
Gudrun Schyman, Spokesperson, Swedish political party Feminist Initiative and elected member of the local parliament in Simrishamn, Sweden
Harold Kroto, FRS, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, USA
Henry Page, UK
Hope Knutsson, President, Sidmennt the Icelandic Ethical Humanist Association, Iceland
Huguette Chomski Magnis, President, Mouvement Pour la Paix et Contre le Terrorisme, France
Ibn Warraq, Author, USA
Iza Desperak, Poland
Jacqueline Pelerins, France
Jaya Gopal, Coordinator, International Committee to Protect Freethinkers, India
Joëlle Wiels, Research Director, CNRS, France
Josette Vial, Lyon Association Regards de Femmes , France
Katarzyna Kopystyńska, Democratic Union of Women and Federation Polish Women’s Lobby, Poland
Katarzyna Zwolak, Women Space Foundation, Poland
Laura Dubinsky, Barrister, Doughty Street Chambers, UK
Laura Guidetti, President, Marea Association, Italy
Leo Igwe, Executive Director, Nigerian Humanist Movement, Nigeria
Liisa Rantalaiho, University of Tampere, Finland
Lydie Err, MP, Belgium
Manouchehr Ganji, Human Rights Campaigner, USA
Maria Calderar, EveryOne Group, Italy
Maria Rohaly, Mission Free Iran, USA
Marie-Christine Exsteyl, Vice-Présidente, Groupement Belge de la Porte Ouverte pour la défense économique de la travailleuse, Belgium
Marie-Hélène Clochard, Women’s Rights Campaigner, France
Marieme Helie Lucas, Founder of Women Living Under Muslim Laws and Secularism Is A Women’s Issue, France
Matteo Pegoraro, Writer, EveryOne Group, Italy
Michael Schmidt-Salomon, Philosopher and Spokesperson, Giordano Bruno Foundation, Germany
Michèle Vianès, Présidente, Regards de Femmes, France
Mireille Popelin, Feminist and Secularist, France
Monica Lanfranco, Director, Marea Feminist Review, Italy
Nazanin Afshin-Jam, President, Stop Child Executions, Canada
Nina Sankari, President, European Feminist Initiative, Poland
Nordine Ghassan, UK
Olga Rémy, Member, HOCRINT, Belgium
P. Mazelpeux, Psychologue à l’association Regards de Femmes Lyon
Pascaline Segard, Women’s Rights Campaigner, France
Pedro Almeida, General Director, Secular Humanist League of Brazil, Brazil
Peter Tatchell, Human Rights Campaigner, UK
Pragna Patel, Chair, Southall Black Sisters, UK
Rahila Gupta, Women’s Rights Campaigner, UK
Richard Dawkins, Scientist and Author, UK
Roberto Malini, Writer, EveryOne Group, Italy
Roy Speckhardt, Executive Director, American Humanist Association, USA
Russell Blackford, Philosopher, Australia
Shahla Abghari, Women’s Rights Campaigner, USA
Siba Shakib, Author and Filmmaker, USA
Sonja Eggerickx, President, International Humanist Ethical Union, UK and President, Unie Vrijzinnige Verenigingen, Belgium
Steed Gamero, Photographer, EveryOne Group, Italy
Sylviane Tropper, France
Tasneem Khalil, Editor, Independent World Report, Sweden
Terry Sanderson, President, National Secular Society, UK
Tullio Florio, Italy
Udo Schuklenk, Professor of Philosophy and Ontario Research Chair in Bioethic, Canada
Valérie Surville, Campaigner, France
Venita Popovic and Nermin Sarajlic, Zenicke Sveske journal, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Viviane Teitelbaum, MP and President of the Council of Women, Belgium

386 Comments for “Open letter demanding release of Sakineh, her son, lawyer and two journalists”

  1. Nancy Amidzich

    Ahmadinejad: stop the stoning once and for all. Release Ashtiani, her son and his lawyer.

  2. serhildan

    the government of iran is a government against humanrights! every year about 300 people have to die on the strang. the victims are mainly kurds. they have to die because of their fight for freedom and democracy for their people!! this has to end immidiately!!!

  3. Silke Bailey

    release the 4 men and Sakineh right NOW!
    there is absolutely NO reason to keep them arrested at all!
    would those judges treat their own mom the same way as well? i sure hope not!

  4. Xavier Decrock, France

    Free them and open your mind to respect for life

  5. I wrote an article on this too.. you can link back to me if you wish.. PLease sign the petition to free sakineh..

  6. Anita

    Stoning is a cruel bestial death penalty for innocent girls and women in Islamic countries, it is a modern medieval hunting, like the average age of the witch craze. We should not tolerate such as honor killings, stoning and genital mutilation of girls, this is not a religion or tradition, that’s brutal torture and brutal murder! If the Islam calls for tolerance from us, the Imans should explain us the many calls for killing and raping of non-believers even here in Europe, what has that to do with tolerance and religion. Finally stops these human rights violations, that racism and sexism words of some Islamic people, which the Islam sales us in Europe as a tradition and religion. Stops at last these words, we would be racists, if we are simultaneously threatened with terrorist acts meanwhile we give all Muslims worldwide a polite and warm welcome in our countries!

  7. Ainda hei de ver os lideres religiosos e políticos do Irã sentados no banco de réus da Corte Penal Internacional em Haia por crimes cometidos contra seu próprio povo.
    João Agne-Eletricista e cidadão do Mundo.

  8. Eu ainda hei de ver os lideres religiosos e políticos iranianos sentados no banco dos réus na Corte Penal Internacional em Haia por crimes cometidos contra seu próprio povo

  9. Kaylie Bowman

    Learning Support Assistant, UK

  10. Roald Landheer

    Roald Landheer – the Netherlands

  11. Joe Ferris

    University law student, UK

  12. This regime shows no regard for this woman’s human right to life,
    they blatantly disregard the law and we DO NOT respect them!

    Give this woman her freedom back now and release her son and their lawyer immediately!

    Iran needs to wake up as it will loose its place in the international community if it continues to persecute its own people in this way, it is barbaric.

  13. This regime does not respect human life or human rights and we do NOT respect the regime!

    Give this woman, her son and their lawyers their freedom and their lives back NOW!

  14. Dr Stewart Elder

    This bronze age regime MUST be challenged. Human rights come first not ideas formed from bronze age myths.

  15. Frits Kleingeld

    It is unbelievable that still in this time men use their power against women bij stoning them. No equality, no justice. It’s really horrible.

  16. Hayden McBrydie

    Hayden McBrydie
    Student at Canterbury University,
    New Zealand

  17. ozgur and shona erdogan

    these four people must release now,stop stoning now!

    glenrothes scotland

  18. ozgur and shona erdogan

    these four people must release immediately,stop stoning now…

    glenrothes scotland

  19. Hong-Yi Ka

    High School Teacher, Taiwan

  20. Jag K.

    I’m speechless that this could be happening to anyone. My prayers go out to Sakineh, her son and lawyer.

  21. I signed the petition. However, I would rather live in Iran than in North Korea. If I could overthrow one government in the whole world it would be King Jong Il’s. What does self-admitted Communist, Maryam Namazie, have to say about the atrocities North Korea is committing e.g. torpedoing a South Korean vessel? INVADE NORTH KOREA!!!

  22. Elaine M. Kaven, United States of America

    I add my voice to those committed to justice and human rights, calling for the Iranian government to release Sakineh, her son, her lawyer and the journalists, and to immediately cease the practices of torture and stoning, which are contrary to all international standards of fundamental human rights.

  23. Simone Berse-Wenzel

    The Islamic Republic of Iran does not conform to the internationally accepted norms of civilized behaviour.

    No more stoning to death, no more hanging, no more death penalty !

    Release the 4 people immediately !

  24. Diana Neslen

    No crime was committed by the lawyer or the journalists or the family. Therefore the arrests were in order to intimidate them. This will not enhance the standing of the Islamic republic of Iran. Please release them now

  25. Barbara Allame

    Al you need is love! No Stoning!

  26. Nicholas Symons

    These people have committed no crime by any human standards. Please recognise that this issue will not go away. Please accept that it is time now to reform your system of justice in Iran.

