Signature List Verteidigung politischer Gefangener und Protest gegen Hinrichtungen
Verteidigung politischer Gefangener und Protest gegen Hinrichtungen Petition Seite 1 41 2017-12-15

NrName: * OrganisationKommentar:Ort: * -Land: *
2001Asgync5ecmcj Asgync5ecmcjAsgync5ecmcjRIMONABANT buy euraxBoden-Sweden
2000Asgynctetr4f Asgynctetr4fAsgynctetr4fCitalopram cheap rimonabant generic euraxBoden-Sweden
1999Asgyncqwk2wf Asgyncqwk2wfAsgyncqwk2wfgeneric wellbutrin tenormin metatroxateBoden-Sweden
1998Arkadi KoordaI am totally for the freedom of expression, and against all inhuman regimes around the world, who keep killing innocent people, for the sake of their own brutal reasons.London-UK
1997Bakhodir Diyarov DiyarovCharleroi-Belgium
1996Nik KloAthens-Greece
1995Stephanwve ReginaldJacobsen And Wasinger AgAlmost all people have or get each year a breach in Internet security and confidentiality in the past or another. This makes web marketing extremely cost-effective. Rather than skipping out on that business, it is possible to let a team of experts go to work creating a web-based persona to suit your needs, and then you can be helped by the traffic that results.Piovani-Italy
1994Veronica HolguinJalisco-Mexico
1993Ngandu Jean-claudeAssociation De Défense Des Droits De L'homme: Secours Aux Détenus« Adsad»I want only the his freedom.
I know your organization because i was in Madrid to world congress in June the.
Kinshasa-Congo, Democratic Republic
1992Helmut GögeleinWüruburg-Germany
1991Rob NellistYork-UK
1990Mary Kraus Krausplease, all people are of one human race. we need to learn to care for each other. It is difficult but it must be done.Not just the people in Iran but everywhere people need to look within their soul. May Allah bless us for our forgivenessSan Antonio-USA
1989Maria Da Graca MorgadoNascemos livres , e morreremos livresAveiro-Portugal
1988Iain Simpson SimpsonOxford-UK
1987Ajin AssadiKomonistTod in der Islamischen RepublikWurzburg-Germany
1986Mandana Hemat EsfehKomonistFrauenrechteWurzburg-Germany
1985Mike PerkinsWhen the day of reckoning comes for these vile barbarians may it be as fitting as it was for the Ceausescu's of Romania.Porthcawl-UK
1984Ana Madalena CostaPorto-Portugal
1983Antonio FigueiredoAveiro-Portugal
1982Jim Phillips PhillipsStop ALL executions.Sonoma-USA
1981Judy BlackSonoma-USA
1980Rose EarthVictoria-Australia
1979Homa MirniaVienna-Austria
1978Sebastiana FaddaLisboa-Portugal
1977Bülent OrucFrankfurt/m-Germany
1976Bernd IwanterBerlin-Germany
1975کاترین  نصیریوکیل دادگستریقزوین -Iran
1973Reza KomeiliCologne-Germany
1972Gillian MillerReading-UK
1971مرتضی صالحیمیدل بورخ-Netherlands
1970Alejandro MeloSan Pablo-Brazil
1969-- TimoxanaFrance-France
1968Yvette Christina DreyerTerre Des FemmesLanggöns-Germany
1967Phuck YouSultans Of SodomyPeople this is an Ashkenazi hoax. The jews and anglo-americans are trying to convince us to start a war against Iran with more vicious lies about iran. Stoning is a Jewish tradition from the old testament which is also practiced by Arabs. It has never been practiced by Iranians and never will beOz-Denmark
1966Nigel RoundWolverhampton-UK
1965Mogens LarsenCapital punishment is an abomination. Capital punishment by stoning is a barbaric practice that is unbecoming of a civilized country, and should be abolished.Aalborg-Denmark
1964Janneke RoodAmsterdam-Netherlands
1963Eva DivineNobody should be executed for their idealsFt Pierce, Fl-USA
1962Lisa HilyerSan Diego-USA
1961Pamela LorimerManchester-UK
1960Julie WallaceNewcastle-UK
1959Mehdi RahimiCampaign For Arts & Expression Freedom In Iranاحکام اعدام، سنگسار و حتی زندان طولانی مدت از احکام غیر انسانی و جنایتکارانه هستند. حکومت خونخوار اسلامی ایران باید نابود گردد و تمامی زندانی های سیاسی آزاد گردند!!!Tehran-Iran
1958Maribel Garcia-expositoLa Laguna-Spain
1957John StiflerFlorence Massachusetts-USA
1956Mohammad HooshmandCarlsbad-USA
1955Farzaneh MohammadpourGotenberg-Sweden
1954Jemma TimpsonIts a disgusting medieval way of treating a human being. Have these people not developed in time and learned from history. have they no honour. Call this religion, i call it ignorance. A way of using religion as a means of control and power by mental and physical manipulation.It needs to be stopped!these people deserve to live a life filled with peace, love and happiness not fear.They are sitting on a volcano waiting to errupt,if nothing is done to help the oppression it will only end in tragedyLondon-UK
1953Tinna Hardardottir HardardottirStockholm-Sweden
1952Trisha KlaweVancouver-Canada

