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Signature List متحد و یکپارچه در دفاع از زندانیان سیاسی و علیه اعدام بپاخیزیم
خانه پايين امضا_كنندگانبيانيهفیدبكاداري
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متحد و یکپارچه در دفاع از زندانیان سیاسی و علیه اعدام بپاخیزیم

جستجو امضا
   اسم    و يا فاميل   و يا شهر   و يا كشور  
يا سازمان  يا ركورد #    دقيق كلمه 

امضا_كنندگان 2001
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1452Martina BohrdtCork-Ireland
1451Anahita MelkersFree all political prisoners in Iran.Stockholm-Sweden
1450Anna NiemiUtrecht-Netherlands
1449Maria KaramitrouLondon-UK
1447Paul SantonSt. Albans-UK
1446Jack DavisWorthing-UK
1445Franziska KiendlKirchheim-Germany
1444Wendy EvansWilmington-USA
1443Mary MacneilCalgary, Ab-Canada
1442Fatma YldzIstanbul-Turkey
1441Bonnie NevilleStoning is an appalling and shows gross disrespect for life of fellow human beings. It must be stopped. We will never accept stoning as punishment, and only ever see it as a barbaric, torturous and weak.Brisbane-Australia
1440Marci SanatianLondon-UK
1439Gisela MuellerIch möchte nochmals persönlich darauf hinweisen, dass ich gegen jede Form der Todesstrafe bin !Hamburg-Germany
1438Peter KrogelA shame for moslems and the islam.Germany-Germany
1437Allan RobertsonLondon-UK
1436Anna WeeksBournemouth-UK
1435Stevie B. JonesLondon-UK
1434Stan HodgeVictorville, Cal.-USA
1433Jasmine WyethLondon-UK
1432Lynn PriceHumble-USA
1431رضا حجامLondon-UK
1430Mary-alice StromMarysville-Virgin Islands [us]
1429Juan Pablo De La TorreCochabamba-Bolivia
1428Ketty IrizarryYoungstown-USA
1427Olive Priestnall PriestnallLudlow-UK
1426Nicholas SymonsPaphos-Cyprus
1425Emily LefebvreKingston-Canada
1424Luigi PaianoBrighton-UK
1423Atoos Irani
1422Delia FlanaganBoston-USA
1421Alex JulianSpringfield-USA
1420Bois Anne MarieHennebont-France
1419Jakob BlumtrittBerlin-Germany
1418Kelly SmithToronto-Canada
1417Deborah ParkerBirmingham-USA
1416Karol DutkiewiczKraków-Poland
1415Reza Iran ParastThis is the murderer’s regime of Iran. Regime of ayatollahs, traitors to Iran, they are killing people, destroying all the country, they are killing people. How can the International community communicate and hold meeting and still trade with this regime. The International community talk about democracy and freedom and all they are after, is Iran’s resources and wealth. The point is, less communicating with this regime, do not recognise them, do not hold any meetings with themNorwich-UK
1413Rich MartinHood River-USA
1412L PToronto-Canada
1410Jadwiga DworakCracow-Poland
1409Eva-maria FitzekWiesbaden-Germany
1408Neda BagheripourMiddelburg-Netherlands
1407Maria HamhaleVolos-Greece
1406Jeffrey MackieMontreal-Canada
1405Greck AlainSte Luce-Martinique
1404Maria Luisa BritoLeiria-Portugal
1403Tara LavNo more stoning!Brooklyn-USA
1401Hermann Schleicher-roevenstrunckUlm-Germany
1400Alessandra Teccein support of the people of IranRome-Italy
1399Evrim GüyerIstanbul-Turkey
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Madam Dilma Roussef, president elected of Brazilian Federal Republic
By the present petition and on behalf of the Principle of Human Dignity, a structural axis of the current Constitution of the Federative Republic


Free Sakine AshtianiNo Stoning, No Execution, No more, Nowhere
We demand:
  • Revoking of stoning or execution sentence of Sakine Mohamadi Ashtiani; her immediate and unconditional


Do NOT let Ahmadinejad in the United Nations!
Dear Secretary General, Mr. Ban Ki Moon,

I am writing to respectfully ask you not to accept Ahmadinejad into the General Assembly session in


Manifesto of Liberation of Women in Iran
This March 8th, in memory of Neda, symbol of people of Iran’s struggle against the Islamic Republic of Iran

Manifesto of Liberation of Women


Stop Ahmadinejad from entering United Nation
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is to visit New York and attend a United Nation conference in mid-September 2009. During the past two months, the people of the