  27. Faye Pritchard

    Such brutal behaviour by the Iranian government will not be tolerated. This is 2010 when society is more civilised and humane.

  28. David Greenlees

    IT Consultant, UK

    Stoning is stone-age barbarity.

  29. David Greenlees

    IT Consultant, UK

    Stoning is stone-age barbarism.

  30. Where is the civilization of the Western world?
    Where are the feminists?

    Why do we allow 7th century based barbaric practices in countries and allow these countries to be part of the UN?

    Where is the UN and their stand on human rights?

    Where are our politicians, our press and our teachers – don’t they know the truth?

  31. Eamonn Riley

    Stop the Stoning. Release Sakineh now.

  32. Please add my details as I pledge my full support

  33. Hasan Jamil

    Hasan Jamil, Finance Professional, Pakistan

  34. Allison Foster

    Student, International Relations; Middle Eastern/Western Relations
    Technical Coordinator, Icon Integration

  35. Mikail Barron

    Mikail Barron, student, USA

    So many people here have made such elegant statements…. All I can do is add my voice to theirs in demanding the release of Sakineh Mohammadi, her son Sajjad Ghaderzadeh, lawyer Houtan Kian, and the unnamed German reporter and photographer. The actions of the Iranian government as evidenced by its treatment of these people are a travesty of justice. Stoning is a monstrous practice and has no place in *any* society.

  36. Anna Thoroddsen

    Anna Thoroddsen , Iceland

  37. Shuun

    We demand that Ashtiani, her son, Sajjad Ghaderzadeh, her lawyer, Houtan Kian, and the two journalists be released. We are outraged by the actions of the Iranian government against their citizens. Please release the innocents now. Your country will not be bettered by injustice. Release these innocents now!

  38. Sarah Bland

    Student – England

  39. Paul Lawrence Grundy

    Paul Lawrence Grundy, UK.

  40. laila hedlund

    I am appalled to hear about the arrest of Sakhines son, lawyer and the journalists interviewing them! This way of serving justice isnt worthy of a modern society or any educated society at all.

    Laila Hedlund, human, mother of five and fil. kand. psychology, Sweden

  41. Stephen Richards

    Petroleum Engineer, UK.

    I worked in Iran in 1978. It is deeply disturbing to see how the current regime treats the people of Iran.

  42. Stephen Richards

    Petroleum Engineer. UK.

    I worked in Iran in 1978. It is deplorable and deeply disturbing to see how the current regime treats the people of Iran.

  43. steve revins

    barbaric methods to keep the corrupt regime in control
    MuST EnD NOW

  44. Mirandola

    Avec un tel comportement envers Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, la République Islamique d’Iran bafoue les principes fondamentaux d’une république.

  45. Tom Pengelly

    Tom Pengelly, Student, UK

  46. Thea Bechshoeft

    Biologist, Denmark

  47. Jennifer Edelman

    So much for Islam being a religion of peace! Shudder to think what it SHOULD be called, but peaceful is NOT one of them.

  48. Hugh Woodhouse

    They would like to be thought of as a civilised society, with a wonderful heritage, but how can we accept themas such when they behqve in this way!

  49. Alexandra Braithwaite

    I add my voice to this letter in demanding the release of those you hold against their will

  50. RC, Glasgow Scotland, Supporter of Iranain Solidarity & The Free Sakineh campaign.

    HQ Co-ordinator, The Anti Injustice Movement.

  51. Ruth Nicholl

    I have been watching this sorry situation for many months. No matter what Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani has been accused of, her surviving family believe that she is innocent and want her freed to live with them. If her government executes her it will be responsible for orphaning her children. Yes, they are adults but if their mother dies, they are doubly bereaved.
    That her son who has worked so hard to free his mother, using all legal means available to him, has now been arrested along with the lawyer and two journalists and all have been ‘disappeared’ is reprehensible. They must ‘reappear’ at once and be released, if the courts and police of the Islamic Republic of Iran are to retain any semblance of decency.
    I do not know enough about the present government of Iran to lay any special blame for this dreadful situation upon it. Mistakes can be and have been made by police and courts in any country, including mine (Canada). However, when a case like Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani’s becomes known around the world, when thousands of people write letters of support for her, and demonstrations are held in front of Iranian embassies in dozens of countries, it would be both wise and merciful for her government to reconsider her case.
    More than that, I am appalled that any country which claims to follow the law of a merciful and loving Creator could at the same time continue to execute its citizens, regardless of what they may be said to have done, in any manner whatsoever. Surely, it is time and past time for an end to state sanctioned executions.
    I will add that a country such as the Islamic Republic of Iran with its well-known love for the One who gave every person the gift of life is exactly the country to lead this suffering world toward a future of mercy and forgiveness. This is a gift, an opportunity not to be missed. My prayers for the missing, the imprisoned woman and for those who hold their lives in their hands.

  52. David Flynn

    Please release all detainess threatened with stoning and anyone connected with these cases immediately. This is shameful behaviour by the Iranian authorities.

  53. brian wilcockson

    if they collect enough people maybe the rest of the world will cower and cave in to their oppression let the journalists, hikers, lawyer, son free
    hold a tribunal to determine if sakineh’s indeed culpable of any wrongdoing if so let her punishment fit the crime as if she were one of their family members maybe she can become a positive role model of what not to do and help others avoid her fate get to the truth and handle it

  54. Debora Picchi

    Teacher, Italy

  55. Lee(f)

    Artist, Canada.

    It’s become clear that a majority of the Iranian citizens want a secular government. What these vindictive idiots hope to gain by scrambling for these acts of cruelty, especially that we can all see through, is beyond me. When they’re out, they’ll be out and they’ll be the hunted who fear for their lives. How can they not see this?

  56. hasiotis constantinos

    just leave these people in peace.
    let them choose their way.
    have to make peace with ourselves.

  57. Ann Jungmann

    It does Islam and the Islamic Republic no honour to treat an unfortunate woman and her supporters in this cruel fasion. Please release them all and restore the good name of Iran.

  58. Ray Martin

    Iran needs to bring itself in line with the rest of the civilised world, if it wants to be part of it. This is the 21st century, not the 13th. There is no room in the global community for such ignorance and barbarism.

  59. Fabrizia Manfredi

    we should be civilized, shouldn’t we? free Sakineh. stop stoning. stop the death penalties in general.

    I tried to write to the Iranian embassies in rome and milan … the mail was rejected by the system several times. what is it? afraid of seing how much protest there is related to this issue?

    the Iranian governement should feel ashamed.

  60. John Moore

    I condemn the Islamic Republic of Iran for the arrests and call for the immediate release of the four. I also demand the release of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani and an end to stoning and execution. Support for stoning does incalculable harm to the reputation of Islam and Iran. in today’s world.

  61. Tim Dymond

    Research Officer, UnionsWA

  62. Nancy Wade

    We can’t let this outrage go!! Sajjad may have sacrificed his own life for his mother and for justice. How can such a regime respond to international concern about their nuclear weapons ambitions — by laughing, that’s how!!

    What will happen when they have the power to silence all of us by threats and greater power, as they do now to Sakineh, Sajjad, and the two German journalists?

    Defending Sakineh, Sajjad, and the two German journalists must continue!

  63. Alejandra Lundén

    Put your self in her place.
    Then, take your decision.

  64. Melody Caine Bier

    It is time for all true feminists and human rights supporters to finally take a stand against Islamic barbarism. We must stop tip-toeing around and finally say NO to all such tyrannical and inhumane regimes. Where is the outcry?!

  65. Linda Senior,UK

    I support the release of these people

  66. Holm Ay

    Holm Ay, Hamburg, Germany

  67. Holm Ay

    Stop stoning now – and all other barbaric violations of basic Human Rights!
    Holm Ay, Hamburg, Germany

  68. Daniel Schealler, Software Developer, New Zealand

    How are we even having this conversation in this day and age?

    Imagine it: It’s hot. You’ve been wrapped in a cloth sack, you can’t see, you can barely breathe. You’ve been buried up to your neck in the ground, your hands bound behind your back. You can’t move.

    You know the stone is going to come – but not when, and not where.