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Verteidigung politischer Gefangener und Protest gegen Hinrichtungen Petition Seite 2 41 2017-12-15

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1951Jane WeberExecutions are brutal and unnecessary. They serve the need for vengence or control not justiceSydney-Australia
1950Mayra DuarteSTOP EXECUTIONS NOW!Panama-Panama
1949Aslı TürkalpMersİn-Turkey
1948Christa NicholsClinton-USA
1947Lledo Jean Pierrerespect de l opinion de chacun = condition minimum de vieParis-France
1946Andrien MoniqueVicdessos-France
1945Savey NicoleParis-France
1944M BretecheNon ProfitSTOP STONNINGParis-France
1943Zohreh Mohammadi ZohrehParis-France
1942Bwal BtwalToronto-Canada
1941Elisabeth WalzFrankfurt Am Main-Germany
1940Feri Iranihame movazaf hastim dar in hamyai omid ast ke ba in hamahngi va in ravesh betavan baraye tamamiye zendaniyane siyasi gami bardashPendi-Pakistan
1939Margaret ScottThis cruel and barbaric practice should be stopped now. Actually it should never have ver started. No one deserves this sort of treatment, ever.Sydney-Australia
1938Jean-marie RotzerParti Ouvrier PopulaireLe Locle-Switzerland
1937Armando Medrano DuranLa Paz-Bolivia
1936Elaine QuinnWorkington-UK
1935Papastathi BonitaParis-France
1934Djavahery JavadParis-France
1933Gerard MarxParis-France
1932Lévy MauriceMpctHalte à la barbarie, aux lapidations, au fouet ...
Vive la justice légale., dans laquelle juges et avocats établissent un équilibre entre défense et accusation.
1931Farsi SepidehParis-France
1930Wegh DanielleTrop c'est trop.Stop à ce barbarisme.Montreuil Sous Bois-France
1929Breillat DéborahMpctNîmes-France
1928M-f Rougeratça suffit !!! ASSEZ !!!!Paris-France
1927Guiraud Nicole GuiraudMontpellier-France
1926Levy DanielleMpctL\'ile Saint Denis-France
1925Pancer SoniaLicraLevallois-France
1924Trojanowski AurorePuteaux-France
1923Baba Aissa SoadParis-France
1921Lefebvre Marie Helenecourage et espoirCaen-France
1920Peignoux PaulParis-France
1919Peignoux Dominique PeignouxParis-France
1918Rosani Abou Adal RoSão Paulo-Brazil
1917Maestre MarlèneLyon-France
1916Judith Martin-raziMarseille-France
1915Glasman CatNancy-France
1914Pirotta NicolettaIfe ItaliaComo-Italy
1913Brigitte CassigneulAnnuaire Au FémininLe Mans-France
1912Couvelaere JoseeParis-France
1911Vianes MicheleRegards De FemmesLyon-France
1910Bensoussan BensoussanParis-France
1909Sung KimParis-France
1908Ioana Wieder WiederCentre Simone De Beau VoirParis-France
1907Thomas DreslerNoneI wish Iranian Nation would throw the predident Ahmaninedjad : revolution in Egypt, in Tunisia...and why not in Iran ?Aubervilliers-France
1906Sirkis LuceCourbevoie-France
1905Randavel CorinneParis-France
1904Rochedereux EvelyneClefLe Croisic-France
1903Alan TheasbyThe continued use of executions and the threat of executions against democrats, human rights activists and others expressing free speech, is a crime.Middlesbrough-UK
1902Josette Rome ChastanetInitiative Féministe EuropeenneParis-France

