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Signature List Defend Political Prisoners; Protest Against Executions
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Defend Political Prisoners; Protest Against Executions

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Signatories 2001
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332Farokh Azadاعدام به هرشکل و جرمی باید برای همیشه در هر جای جهان توقف گرد! بودن زندانی سیاسی در جهان و بخصوص ایران شرم آور و جنایت بر علیه بشریت است! زندانیان سیاسی آزاد باید گردند ! بامید آنروز میرزمیم و نمیبخشیم کسانی را که اعدام و زندانی کردن سیاسیون را انجام میدهند!! فرخ عکاسCopenhagen-Denmark
247Sara MahaniCopenhagen-Denmark
179Pi OvergaardSupport the international campaign in support of the people of Iran !Copenhagen-Denmark
120Bahman AzadAarhus-Denmark
115Papak ShiraziKopenhag-Denmark
89Reza Akbariårhus-Denmark
1867Alma-vera AhllöfTampere-Finland
1705Jorma AirolaTurku-Finland
1576Rockenstrocly XavierLyon-Finland
1497Arman FarajiTurku-Finland
1480Maija RitalaHelsinki-Finland
1280Teemu KokkonenHelsinki-Finland
1220Mariam SagandaKuopio-Finland
964Juha LintunenEspoo-Finland
963Henna KajavaEspoo-Finland
742Lauri JärvenpääTurku-Finland
582Christine ManningHelsinki-Finland
513Tanja Maria TolonenOulu-Finland
447Ulrika WikströmRaseborg-Finland
406Mervi HamalainenTampere-Finland
401Kamal NegahdarHelsinki-Finland
386Tanja NieminenJyvaskyla-Finland
344Elina JärvenpääHelsinki-Finland
190Jouko HurmeTurku-Finland
142Sandra KhanVantaa-Finland
141Kirsi HaapojaTampere-Finland
139Omar MaroufiTampere-Finland
1969-- TimoxanaFrance-France
1947Lledo Jean Pierrerespect de l opinion de chacun = condition minimum de vieParis-France
1946Andrien MoniqueVicdessos-France
1945Savey NicoleParis-France
1944M BretecheNon ProfitSTOP STONNINGParis-France
1943Zohreh Mohammadi ZohrehParis-France
1935Papastathi BonitaParis-France
1934Djavahery JavadParis-France
1933Gerard MarxParis-France
1932Lévy MauriceMpctHalte à la barbarie, aux lapidations, au fouet ...
Vive la justice légale., dans laquelle juges et avocats établissent un équilibre entre défense et accusation.
1931Farsi SepidehParis-France
1930Wegh DanielleTrop c'est trop.Stop à ce barbarisme.Montreuil Sous Bois-France
1929Breillat DéborahMpctNîmes-France
1928M-f Rougeratça suffit !!! ASSEZ !!!!Paris-France
1927Guiraud Nicole GuiraudMontpellier-France
1926Levy DanielleMpctL\'ile Saint Denis-France
1925Pancer SoniaLicraLevallois-France
1924Trojanowski AurorePuteaux-France
1923Baba Aissa SoadParis-France
1921Lefebvre Marie Helenecourage et espoirCaen-France
1920Peignoux PaulParis-France
1919Peignoux Dominique PeignouxParis-France
1917Maestre MarlèneLyon-France
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Madam Dilma Roussef, president elected of Brazilian Federal Republic
By the present petition and on behalf of the Principle of Human Dignity, a structural axis of the current Constitution of the Federative Republic


Free Sakine AshtianiNo Stoning, No Execution, No more, Nowhere
We demand:
  • Revoking of stoning or execution sentence of Sakine Mohamadi Ashtiani; her immediate and unconditional


Do NOT let Ahmadinejad in the United Nations!
Dear Secretary General, Mr. Ban Ki Moon,

I am writing to respectfully ask you not to accept Ahmadinejad into the General Assembly session in


Manifesto of Liberation of Women in Iran
This March 8th, in memory of Neda, symbol of people of Iran’s struggle against the Islamic Republic of Iran

Manifesto of Liberation of Women


Stop Ahmadinejad from entering United Nation
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is to visit New York and attend a United Nation conference in mid-September 2009. During the past two months, the people of the