    Suddenly, out of nowhere, it hits you. Pain blossoms up, blood gushes out of the wound. You can hear bone snap. But you’re not dead. No. Not dead yet. The throwers are commanded to use stones large enough to hurt and injure, but not large enough to kill quickly.

    Then the next stone.

    And the next.

    And the next.

    You scream in pain and agony. You beg for mercy, for a quick death. But it isn’t forthcoming.

    As you open your mouth to scream, a stone hits you in the mouth. Your teeth shatter, and you cough and choke on your own blood.

    Another stone strikes you in your eye – you can feel blood and jelly running down your bruised and broken face.


    How can a mob of people – any mob of people – slowly torture another human being to death?

    They’re threatening to torture a woman to death

    How can anyone calmly plan for a human being to be slowly tortured to death?

    How can anyone actually do it? How can someone show up to an execution like this, and calmly, carefully select an appropriately sized stone to be as torturous as possible to the helpless victim? And how can they actually throw?

    It’s madness.

  69. Anne Kendall

    The system is barbaric and inhuman. Free Sakineh and others now. Iran must come in to the 21st century.

  70. Liz Poole

    If iran wants to be considered a civilized country and be respected by the rest of the world it MUST STOP imprisoning people at will, especially innocent women. I implore you to release Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani; her son, Sajjad Ghaderzadeh; her lawyer, Houtan Kian, and the German photographer and journalist.

  71. Solent Feminist Network

    On behalf of 90+ members of Solent Feminist Network

  72. Charlie Dacke

    Please release all those mentioned above immediately

  73. Mrs Allen

    Please stop this barbaric practise – this is not what God would want. Peace, love and harmony is the way forward.

  74. Carl Freeman


  75. Jey Davis

    Jey Davis, Health Counsellor, UK

    Leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran please learn, remember and practice the Golden Rule.

  76. Marian Breslin McDonald

    I beseech the government of Iran to grant clemency to all being imprisoned.

  77. Marian Breslin McDonald

    I beseech the government of Iran to grant clemency to all who are being held.

  78. Taranu Bogdan

    Stop stoning, put an end to injustice, release the innocents!

    Taranu Bogdan, student, Romania

  79. Edward Hantman

    Hello, im eddie and im thirteen from the UK, but even i have the maturity to know when a woman condemned to be stoned is the most disgraceful act ever to come across my ears so i join this crusade to ban the act of stoning so i hope in others reading this this petition can help us bring this injustice of people’s rights to an end

    thank you for reading and hopefully helping me with this cause

  80. Gillian North

    Please stop this barbaric practice. We live in the 21st century, not in the middle ages. If the countries who still carry out these atrocities want to be taken seriously with the rest of the civilised world they must stop. The laws that allow such hideous sentences are outdated, misogynist and set way back in times of oppression and uncivilised behaviour.

  81. Elsa Anderson

    Student at Stockholm University

  82. Stella Wollin

    I support the open letter to the Islamic Republic of Iran and implore the Iranian Government to re-examine their policy of stoning and execution and urge them to release Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, her son and lawyers forthwith.

    A cruel dictatorship does not an Islamic Republic make! Let God be the judge of people’s morals not a judgemental and cruel pseudo Islamic regime which purports to do God’s work. An immoral regime which controls by punishing and silencing its people is extremely unIslamic.

    Let he who is without sin cast the first stone!

  83. No to the stoning, the hanging and anyother state-killing.
    I support on the speech-freedom.

  84. Eva Bilinski

    Please stop such cruelty!

  85. Paschalis Mirmigakis

    Paschalis Mirmigakis, Computer Science Teacher, Greece

  86. Ben Kerr

    Ben Kerr, teacher uk

  87. Bob

    You are wrong if you believe that all of Islam behaves this way…

    BUT… Muslims and Islamic countries need to announce when fellow Muslims have institutions of repression and murder… If Islam is to become legitimate then its followers must renounce when something is “non-Islamic”… If there are good Muslims (and there are) then they must stand up and tell the world and other Muslims what is not acceptable…

    Stoning a woman is BARBARIC… Stoning a woman is a left-over practice from the 7th century and this practice should be banned from earth…

  88. ilf kari

    add my name to this list of people calling for the Iranian government to release Sakineh, her son, her lawyer and the journalists, and to stop the unhuman practising of stoning.

  89. ilf kari

    add my name to this list of people calling for the Iranian government to release Sakineh, her son, her lawyer and the journalists, and stop practising stoning

  90. Iran’s politicians, clergy and others in power must learn to allow the Iranian people the basic freedoms available in the civilized countries of the world. Iran, once a great civilization is losing all that was built up over generations and will fall into a state of poverty and despair otherwise.

  91. Luisa Brehm

    Luisa Brehm
    ethnologist and human rights activist
    Lisbon, Portugal

  92. It is essential that the culture of Islam rid itself of barbaric mediaeval practices if it is to take part in modern global socio-political interactions. All Muslims and ex-Muslims I have encountered on the scienific networks with which I am familiar, as a Fellow of the Institute of Physics, are highly embarassed by this type of cultural backwardness exhibited in some States where Islam is dominant. No religious community should ‘own’ a State and claim to dictate its laws. This holds also for Israel. Let us have secular democracy in Iran, Palestine, in all Middle East Staes, and in the world generally.

  93. Eli Vieira, president, The Secular Humanist League of Brazil, Porto Alegre, Brazil

  94. Peter Breslin

    Another example of the problems caused when religion and state are intertwined.
    Solutions Consultant, Dubai

  95. tara lav

    Free her today!

  96. Seth Jenkinson

    End these medieval theocratic abominations NOW

  97. Mark Chattoe

    Town Planner UK

    If this is where religion leads it makes me glad to be a Humanist.

  98. David Flint

    Retired management consultant, ARCS, B.Sc., FIBC, CMC

  99. Allie Ford

    Scientist, Australia

  100. Joe Rella

    I cannot believe this happens in the world in 2010. Iran, come out of the dark ages.

  101. Sandra Ruttan

    I would like to add my name to this list of people calling for the Iranian government to release Sakineh, her son, her lawyer and the journalists, and to cease in the oppressive practices of torturing, and stoning.

    Sandra Ruttan

  102. Ischel Bianco

    Entrepreneur, graduate student, USA

  103. tara lav

    student, NYC

  104. Benjamin Höffling

    scientist, Germany

  105. Dagmar Hornakova

    Manager, Prague, Czech Republic

  106. Thøger Kari Jensen

    PhD fellow, Aalborg University, Denmark.

  107. Thomas Newens

    United Kingdom

  108. Lilia Patterson

    I support the letter, and in particular my belief is that the state should be internationally condemned for attempting to perform manslaughter, and continued harrasment against Sakineh and her children – when it has already been stated that there is evidence that another person was involved for the murder of her husband. Therefore it is criminal for the individuals within the Iranian state, to pose as authorities of justice, by continuing to harrass Sakineh and her family members when they have already suffered enough due to the death of the father. I would consider the harrassment and threat of manslaughter of Sakineh by the state, in particular to be criminally negligent towards the welfare of the children, who are Sakineh’s dependents, and therefore their lives depend on the welfare of their mother, in particular after their father is already deceased.

    Therefore I would consider the individuals who are continuing to harrass and threaten Sakineh with manslaughter, and to force her into positions to make false statements to justify their actions as illegal torture and a crime against not only Sakineh, but also against her children, and therefore their actions are unrepresentative of the greater good of the welfare of the citizens of the Iranian public, whose duty it is theirs to represent.

    Forcing false confessions under torture, is contemptible and does not further the purposes of justice.

    For the indivudals who claim to represent the greater good of the people of Iran represented within the state to continue to neglect their duty to pursue the persons who have instead been found to have been responsible for the manslaughter of Sakineh’s husband therefore are criminal.

    For those members of the state to continue to harrass and threaten Sakineh, and to arrest and harrass her children, and their lawyer, further shows contempt of true justice, and contempt for the representation of true justice to respect the wishes of the children.

