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Signature List Verteidigung politischer Gefangener und Protest gegen Hinrichtungen
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Verteidigung politischer Gefangener und Protest gegen Hinrichtungen

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NrName: * OrganisationKommentar:Ort: * -Land: *
1211Andrew HammChesterfield-UK
901Andrew FoxWatsontown, Pa-USA
855Andrew UptonPeterborough-UK
1946Andrien MoniqueVicdessos-France
758Andy FraserMctrax.com
162Anette MeyerMalmö-Sweden
389Angela HunterSunderland-UK
581Angelica SilvaWaterbury-USA
1859Angelika GöddeWe have to overhelm all terror against human lives!Berlin-Germany
1164Anita BlackPlease stop the executions of political prisoners.Toronto-Canada
261Anita Walsh WalshCorrales-USA
1003Anja PeltonenFecamp-France
644Ankica MarjanovićRovinj-Croatia [hrvatska]
1352Ann GraySilver Spring-USA
1124Ann Bradleystop stoning now - end of.Norwich-UK
1092Ann JoosBend-USA
1875Anna BüterHannover-Germany
1450Anna NiemiUtrecht-Netherlands
1436Anna WeeksBournemouth-UK
1367Anna KarlssonStockholm-Sweden
169Anna ThoroddsenReykjavik-Iceland
1578Anna-kaisa TirkkonenParis-France
1581Anne SlaterRadical WomenSeattle-USA
1033Anne CallipariIt is against Human Rights to imprison and execute people for their religious and political beliefs, also based on their sexuality..Please release all prisoners immediately who are being held upon these grounds, also the executions should be abolished! this cruelty is an outrage against the world and God!!Brisbane,queensland-Australia
1012Anne SchenkFerndale, Mi-USA
722Anne EekhoffOsstfWhat is the purpose of religious belief if any religion condones killing and/or war?
Let us all become pacifists.
966Anne-kat ReistadOslo-Norway
1402Anne-marie Grave GravePrivateit is forbidden to kill according to Islamic belief and other religionsStockholm-Sweden
1024Annette PollardBarnstaple-UK
1897Annick DonniouSao Paulo-Brazil
1658Annie SugierLigue Du Droit Itnernational Des FemmesParis-France
1359Annika C. Lindström C.lindströmNoneHöganäs-Sweden
311Anoosheh MTehran-Iran
1353Anthony LeachDroitwich-UK
1566Antiislam PaganIslam is very wildCaraj-Iran
530Antonia Van Der GriftUtrecht-Netherlands
1983Antonio FigueiredoAveiro-Portugal
653Antonio PujanteBrussels-Belgium
483Antonio Ferreiraé tempo e aplicar o "STOP"...ANTES DE PIORAR OS ACONTECIMENTOS...Sintra-Portugal
642Antonis GiannakakisMires-Greece
1754Aram BayatMontreal-Canada
439Aram AramNO executions\'s-gravenhage-Netherlands
56Aram HekamtIran-Iran
1677Aras Nowzariزندگي آري اعدام نه !Tehran-Iran
1873Arash BehnamMashhad-Iran
1787Arash Elohimy [ Raelian ]Raelian MovementSTOP EXECUTION IN IRAN PLEASE !!
Freedom of speech is the right of any human being at any country.
1723Arash JahaniNuernberg-Germany
1214Arash IraniDeath to dictatorship!Charleston-USA
810Arash FarhangmehrOslo-Norway
423Arash AriaThanksEindhoven-Netherlands
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Madam Dilma Roussef, president elected of Brazilian Federal Republic
By the present petition and on behalf of the Principle of Human Dignity, a structural axis of the current Constitution of the Federative Republic


Free Sakine AshtianiNo Stoning, No Execution, No more, Nowhere
We demand:
  • Revoking of stoning or execution sentence of Sakine Mohamadi Ashtiani; her immediate and unconditional


Do NOT let Ahmadinejad in the United Nations!
Dear Secretary General, Mr. Ban Ki Moon,

I am writing to respectfully ask you not to accept Ahmadinejad into the General Assembly session in


Manifesto of Liberation of Women in Iran
This March 8th, in memory of Neda, symbol of people of Iran’s struggle against the Islamic Republic of Iran

Manifesto of Liberation of Women


Stop Ahmadinejad from entering United Nation
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is to visit New York and attend a United Nation conference in mid-September 2009. During the past two months, the people of the