Defend Political Prisoners; Protest Against Executions
Print version of "Defend Political Prisoners; Protest Against Executions" on February 17, 2018

Defend Political Prisoners; Protest Against Executions

To subdue the angry people of Iran, who are on the verge of revolt, the Islamic regime of Iran has intensified the execution of political prisoners and is day after day announcing list of executions.

Recent successful protest in the city of Sanandaj backed by international outrage and campaign forced the Islamic regime to call off the execution of Habibolah Latifi. However the regime immediately executed two other prisoners, Ali Saremi and Ali Akbar Siyadat.

Millions are rightly outraged by these atrocities; it is important that the international campaign is coordinated and unified; We, the undersigned, therfore join this international protest and

1. Support the international campaign in support of the people of Iran to bring an end to executions and immediate release of all political prisoners. Capital punishment is an inhumane and must be ended.

2. Demand revoking of all execution orders;

3. Demand that all political prisoners, including students, worker activists, woman rights activists or anyone who has been imprisoned for their religious or non-religious views or sexuality are released immediately. Freedom of expression is a basic human right.

4. We condemn any appeasement of this regime and demand that all governments condemn these atrocities; break all diplomatic and political relations with the regime of Iran.


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