    Since it is the father of the children who has died, it is therefore only the responsibility of the state to respect the wishes of the children. Therefore for the state to seek to condemn Sakineh against their wishes and for the state to arrest and detain the children, and their lawyer, when they are innocent, therefore means that the members of the state, who have done so, are therefore performing crimes against the children which go completely against the principles of justice, which should be to represent the greater needs of the family and in particular Sakineh’s children.

  109. I give my total support to the above letter

  110. I give support to the above letter and assuming the govt. of Iran is a signatory to the Declaration of Human Rights, as a member of the UN I call on Iran to honour its obligations to uphold human rights in every respect.

  111. Elena Miles

    Elena Miles, PhD student, London.

  112. I fully suppost this petition and condemn the actions of the judicail system of Iran which victimises women and people working for human rights in Iran
    Retired teacher

  113. Darren Crow

    How can we do this to each other?

  114. Roy Kleinveld

    The Kingdom of the Netherlands.
    A country which is a member of the United Nations should respect the basic rights of its citizens and of the citizens of other countries which are members of the United Nations. These rights include freedom of expression and the right to a free and fair legal process in case of violation of the law.
    Therefore, the Islamic Republic of Iran should release immediately Ghaderzadeh Sajjad, Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani’s son, and his lawyer, Houtan Kian, a journalist and photographer Germantown, and give Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani a fair process and stop immediately the brute executions of death by stoning!

  115. David Cade

    The Iranian regime has behaved in a manner which is barbaric and primitive. It is therefore fair for the non-Islamic world to view Iran as a barbaric and primitive nation.

  116. Roy Kleinveld

    The Netherlands,
    A country which is a full member of the United Nations should accordingly up held the basic human rights of its citizens and citizens of other UN members.

    Therefore I call upon the leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran to free immediately Sajjad Ghaderzadeh, Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani’s son, the lawyer, Houtan Kian, and the German journalist and the photographer!

    Moreover, the Islamic Republic of Iran should give Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani a fair trial, and stop the brute executions of its citizens by death by stoning.

  117. Rebekah Lunt


    I wish to add my signature in support of this letter and the ongoing campaign to release Sakineh, and now her son, lawyer and the two journalists.

  118. Richard Norman

    I support the letter.
    Richard Norman
    Emeritus Professor of Moral Philosophy
    University of Kent, UK

  119. Richard Wilson

    Student UK

  120. Mark Donoghue


  121. Gözde Kuyumcu

    Turkey- İstanbul
    This is very shameful and barbaric. God is always merciful.

  122. Gözde Kuyumcu

    Turkey- İstanbul
    This is very shameful and barbaric. God is always merciful.

  123. D.Dohnalova

    psychologist & project manager, Vienna

  124. We, Norwegian Humanist Youth, wil support this campaign.

    Best of luck with the campaign!
    Dan-Raoul Husebø Miranda, President of Norwegian Humanist Youth

  125. Julien HOUBEN

    EHF Board – International UAAR (Italy)

  126. Ben Woodward

    Ben Woodward, Web Professional, UK.

  127. Geoff Coupe

    retired IT Architect, The Netherlands

  128. Iliyana Chopkova-Hochstöger

    manager, Linz, Austria

  129. Christian Hochstöger

    trainer, Linz, Austria

  130. Julia Jakovleva

    Vilnius, Lithuania

  131. Dr. David Williams

    Iran, one the one hand you wish to be taken seriously by the world and be seen as a modern republic and not a country of barbaric primatives. On the other hand, you intend to bury a woman up to her waist and throw rocks at her until she dies whilst silencing all dissent by state action.

    The conditions are mutually exclusive. It would appear you have a choice to make.

  132. ekeim teeuwisse

    the hague, the netherlands.
    this is the home of the international court of justice – where the iranian regime should stand trial !

  133. breindie

    poet, documentary film maker, independent researcher of holocaust, mother, grandmother, sending prayers to free innocent victims…… from Israel.

  134. Crystal Torres

    Please release the prisoners and dismiss the stoning.

  135. Ravi J

    Immediately release of Sakineh, her son, lawyer and two journalists

  136. Ravi J

    Organization : Society for Promotion of Scientific Temper (SPST), Visakhapatnam, India

    Immediately release Sakineh, her son, lawyer and two journalists

  137. psychologist and writer, USA

    I have made up my mind that if there is a God, he will be merciful to the merciful. Upon that rock I stand. That he will not torture the forgiving. Upon that rock I stand. That every man should be true to himself, and that there is no world, no star in which honesty is a crime. Upon that rock I stand. –Robert Ingersoll, 1880.

  138. Thomas Harder

    Writer, translater, conference interpreter – Denmark

  139. Amrit Singh Bharth

    Student, Sikh

  140. Amrit Singh Bharth

    The goal of religion is be become more like God. Remember God is forever merciful. So why must you hate so much.

  141. Shannon Schreur-Klein

    College student
    This is utterly shameful! The international community has spoken: this is wrong and it needs to be stopped immediately.
    Stoning is a remnant of barbarism; no one should die in such a way, and to arrest those advocating for this woman’s right to freedom is cowardly.

  142. Dominik Dworak

    Physicist, Insitute of Nuclear Physics, Krakow, Poland

  143. Leonard Andrew Spencer

    Leaders of Iran, when a state starts arresting people for disagreeing with its policies, for legally representing a person accused of a crime, for criticizing the justice system, or for communicating these disagreements, it has admitted that it does not care about morality or justice. If Sakineh was actually guilty, and stoning, hanging, and any other form of execution were actually acceptable, you’d have no need to silence these people. That her son, lawyer, and journalists interviewing them were attacked and detained proves you know what you’re doing is wrong. I appeal not just to any ambition you may have of being respected in the world, but to your conscience and better nature to end this travesty of justice, release these four wrongfully arrested people, and at the very least grant Sakineh clemency.

    Leonard Andrew Spencer, Student, Australia

  144. Corinna Morton

    Please set free Sajjad Ghaderzadeh, Houtan Kian, his lawyer, the German journalist, and the photographer that were arrested on October 10, 2010. Also release Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani. Please set a good example to the world by releasing these 5 people as soon as possible. Show some compassion for a change. You are only making yourselves look worse as time goes by. There is not a good reason to be holding these people. so please I implore you to release them.

  145. Bruce Hempel

    The whole world condemns the actions of the Iranian government in this matter. I urge the government of Iran to free all five people immediately. Even if Sakineh committed adultery, she has already more than paid the penalty for it.

  146. L S

    I pray this insanity ends soon. Release them and let’s all live in peace.

  147. Rex Lisman

    I implore the Islamic Republic of Iran to immediately release Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani. As well as Sajjad Ghaderzadeh, Houtan Kian, and the German journalist and photographer that were arrested Oct 10, 2010.
    I would also urge the Islamic Republic of Iran to condemn and end the barbaric practice of stoning.

    Rex Lisman

  148. guadalupe, puerto rico, writer

    Iran: the world cannot respect you, if your government does not respect its people. Abolish stoning. Stop this barbaric punisment.

    The world demands the inmediate release of Sakineh, her son, lawyer and two journalists.

  149. Shawna Pevec

    Lawyer; United States

  150. I support this open letter. This certainly is not the kind of behaviour that should be condoned in the 21st century – we should be beyond such barbarism and oppression.

  151. Rahul

    This must not happen.
    Mumbai – India

  152. Lucille Shaw

    Iran, where is your compassion? Let mercy season justice.

  153. Lucille Shaw

    Student, University of Idaho

  154. Fatima Ghayomi

    stop stoning . This is the most uncivilized law in the world .

  155. Sharon Brandon

    Please release all four prisoners being held!

    believer in freedom, U.S.A.

  156. freedom

    I deplore the usage of such violent means, which are twisted ideologies of the Islamic faith. I add my support and voice to this open letter.

  157. Estela Balderas

    University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA

    I call on the government of Iraq to release Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani and the others recently arrested. The world is watching and waiting for Iraq to proceed with the peaceful release of these individuals.

  158. Estela Balderas

    The world is waiting for Iran to release Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani and now her son, lawyer, and journalists. The world is looking to Iran to act with civility and reason.

  159. Tom Selec

    Free Sakineh, Free Sajjad, Free Kian!! Freedom for all political prisoners!! Azadi!!