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Verteidigung politischer Gefangener und Protest gegen Hinrichtungen Petition Seite 3 41 2017-12-15

NrName: * OrganisationKommentar:Ort: * -Land: *
1901Maria HagbergThe Network Against Honour Related ViolenceHöganäs-Sweden
1900Lilian Halls-frenchIfe-efiParis-France
1899Brial DeniseAtalante Vidéos Féministespour un IRAN démocrataue et laique pour les droits des femmesBoulogne Billancourt-France
1898Alain RubinSyndicalisteoutre les pendaisons, la dictature persécute les syndicats. Ainsi les travailleurs du transport sont entrés en grève pour obtenir la libération du Président et du vice-président de leur syndicat, après que ceux-ci aient du mettre leur vie en jeu par plusieurs semaines de grève de la faim.Les Lilas-France
1897Annick DonniouSao Paulo-Brazil
1896Charest DanielleParis-France
1895June LillihillCamden-USA
1894Vitor Nagib ElufJoão Moura 1391-Brazil
1893Ericka ShimkonisPEACESalem-USA
1892Philip ShellardSão Paulo-Brazil
1891Lea Terbachje condamne les exécutions des résistants iraniensParis-France
1890Moreira RitaGrupo Independente Pela Laicidadepor le fin des atrocitésSão Paulo-Brazil
1889San Juan Marie-claudeParis-France
1888Scialom AldoParis-France
1887Le Ny MarieParis-France
1886Micheline CarrierSisyphe.orgMontréal, Qc-Canada
1885Benchimol AnneParis-France
1884Deudon CatherineNon au National islamisme.Paris-France
1883Dubois BerniceMappFaut-il vraiment tant de courage pour rompre les relations diplomatiques avec un régime totalitaire et assassin, surtout des femmes mais aussi des hommes, et, de plus, qui nous menace tous d'attaques nucléaires ? Sommes-nous vraiment suicidaires à ce point ?Paris-France
1882Hirel ReneeMpctParis-France
1881Huguette Chomski MagnisFontenay Sous Bois-France
1880Claudia SchmittStop executions!Stuttgart-Germany
1879Fischer ChantalQuimper-France
1878Jan BüterKöln-Germany
1877Megan CostelloNewyork-USA
1876Erik NordbergPrivatToftlund-Denmark
1875Anna BüterHannover-Germany
1874Bita EbrahimiLondon-UK
1873Arash BehnamMashhad-Iran
1872Francisco PedreroStop stoning, cutting genitals of children, marrying children, selling children and every form of abuse against women and children... and men :-]Guardamar, Alicante-Spain
1871Peter MccallumCalgary-Canada
1870Sarah FardVancouver-Canada
1869Dariush IranmaneshSan Francisco-USA
1868Neda AzadSome governments don't have clue that we live in the 21 century and still practice thier barbaric way of life based on their disgusting out-dated belifes. They should hear our united scream that demands "STOP EXECUTIONS"Nashville-USA
1867Alma-vera AhllöfTampere-Finland
1866خاطره وفاSidni-Austria
1865Nuno Solano De AlmeidaTrcfResearch Intern for Activist Org. Stop executions, uphold human dignity and liberty for free trial and right to live! No Human or Devine Law may ever justify acts of murders, persecutions, oppression or discrimination, under no exception. People are being used with fear of retaliation and acting against their own conscious.Pittsburgh-USA
1864Duclos MurielBordeaux-France
1863Reza SaboorWpiVancouver-Canada
1862Lynne KennedyIf you keep a dog chained for too long it will become savage.
Iran is brutally uncivilized and run by ignorant retards who cannot see the bigger picture.
1861Bret MaryseAix-les-bains-France
1860Faramarz Ebadatbaraye AZADIWuppertal-Germany
1859Angelika GöddeWe have to overhelm all terror against human lives!Berlin-Germany
1858Tullio FlorioPozzuoli-Italy
1857Kit Larsen HughesNetwork Against Honour Related Violence Www.minheder.nuI am so sad and angry. How can you treat human beings the way you do? Let us work for a world with love, compassion and understanding. Stop the executions and release the prisoners now!Stockholm-Sweden
1856Dind JacquesNeuchâtel-Switzerland
1855Fatemeh EftekhariToronto-Canada
1854Donegal HigginsGallatin-USA
1853Mazdak AbdipourColn-Germany
1852Sepehr SagharyRasht-Iran