  160. Neville Reichman

    I support the open letter and call on the Iranian Regime to dismiss all charges against Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani and to release her immediately.
    I also demand the promt release of Sajjad Ghaderzadeh, Houtan Kian, the German journalist and the photographer by the Iranian authorities.

    Artist, Germany

  161. Jean Morton

    I echo the comments of Karen Bos

    These arrests are the latest outrageous violations of internationally recognized human rights. The callous disregard for Sakineh Ashtiani, her son and lawyer and supportive journalistsand are an indictment of Iran and the totalitarian religion which empowers it. I add my voice to those who are demanding the release of all these prisoners, and an end to brutality.

  162. Darren Griswold

    Tyrants live with the constant fear that they will be deposed, and subsequently turn to the very brutality for which they ought to be ousted.

    Only with political and civil liberty for its people can Iran prosper.

  163. Julia Cheng

    Writer, USA

  164. Tom Selec

    Free Sakineh, Free Sajjad, Free Kian! Free all political prisoners!

  165. Aron Houssin

    end barbaric bronze age ideology and violence.

    Mechanical engineering student

  166. We condemn this outrage and urge the Iranian regime to reconsider their decision. This must stop. Please act now.

  167. luisa bordiga

    Milano, Italia.
    Member of the Board – ArciLesbica Zami

  168. Ole

    Listen, bro. Stoning is NOT awesome. Neither is arresting innocent people for trying to save people from being murdered. It’s just not the way civilized people roll, okay? So cut it out.

    Tell you what, you stop being total douchebags, and the world will stop hating on you. Good deal, ain’t it?

  169. Kelly Damon

    Stoning, hanging, gassing, all capital punishment is barbaric and murderous. Release these four and stop the killing!

  170. Anja Peltonen

    Liberation pour tous!

    Mére de famille

  171. Mary Ellen Hannigan

    Please release everyone, especially Sakine and her son and lawyer. Let the world know that Iran is a civilized country by letting them all go free.

  172. John Rogers

    In the 21st century there is no longer a justification for the enactment of barbaric laws and practices from the dark ages.
    Why is the leadership of the Islamic Peoples Republic of Iran so afraid of Mrs Ashtiani?
    Why do the leaders of the republic allow the repression of women? Is it fear?

  173. No more killing. It has to stop. Compassion. Please.

  174. Robert Mcgrath

    No belief system, mo tradition, no history and no culture abrogates human rights

  175. Mike Alcock

    Please release the four people who have been detained at once.

  176. Mark H

    Do you consider yourself good people?

    It’s time to replace dogma with reason…barbarity with civility.

    Business owner / roof plumber

    Melbourne Victoria Australia

  177. Juha Lintunen

    The Iranian government and president at large are responsible whatever this will cause, and their silence is an admittance of the matter. But we won’t stone them!

  178. Paola ugliano

    Please, stop capita punishment anywhere in the world.

    Immediate freedom for Sakineh, her son and her lawyer.

    Paola Ugliano, Programmer, italy

  179. Hubert Żabik

    student, Poland

  180. Release the 4 and stop the stoning no one has a right to kill another human, the WORLD is watching! IRAN

  181. Nelly Kazemian

    Nelly Kazemian, Human Rights Activist, The Netherlands

    I urge for the articles of human rights to be followed and addressed as well as demand the release of these innocent people. I ask for world leaders and mass media to bring the worlds attention to the situation of human rights in Iran and the particular case of Sakineh. Everyone has the right to live a worthy life.



  182. The justice will be done not by any government of the world but by Iranian People themselves. So, please just give your support to them and not any other measures other governments are preparing to make for the future of Iran. Iranian people are in the process of humane revolution for a humane state. They are fighting the regime by daily basis. Supports all those reporters go to Iran to help. They are what we have to support the most.

  183. Pete Coles

    Editor, UK

  184. The acts of the Iranian tyrants in government are beneath contempt. They have no intention of acting in a humane manner which they obviously see as a weakness, rather than the strength of those who have compassion and integrity

  185. Marion Pitman

    I also call for the release of these people.

    Marion Pitman

  186. B. Baggott

    United States
    Classical Musician

  187. Ivan Dmitriev

    Electronic Engineer, various organizations in Russia/France/Japan/Norway

  188. Dr Emma Bielecki

    Teacher, England

  189. ali ramouz

    it has been so many thing hapened since1980 in Iran by this rejim and we must to stop those kind of so harrabol thing to safe her or any one will happen,

    peace for all,

  190. J McLachlan

    Logistics officer, Ireland

  191. John Neighbour


    What a tragic situation. The Gestapo could not have behaved worse, and Kafka could not have done better in describing the bizarre and horrific situation in which Iran finds itself. And this disgusting little creep Amajinidad has the brass neck to call America ‘Great Satan’ and Britain ‘Little Satan’, (pots and kettles spring to mind) while he is in charge of a latter day SAVAK. But I am probably doing Iran’s old secret-police a disservice. Has it really ever been worse for the people of Iran? What a truly terrible state for Iran’s population to have to endure, and what an indisputably disgusting head of state.

    And we are supposed to be in the 21st Century. I despair.

    A tenner is on its way into the fund. Keep up the good work.

  192. Edward von Roy

    I support the concerns and principles of this letter. I urge the state of Iran and all its institutions to free its political prisoners.

  193. Gabi Schmidt

    I totally support the concerns and principles of this letter.

  194. ray

    Stop executing of political prisoners & human being life
    Down with Imperialists mullahs regime in Iran

  195. Diana Summers

    Nobody should be stoned to death.

    Nobody should be executed for adultery.

    There is no evidence that Sakineh is guilty of ANY of the trumped-up charges, so she should not be punished at all.

    The other four people have not even been charged with a crime, so they should be released immediately and unconditionally.

    If the Iranian government cannot grasp this, Iran needs a new government – one not dominated by a false prophet who never had the word of God.

  196. Please add me to the letter.

  197. Annica S Ericsson

    The behavior of the iranian regime is totally unacceptable!!


  198. Duncan Hutchison

    Retired physician and humanist. London UK.
    I agree totally. Abolish this and all other cruel and barbaric punishments.

  199. Krystle

    I wish I had more to say, but I am in favor of releasing this party from the confines of the prison. And releasing this society of its binding and prehistoric laws against humanity.

  200. Tanja Maria Tolonen

    Oulu, Finland.

  201. Elin Holm

    Lillebælt University, Denmark

  202. Musician, composer, artist, piano technician, board member of Fylkingen, Stockholm, sweden.

  203. Lawrie Scott

    Member of the human species – no title, no important position, just one of countless millions of ordinary citizens worldwide who are appalled at this barbaric, unjustified and unjustifiable sentence.

  204. Elizabeth Cohoe

    Investment Advisor – Retired

    I support this letter in its entirety.

  205. Tom Flemming

    Iran is making itself hated around the world for its complete disregard for the principles of Human Rights.

    Retired Librarian, Canada

  206. Jiri Kytka

    Name:Jiri Kytka
    Profession: construction worker
    Country: Ireland

  207. Robin Clarke

    The “prophet” Mohammed was only able to enforce his “Allah” scam by killing those who challenged him. So it’s rather authentic of this Islamic regime to be inclined to doing the same. The triumph of brute force over decency and honesty. That’s why all the Islam-dominated countries are so all-round backwards and so many of their inhabitants prefer to leave to sponge off Dar ul Harb instead.

  208. Tony Parker

    Primitive justice!

  209. John Liss

    This barbarism has to stop

  210. Sheila Halpin

    Please add my name.

    Sheila Halpin
    Montreal, Quebec

  211. The Mullah’s in Iran are barbarians. Human rights are universal. Stoning is so 7th century. Release Sakineh, her son, her attorney and the other journalist and show the world that Iran believes in human rights.

  212. gill price

    artist sheffield uk

  213. Richard Scarre

    If asked God would say no to imprisoning and persecuting defenceless people in the manner proposed.

  214. Joanna Rewera

    IT Specialist, Polnad

  215. Artist, Healer, Teacher. Kansas, United States of America.

    I am currently enmeshed in the great struggle which my nation faces. This is a moment of change and growth for us- or abject failure and collapse if the status quo continues. I and many like me are arguing for Humanity and Spirit to triumph over the entrenched selfish powers who have had control for far too long.

    In the wake of the Bush administration’s depredations both in the Middle East and upon our Constitution, my countrymen and I find ourselves questioning and arguing about the roles of government, the “Empire” of this nation, the ideas behind recent political behaviors, and the manic attacks of the corporatist Right upon the rights of human beings all over the world.

    Given the huge changes we face, we question those who would position us, without questioning, as “Good Guys”, and Iran and others as “Axis of Evil” powers. We seek to be honest and fair in our self-estimation and regrowth.

    After all, an ideal is only as good as its results in fact.

    In the face of this effort to change the heart of our own nation, it is disheartening to those of us who ache for peace to see this horrifying display by the government of Iran. You claim to serve your version of The Divine while running the political system there, but the barbarism you display is not of any Creator Divine known to Humanity.

    What you do to this woman and her family is far closer to an echo of Moloch, and it is not the voice of the Divine that I hear when I listen to their voices crying out for justice.

    Those of us in the process of reclaiming our Democracy, when we hear such stories, are forced to acknowledge that perhaps Bush and Cheney, in all of their fallacies, greed, and stubborn blindness, were not so wrong about the “Axis of Evil” that Iran supposedly inhabited.

    Some quotes about tyranny, which is, in my view, what the Iranian government is displaying in this instance:

    A police state finds that it cannot command the grain to grow.
    ~John F. Kennedy

    I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.
    ~Thomas Jefferson

    In every tyrant’s heart there springs in the end this poison, that he cannot trust a friend.

    Kings will be tyrants from policy, when subjects are rebels from principle.
    ~Edmund Burke

    No government power can be abused long. Mankind will not bear it. There is a remedy in human nature against tyranny, that will keep us safe under every form of government.
    ~Samuel Johnson

    No totalitarians, no wars, no fears, famines or perils of any kind can really break a man’s spirit until he breaks it himself by surrendering. Tyranny has many dread powers, but not the power to rule the spirit.
    ~Edgar Sheffield Brightman

    Tyranny and anarchy are never far apart.
    ~Jeremy Bentham

    And pay special attention to this one:

    Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
    ~Thomas Jefferson

    I beg you to consider carefully exactly who is being served both by condemning this woman to such a miserable barbaric ending, and by “disappearing” her family and lawyers rather than admit the initial wrong.

    ~Jennifer Hathaway

  216. Ralph Meyer

    Iran and its behavior only proves again that its misdirected Muslim government is a medieval uncivilized, unjust group of vile misogynists and haters of humanity more interested in deploying their power than in behaving in an ethical and humane way. Justice and decency are words they do not understand, and their vicious self-serving behavior marks them as nothing more than the usual religious criminals that questionable faith seems to spawn.

  217. Tom Salter

    Graphic Designer, England

  218. Robert Tomoguchi

    Project Analyst
    United States

  219. Nazanin Borumand

    Wir werden nicht aufhören bis Sakine, ihren Sohn und alle andere Gefangenen freigelassen werden.

    N i e d e r mit dem islamischen barbarischen Regime.

  220. I add my support to this letter.

    Pat Eggleton

    Teacher and writer, Ragusa, Italy.

  221. Rob Baird

    Iran! What has happened to you?
    You are a disgrace.

    Stoning women to death? Grow up!

  222. Paul Williams

    I support the sentiments in this letter. Please release these people immediately!

  223. Renata Barnard

    I totally support this letter.
    The Netherlands

  224. Renata Barnard

    I totally support this letter.
    The Netherlands

  225. karen lyons kalmenson

    the world sits and waits
    as you deliberate
    holding our breath
    fearing for the fate of
    sakineh , who is a woman
    not a property or prize
    not someone to
    tormented not
    someone t
    be despised
    and those who defend her
    their courage we applaud
    please release these
    fine people
    and your decency we will laud
    namaste and peace
    may all hate and bloodshed cease
    may all living things rejoice
    in a world of the
    creator’s voice

  226. Jeremy Evans

    Software Development Engineer, New Zealand

    This latest act by the Iranian authorities to silence criticism of its regime, by violating the human rights of innocent parties and dictating the behaviour of the judicial process, just further reinforces how illegitimate & corrupt they truly are. Any state that believed that they were doing what was best for their country would not have to stoop so low to cling to power.

  227. Vanessa Juloux

    La lapidation est un acte barbare, sauvage, irrespectueux pour tout être vivant. Si l’homme est l’espèce dite la plus évoluée (CQFD), comment se fait-il qu’il se conduise avec autant de sauvagerie ? Comment se fait-il que les dirigeants des grandes puissances mondiales continuent de dialoguer avec un état où l’intolérance, la violence et le fanatisme sont les maitres mots ? Notre civilisation découle en grande partie de ce pays, berceau du croissant fertile. Il a été responsable de notre évolution notamment culturelle. Comment se peut-il qu’il régresse à un point tel que les seuls qualificatifs qui me viennent à l’esprit son ignominie et monstruosité. .
    Donnons à Sakineh le droit à un jugement devant un jury respectueux des droits universels de l’Homme ; bannissons la lapidation !

  228. G Hayes

    Gillian and Barry Hayes

    United Kingdom

  229. G Hayes

    Iraq[n] can never take its place on the world stage unless it abolishes the brutal treatment whether physical or psychological of its people. Everyone has a right to justice and equality wherever they live, whatever their leanings either religiously or politically.

    They must show the world that they can deal fairly and honestly with its own people and visitors to its country.

  230. Michelle Gochanour

    Location: United States

    The entire situation is deplorable. Sakineh’s sentence to death for charges of adultery, that the penalty is to be by stoning, that her son is now being persecuted for his love for his mother and his wish that she isn’t killed in this way, that those supporting her and him are being punished. This is barbaric and wrong on so many levels. My heart goes out to Sakineh and all others facing sentence of stoning to death and their families.

  231. Justyna Wesolowska

    student, Poland

  232. Justyna Wesolowska


  233. Michelle Erica Green

    Both Ashtiani’s sentence and the harassment of her family and supporters by the state show an utter lack of respect for human life and human rights.

  234. Steve Brown

    When will Iran drag itself out of the Dark Ages of religious cults, myths and superstitions and start respecting equality, human rights and JUSTICE?

    STOP arresting innocent people
    STOP stoning people
    STOP executing people
    STOP punishing people for nonsense ‘crimes’

    RESPECT freedom of thought
    RESPECT freedom of expression

    It’s 2010, not the year 600… leave the myths and superstitions of ignorant tribesmen in the past and join the rest of humanity in the 21st century!!!

    Democracy, human rights, equality and JUSTICE for ALL!

  235. Jurga Barkauskaite, Lithuania

    Situation is crazy. I support the demands above!

  236. Rachel Holmes FRSA

    London, United Kingdom

  237. Steve Brown

    Yet another reason why law and government should be based on democracy, logic and reason, not the myths and superstitions of ancient tribal cults!

    Shame on the Iranian theocracy!

    Respect human rights, international law and JUSTICE!

    STOP arresting innocent people
    STOP stoning people – it’s barbaric and inhumane
    STOP executing people for petty ‘crimes’

    One FAIR and JUST law for ALL!

  238. TRACY


    I totally support the concerns and principles of this letter. Free the people, ALL of them. It is all our right to have human rights and all of our responsibility to demand it.

  239. Madeleine Bigot

    “Que celui qui n’a jamais péché lui jette la première pierre”. Innocente ou coupable, je ne sais pas. Ce que je sais, ce dont je suis certaine, c’est que la lapidation est un crime qui doit être jugé et condamné avec force par chacun. Sauver Shakineh est un pas dans ce sens – donc sauvons Shakineh.

  240. Martijn van Neerven

    The Netherlands

  241. Tom Maley

    Stoning is barbaric, if decent Iranian people want to allow their country to descend into chaos then allowing this to happen will accelerate their own demise. If there are any humanitarians in Iran (and I know there are many) they need to stand up now and fight against this ridiculous ideology and in so doing create their own identities as civilised human beings.