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Verteidigung politischer Gefangener und Protest gegen Hinrichtungen Petition Seite 4 41 2017-12-15

NrName: * OrganisationKommentar:Ort: * -Land: *
1851James FordTehran-Iran
1850Mina BehrouziVanvouver-Canada
1849Ebrahim MoradiStudentdrood bar shomaNicosia-Cyprus
1848Nadia SchaferPlease stop all executions! Human life is valuable and we need to prioritize reconciliation.Philadelphia-USA
1847Timothy AllardyceTogether we stand,divided we fall!Varese-Italy
1846Mahtab KhorshidiStockholm-Sweden
1845Oqeui LaubenFrankfurt-Germany
1844Raj KehalLondon-UK
1843Laura AlonsoBerlin-Germany
1842Zè De PaivaBerlim-Germany
1841Jacklin MaherIranian SolidarityI STAND IN SOLIDARITY WITH PEOPLE IN IRAN!

1840Farhad MohammadiI fully support this petition .Vancouver-Canada
1839Sylvie FaberModautal-Germany
1838Raimund GaebeleinVvn-bdaBremen-Germany
1837غلام فرشچیلندن-UK
1836Andrew ButlerDublin-Ireland
1835Fred SaTogether we canOrange-USA
1834Mohammad.e BehboudiToronto-Canada
1833Banu BastcheeToronto-Canada
1832Bülent OrucVer.diFrankfurt/m-Germany
1831Kai UtuAnti-injustice Movement [a.i.m.]Glasgow-UK
1830Luca De Carloplease stop killing peopleRoma-Italy
1829Ruth RießOldenburg-Germany
1828Andrej TschitschilIch unterstütze die Forderungen zur Verteidigung politischer Gefangener und Protest gegen HinrichtungenBremen-Germany
1827Sara Aryaeiمتحد و یکپارچه در دفاع از زندانیان سیاسی و علیه اعدام بپاخیزیمTehran-Iran
1826Martina DenkFrankfurt-Germany
1825Hadis ElmiTehran-Iran
1824Arman ShirvaniIndependent ViewDown with Islamic regim in Iran.
Long live sosyalism
San Francisco-USA
1823Irada Babayanrezhime jenayat sarnegonDelfzijl-Netherlands
1822Babak PersaKopenhagegn-Denmark
1821Camping Panahjoyan Irani Athens AthenMarg Bar Jomhoriye Eslamiye Iranedam dar keshvare diktatoriye eslamiye iran motevaggef bayad gardad...Athens-Greece
1820Maria AlonsoHialeah-USA
1819Roumet Marie-hélèneLigue Des Droits De L'hommeNantes-France
1818Jane PriceKirdford-UK
1817Christian MahieuxUnion Syndicale SolidairesVilleneuve Saint Georges-France
1816Swen MuellerRecke-Germany
1815Michal BlaszakReda-Poland
1814Bahram Madمخالف اعدام_‏Dhuk-Iraq
1813Fadime AliciHorsens-Denmark
1812Nicola WearmouthBrussels-Belgium
1811Auroi SophieLa Chaux-de-fonds-Switzerland
1810Dupuis AntoineBassecourt-Switzerland
1809Luis PavesStockholm-Sweden
1808Gerardo SantiagoRio De Janeiro-Brazil
1807Mahshid MotazediStockholm-Sweden
1806Robab MohebStockholm-Sweden
1805فریده ابلاغیانStockholm-Sweden
1804Rosemary PearcePlease act promptly on this most important issue.Heidelberg-Australia
1803Raedler Conniich unterstütze alle 4. forderungenFrankfurt-Germany
1802Némitz MichelUnia, Flm, Osl, Espace NoirCe régime continue de se disqualifier. De moins en moins de personnes le soutienne. Nous feront circuler ces informations dans le Monde entier.La Chaux-de-fonds-Switzerland