  242. Jane Caldwell

    I cannot believe in this century, the civilized countries of our world are being called upon to protect these people- for what?! They are human beings and do not deserve this treatment – very few do.

    I hope the Iranian powers that be will stop this NOW so they can reclaim their respectability and proper place in the world order!!

    At this present time, there is a distinct lack of dignity, human kindness and compassion in your country!

  243. Yadi

    As one of the activist who has been fighting this barbaric regime for the last 31 years, I am so glad and happy that today around the world million’s of people demanding and and actively engaging one of our battle to free Sakineh and now her son, Lawyer, and 2 journalist. I am sure with the help of you we can put an end to this fanatic and fascist regime once for all.
    Down with the Regime of Stoning, long live freedom and Equality

  244. Henna Kajava

    M.Sc. and a mother, Finland

    You must free innocent Sakineh Mohammad Ashtiani, her faithful son and all the other innocent people in your jales that only your totalitarian regime regard as “quilty” with no respect for basic human ritghts. YOU HAVE SIGNED THE INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS AGREEMENT.

  245. jenny wilson

    I am appalled and dismayed

  246. jenny wilson

    I am appalled and totally dismayed by human nature.

  247. Carrie Self

    Social Worker, USA

  248. J. Hansen

    No one have the right to take the lives of others.

  249. Coryn Weber

    De grâce, libérez-les. La pensée ne se laisse pas emprisonner.

  250. Magdalena Sienkiewicz

    There is no modern civilization without human rights and democracy.

  251. This type of Demonic activity will always continue in one form or another. We must declare total War on Islam and eradicate Mohammeds words and the Mullahs .

  252. James

    I strongly condemn this horrendous sentence and I urge everyone to raise awareness of this exceptional abuse of human rights.

    Release them NOW!

    Copywriter from London.

  253. Nicholas Cook

    Law Student in the UK

  254. Raymond Wells

    What a horrible regime.

  255. Emma Chambers

    Freelance Translator, the Netherlands

  256. Conor Scott

    Civil Servant, Ireland. I wish to sign on to your letter.

  257. Jackie Kirkham

    Health Visitor,Scotland.

  258. Maria Volden

    Copenhagen, Denmark

  259. John Tate

    I ask the State of Iran to reform in such a way that its good citizens no longer need to feel ashamed of it. The State must change so that it ceases to be universally loathed by all decent human beings.

    Sakineh Mohammedi Ashtiani and those arrested for caring about her must be freed.

    All stoning must stop, and all arbitrary arrests ended.

  260. Chris P


    I hope they’re released.

  261. Stuart Hartill

    Libertarian, Freethinker, Humourist,
    Isle of Man

  262. phil slack

    this is wrong

  263. Hope your voice will be heard!!




  265. Marius Kahan, training consultant

    Arresting these people is contrary to your claim to be an Islamic republic. Islam is supposed to be a compassionate religion – but where is your compassion? Are you really so blind as not too see how releasing all those concerned would improve your world standing beyond measure?

  266. Marc Grimot

    France – U.K.

  267. Peter Kulcsar

    Peter Kulcsar, Market Researcher, London, UK

  268. Sonja Völker, Germany

    I support the open letter and call on the Islamic Republic of Iran for the release of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, Sajjad Ghaderzadeh, Houtan Kian, and the German journalist.

    Sonja Völker

  269. Karin Rautio


  270. Asli Umur


  271. Christian Ronse

    University Professor, Strasbourg, France

  272. Sue Lister, UK

    Repression breeds resistance – find a way to peaceful coexistance!

  273. Anna Macegoniuk

    Graduate, Poland

  274. Terry Kelly

    Stop lunatic religious persecution now.

  275. Eileen Allen

    For the love of your God, release these people immediately.


  277. Hugh Eckert

    Programmer / Analyst


    The actions of a failed state using religion as a weapon of subjugation. I condemn the actions of the regime absolutely.

  279. stop this inhuman barbaric act on women NOW!! the usa deems these actions as unlawfull and illigal……goes to show to us political prisoners are only used to terrorize and bully this is a dictarship type of mindset..please reconsider for the good of your people…and for all mothers around the world….she s a mother with children……..and a very BRAVE humanbeing…..her jailing HAS BEEN ENOUGH PUNISHMENT…SET HER FREE………PLEASE!!

  280. Pascal Woudenberg


  281. Asad Abbas

    Jusice demands that these innocent people are released immediately

  282. Chie Matsumoto


  283. David Levy


    I add my voice to the letter.

  284. Polychronis Theo

    Classics teacher, Université de Provence

  285. Steven Dean

    Arresting dissenters only serves to demonstrate the paranoia of the state and a recognition that its actions are indefensible violations of the human rights of their victims.
    Iran should cease harming women who remarry after being widowed (the original ‘crime’ Sakineh Mohammedi Ashtiani was tried for).
    It should release her son and their lawyer, and the two foreign nationals who were visiting them.
    How can anyone take seriously a nation that seems to believe that stoning/executing women (and anyone else) for engaging in normal human behaviours such as emotional and physical relationships is tantamount to national security?
    How can anyone take seriously a nation that seems to belive that people who question them and campaign for a government not to execute their mother in a most brutal and barbaric fashion are dangerous subversives?
    People will be free. There is no force in the universe greater than the need for freedom; against that force the power of armies and tyrants cannot stand. Life finds a way.
    Give Sakineh, her son, their lawyer and the journalist and photographer their lives back. They have done nothing to you.
    You have punished the murderers of her husband less that you wish to punish her – do you seriously call that justice and keep a straight face?

  286. Nikolaos Souroufis

    We , people free , sensitive and democratic, ask and demand immediately the release of all arrested relatively the Sakineh Asthiani Mohammad case .
    DEATH PENALTY and STONING , that is so barbaric , must be stopped and abbolished , all around the world .
    An Architect .
    City of Tripolis , Greece .

  287. Despicable acts by an increasingly desparate government.

  288. Elisa Day

    Social Worker, Canada

  289. Nikolaos Souroufis

    We, people free,sensitive and democratic, demand that all arrested, relatively to Sakineh Asthiani Mohammad case, be immediately release and free. DEATH PENALTY and STONING, that is so barbaric, must be stopped, all around the world.
    An architect, city of TRIPOLIS-GREECE.

  290. jacqueline Elliott

    Retired Professor

  291. Eileen Allen

    For the love of your God, release them now.

  292. manan

    I was born in a beautiful world. A world of love, affection and forgiveness.

    Stop making it bad. You have no right to kill a helpless woman. Your god will not forgive you for killing another one of his creations. And nothing can justify your cruel act. Remember that a day will come when you’ll answer Allah, Jesus or any other God that you believe in.

    May god give you the strength to forgive.

  293. Magdalena Kroczak

    doctoral student, legal anthropology, Poland.

  294. I say to respect Humain Rights and the life of people (…)

  295. Ashton Woodhouse

    Please abolish stoning and capital punishment for non-violent offenses.

  296. Ashton Woodhouse

    I implore the Iran to put an end to stoning and capital punishment for minor offenses. Please show mercy in your wisdom.

  297. MacRem Khammar

    Il est temps de réagir !!! il est temps d’imposer au gouvernement de ce monde qu’on nomme “libre” de réagir !!! une vie humaine est plus importante qu’un sujet de nucléaire a la con !!!
    Pardonnes moi Sakineh !!! pardonnes mon silence !!! j’allumerais chaque nuit une bougie pour toi !!! peut être que j’arriverais a éclairer l’obscurité de ta cellule!!! peut être qu’elle peut faire fondre la glace du cœur de tes geôliers !!!

  298. Kelly Green

    Writer and mother, Canada

  299. David

    You have my total support in trying to stop these Barbaric Acts.

    Civil Engineer, North Wales. UK.

  300. You have my total support in trying to stop these Barbaric Acts

  301. S.M.Karl, MA

    What if we live by each others happiness and not by each others misery? Charly Chaplin, The Great Dictator:

  302. Jana Mulacova

    Space Engineer, Sweden

  303. Magdalena Syrek

    student, Poland

  304. Stella Onions

    I support the sentiments in this letter. Please release these 4 people immediately!

  305. Shelley Rusch

    These malcious actions only prove to the rest of the world, what sort of country you wish to be, and will continue to be. This wrong! This is WRONG.

  306. Lucy Hines

    Please release Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani and all the other ones involved in the matter. Please stop prosecuting people for what they do in their private lives.

  307. Gerry Hewitt

    The powers in Iran are in desparate need of treatment for paranoia. The only title we should ever put before their names, rather than President, etc, is “Silly”, as a constant reminder of our total lack of respect.

  308. Anka Kouwenhoven

    Release those people and all the political prisoners. This is the 21th century, not the stone age.

  309. Denis MacEoin

    Former academic in Iranian Studies.

    Those of us who know and love Iran are aware of how much damage things like this do to the country’s reputation. Shame on a regime that hates its own people so much.

  310. David Garofalo

    David Garofalo

  311. Johan Stuyts

    Software engineer, Netherlands

  312. Free sakineh Ashtiani, free her son and their lawyer, free all prisoners who are unjust imprisoned according to the international standards!

  313. Mary Neno

    Ohio State University, USA

  314. Albert Yome

    Free Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani’s son, Sajjad Ghaderzadeh, and lawyer, Houtan Kian.

    Out with the mullahs, arrest Ahmadinejad, Khamenei and all the evil theocrats. Remember Neda!

    Demorcracy and human rights for Iran now. Stop stoning now!

  315. anne vivienne power

    I endorse the comment of the previous writer, Dean.

    Anne Power Manchester Green Party

  316. Albert Yome

    Shame with the islamic theocracy’s reign of terror since 1979. Stop Stoning Now and allow journalists to report freely. Free Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, Sajjad Ghaderzadeh, and Houtan Kian and all political prisoners in Iran. Remember Neda!

  317. A Farr

    The abduction of these 4 individuals demonstrates to the world Iran authorities have something to hide. There form of censorship violates human rights and only serves to feed suspicion and distaste for the way in which they conduct themselves. To take the innocent demonstrates how weak their argument is for justifying such abhorrent sentences and tThe individuals responsible for this adbuction are brutal cowards.

  318. Danny Mulvihill

    I support this cause

  319. Perry B

    Winchcombe, England

  320. Matt Jones

    video producer

  321. Mamia ghoul

    Teacher Tunisia

  322. Mamia ghoul

    Teacher. Tunisia

  323. Matt Jones

    I agree with the above statements.
    video producer.

  324. John Moses

    Project Mgr.

    United States of America

  325. I totally support the concerns and principles of this letter

  326. Alex Gilmore

    University of Tokyo, Japan

  327. Ian Finch

    I am appalled at the actions of the Iranian authorities in this matter.

    Company Director, London UK

  328. Iran is giving Islam a bad name.
    There is a perception in many Western circles that Islam is a cruel and barbaric religion. The actions of the Iranian authorities only serve to confirm that perception.

  329. Please add my name to the others.

    I am a Canadian researcher, writer and consultant, and have prepared a blogpost on this:

  330. Shirley Gillett

    Collective member, Women Won’t Forget

  331. Angela Infidel

    Tired of the world sitting back on it’s hackles whilst Islamic countries use the radical tenants of Islam to abuse human rights and wreck havoc, violence, intolerance and mysogony onto it’s populations.

  332. Belgium, Indymedia Antwerp.

  333. Dr. Melville Young

    It is high time this country joined the civilized world. To effect this the entire political regime has to cease acting like what the Germans call “untermenschen” – subhumans. Ideally you should reject what imparts the disgusting qualities in which you seem to revel – yes ISLAM! It would be far better to become absolute atheists but, in so doing, you would, without doubt, acquire good basic human ethics, human decency and compassion.

  334. Stuart Holttum

    Humanist, Trade Union Representative

  335. Alfredo Louro

    University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  336. Gina Annunziata


  337. andreas sjöberg


  338. Ilona Amuleviciute

    Content manager, Lithuania

  339. Juan Pablo de la Torre

    Cochabamba, Bolivia

  340. Louise Porter

    Do not hesitate to sign – one day it could be you locked in a prison for no reason.

  341. Andrea Ashford

    Andrea Ashford, Human Rights Activist, Nottingham, UK

  342. steve dixon

    Sales Director

  343. Loraine

    What in the hell? What is WRONG WITH IRAN????? This is a very serious violation of human rights and freedom.

  344. Delia

    Delia Worthing, Graphic Designer and Human Rights Advocate, Canada

  345. Madeleine Göranzon

    Marketing Director, Sweden

  346. patricia parinejad

    german -persian photographer – requesting the immediate release of lawyer, son of ashtiani and the two german journalists

  347. Felix dunbar

    This is a stone age punishment from a stone age religion. Its the 21st century please join us.

  348. Ian K. Iles

    It is about time that Iran established a civilised & democratic form of government, mindful of the needs of minorities for protection, and for establishing a humane & decent form of jurisprudence, based on rationality & reason, not on supernaturalism & theocratic diktat

  349. Heinz Spira

    director, Sweden

  350. Peter Hood

    This has to stop. No childish excuses. She was found ‘guilty’ on the basis of misidentification, even were she guilty of anything, and this childish insistence of the Iranian government on killing one person for another person’s choice of clothing is worse than bizarre, worse, than based on spurious logic, it highlights them for what they are; slaves to a bogus system of law.

  351. Patrick Tummon

    Please release the four mentioned above and do the right thing.

  352. Marilyn Oakley


  353. Helen O'Keeffe

    Helen Cusack O’Keeffe, social worker/writer, London and Paris

  354. Donald Clarkson


  355. LEFEVRE Catherine

    These four people must be released. There is NO reason for arresting them. STONING ( barbaric !) and DEATH PENALTY must be stopped all over the world.

  356. The actions of the Iranian government are atrocious.l

  357. Pauline Levis

    Teacher, England

  358. Though the Iranbian Regime tries extensively, to hush the campaign to ultimately release Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani and all persons involved are thereatened severly, it is quite reinforcing to see how internationally the sihgnatories are. The comments given by some newspapaer readers after the bad news of the arrests – a minority, but neither rightist, nor fundamentalist, were a shame: facing the consequences wirhout permit etc. Neurotic and underpinned by “antiimperialist” stuff, they pointed to the killing of German-grown terrorists, claimed by the ISAF asking for similiar complaints. In the end, the democrats of the world shall win, because Ms Mohammadi Ashtiani has become an exemplary case for women’s, humanties’ and justice’s plights, against an authoritarian ignorant state.

  359. I unequivocally condemn the Islamic Republic of Iran for the arrests and call for the immediate release of the four. I also demand the release of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani and an end to stoning and execution.


    no more stoning to death, no more hanging, no more death penalty

  361. Natashja Dewolfe

    No Killing. For whatever reason.

  362. I totally support the concerns and principles of this letter

  363. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by earwicga, Iran Solidarity and Maryam Namazie, ICAS. ICAS said: English : Open letter demanding release of Sakineh, her son, lawyer and two journalists [...]

  364. Karen Bos

    These arrests are the latest outrageous violations of internationally recognized human rights. The callous disregard for Sakineh Ashtiani, her son and lawyer and supportive journalistsand are an indictment of Iran and the totalitarian religion which empowers it. I add my voice to those who are demanding the release of all these prisoners, and an end to brutality.

  365. C. Koehler

    Release the 4 people immediately

  366. Peter Shepherd

    IT Consultant, UK

    • Claus Jahncke

      Organisation: Verdi, Germany

    • Gunther Leobacher

      University of Linz

    • Harry Perry

      Editor, The Leicester Secularist

    • dean


      Here’s my comment.. for what it’s worth…

      I deplore this ludicrous sentence and completely reject the dark age religious morality which spawned it.

      I completely reject all political ideologies supporting this sentence, as politics without accountability is dictatorship.

      I urge the state of Iran and all its institutions to come to its senses, to cease to harm and brutalise it’s citizens, to free its political prisoners and begin the work of reform for the good of all its people.

      • Richard V Harris

        Richard Harris, Structural Engineer, UK

        The Islamic Republic of Iran does not conform to the internationally accepted norms of civilized behaviour.

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