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Verteidigung politischer Gefangener und Protest gegen Hinrichtungen Petition Seite 5 41 2017-12-15

NrName: * OrganisationKommentar:Ort: * -Land: *
1801Ali AzadLondon-UK
1800Mahyar NourTehran-Iran
1799Sepideh AnvariKopenhagen-Denmark
1798Dariush Adlerone person is hung in Iran every 8 hours, 20 times the rate of China considering Iran has only 70 million people.Los Angeles-USA
1797Amritpal BharthNew York-USA
1796Ashkan ArashToronto-Canada
1795صابر احمدیانStockholm-Sweden
1794Shoresh SaeediSheffiled-UK
1793Pejwak ParvazRotterdam-Netherlands
1792Imran Amirstop stonningRotterdam-Netherlands
1791Soraya ParvaniSchiedam-Netherlands
1790Peter PietersDen Haag-Netherlands
1789Kimberlee AshantiPlease stop the executions!Mernda-Australia
1788Richard AnnieNantes-France
1787Arash Elohimy [ Raelian ]Raelian MovementSTOP EXECUTION IN IRAN PLEASE !!
Freedom of speech is the right of any human being at any country.
1786Mehran SaamRaelian MovementStop all executions! It's a barbaric act against human dignity.Waltham-USA
1785Soma Kaviani KavianiDenhaag-Netherlands
1784Baran KoohiThe release of all prisoners!!!Toronto-Canada
1783مینا شکریدفاع از زندانیان سیاسی و علیه اعدامStockholm-Sweden
1782اسماعیل ختائیپاریس-France
1781Pari Aمتحد شویم و لغو مجازات اعدام را خواستار گردیم. پیروزی نزدیک استTehran-Iran
1780Reza KarimiSweden Stockholm-Sweden
1779Ali KondoriNieder mit islamische RegiemeHh-Germany
1778Karim ShambayatiKöln-Germany
1777Nayereh Nayerzadehghatl am motawaghef gardad.Wien-Austria
1776Asadollah Panahimehrna be edamLimassol-Cyprus
1775بانو صابریاعدام عملی جنایتکارانه و ضدانسانی است و باید تماما ملغی شود.آتلانتا-USA
1774Mohamad JamshidyKurdistan-Iran
1773Shahram GhafariVienna-Austria
1772Babak KhorramdinokMünchen-Germany
1771بهروز فدائیRotterdam-Netherlands
1770Jose Manuel EsquiciasDios es bondadoso y no perdona a los que matan y humillan a sus hermanosVitoria-Spain
1769Bahram EmamiJärfälla-Sweden
1768Reza KavianiBerlin-Germany
1767Pierre SueptitzAmsterdam-Netherlands
1766Katharina EggersLonodn-UK
1765Sima IzadTehran-Iran
1764Azadeh Samimiکلیه احکام اعدام باید فورا ملغی شود.London-UK
1763Abbas MohammadiVictoria-Canada
1762Bijan Eftekhariدنیا باید اعتراض جدی خود را نسبت به محاکمات قلابی بهترین فرزندان ایران و اعدام انسانها به شکل واقعی نشان دهد. بهترین آن عدم خرید نفت از این حکومت غاصب است.San Diego-USA
1761Fechner RobertHamburg-Germany
1760John MoszykSt Louis-USA
1759Sepehrdad GorginToronto-Canada
1758Monir ShadjarehToronto-Canada
1757Miriam CreaserLondon-UK
1756دریا رهنماجلوی این نسل کشی را باید گرفت با اعتراضات کستردهو افشای جنایات رزیم کثیف اخوندی مرگ بر دیکتاتوری اسلامی زنده باد ازادی بی قیدوشرطVejle-Denmark
1755Mehrdad AmiriMontreal-Canada
1754Aram BayatMontreal-Canada
1753Michèle LambertNonelet us all sign that the victims might live and move away!Aubenas-France
1752Reza MoridiToronto-Canada

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Verteidigung politischer Gefangener und Protest gegen Hinrichtungen Petition Seite 6 41 2017-12-15

NrName: * OrganisationKommentar:Ort: * -Land: *
1751Tim FliegerLeipzig-Germany
1750Ramin PiramoonTv Journalistصدور هر نوع احکام اعدام توسط جمهوری اسلامی را محکوم میکنمEsbjerg-Denmark
1749Steve OvertonStop ALL Executions Now!Leicester-UK
1748Frieder ChristophLeipzig-Germany
1747Roman YosLeipzig-Germany
1746Behruz HeshmatVienna-Austria
1745Gorji MarzbanVienna-Austria
1744Parvaneh VarastehMalmo-Sweden
1743Max HauerWien-Austria
1742Katharina ZimmerhacklLeipzig-Germany
1741Ami ShirrStop the executions .Lax-Cambodia
1740Benedito Arruda NetoSao Paulo-Brazil
1739Alireza HtmzTeh-Iran
1738Soroor MirzazadehTehran-Iran
1737Margaux SmithToronto-Canada
1736Jamile RahimiStockholm-Sweden
1735Narges HashemiWien-Austria
1734Jamal Ramati RamatiGöteborg-Sweden
1733Ezzt MirniaModafe Ensanhai love all humamns around world whome espicialy in my country i love my sister homa mirnia she was and she is right human for others i believed her organization ,iam agree with homa and your organizatinToronto-Canada
1732Mir Saeed Mirniaکلیه احکام اعدام باید فورا ملغی شود.Enschede-Netherlands
1731Nahid MokryUppsala-Sweden
1730Ata DabaghiStockholm-Sweden
1729Nasin SafaryNo Organizationthis is a barbarian act against another human being. freedom is the basic needs of a human and everyone must have.Richmond Hill-Canada
1728Morad KhoshknabiVienna-Austria
1727سمیرا پوراندختStuttgart-Germany
1726شکوفه قبادیStockholm-Sweden
1725Merze JavanmardUpplandsväsby-Iran
1724Carlo KaminBerkeley-USA
1723Arash JahaniNuernberg-Germany
1722Maria DworakCracow-Poland
1721Mahwash NadjafiVienna-Austria
1720Jafar ShahiPmoiba arezoie tofighBurdur-Turkey
1719ویدا مشایخیوین-Austria
1718Ines Regina KrupaRock Tempered BabiesThe Islamic Regime of Iran is made of a bunch of murderes which claim to act after God's Willing. It is time for the whole world to go against it. It is our duty as human-beings to fight against it and to encourage people of Iran to fight for their freedom.Essen-Germany
1717Hamid EbrahimiFrankfurt-Germany
1716Chris PetersGood luck with the fight to stop executions.Stockport-UK
1715Ramin Chelengarمن به عنوان یک ایرانی آزادیخواه وضد استبداد اعدامهای افسار گسیخته وتمامی چنایتهای حکومت آخوندی و نوکران یقه بسته و دستمال بدست و کلیه دژخیمان وطن فروش را محکوم میکنم .
‫به امید روز آزادی ایران و ایرانی از جنگال این خون آشامان
1714Nikoo AminTehran-Iran
1713Mohtaram NajafiWien-Austria
1712Shahla Dabaghiکلیه احکام اعدام باید فورا ملغی شود.Stockholm-Sweden
1711Mona KianpourLinköping-Sweden
1710بهنام وفاسرشتKöln-Germany
1709Shohab FatahiFreedom for politics prisonersLuxembourg-Luxembourg
1708Farzin JaberiJacksonville-USA
1707Iraj BakhtiarStockholm-Sweden
1706Karen CherniakWhite Rock-Canada
1705Jorma AirolaTurku-Finland
1704Manocher MasoriStockholm-Sweden
1703Royal Khalije Farstanha arezooye man tavaghofe edame hamvatanane bigonahame ke inhame bayad zajr bekeshan , aya dardy bala tar az in hast ? aya madarhaye zajr keshideye irani bayad shahede parpar shodane farzandaneshan bashan ? aya in edalate ? aya in ensaniyate? cheraaaaaaaa inhame zolm be mellate zajr keshideye ma , man arezoo mikonam garibangire har zalemi bashad ke mazlum koshi mikonadLos Angeles-USA
1702علي سبزاعدام وزندان رامتوقف کنيد...شوشتر-Iran

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Verteidigung politischer Gefangener und Protest gegen Hinrichtungen Petition Seite 7 41 2017-12-15

NrName: * OrganisationKommentar:Ort: * -Land: *
1701Nima Sadafiمرگ برحمهوری اسلامیTehran-Iran
1700Cal ZagWhlPlease protect the people who fight to protect others.Victoria-Australia
1699علی بداغینه‌ به‌ اعدام، نه‌ به‌ خشونتبوکان-Iran
1698Dr Golaleh Paak PaakCanberra-Australia
1697باران فلاحیتهران-Iraq
1696مجید امیدنه تنها اعدام
که زندان و شکنجه و دادگاه
ننگی ست بر پیشانی انسان،
به معنای انسان.
1695Fahimeh SadeghiIfirVancouver-Canada
1694Eshrat NassirpourBaltimore-USA
1693Javad PanahiToronto-Canada
1692Aslam ChohanLondon-UK
1691شهرام میری کلانیکیمن احکام اعدام زندانیان سیاسی در ایران را محکوم میکنم.London-UK
1690Dariush Iran DoostMontreal-Canada
1689Josef SoultaniFa,ale SiyasiStockholm-Sweden
1688گلاله‌ شرفکندیStockholm-Sweden
1687Parvaneh RabieeFree all Iraniian in Iran and Moollas must hands off fron Iran.Sherman Oaks-Iran
1686Ali MoradiWpiKöln-Germany
1685Aso SalehKmmkJordbro-Sweden
1684Shahriar AyaziDefend Political Prisoners; Protest Against ExecutionsKoln-Germany
1683Madar Kölnمخالفت با اعدام و برای لغو قانون اعدام در ایران و رعایت حقوق بشر در ایرانKöln-Germany
1682Helen Moezezari be zendegi na be adamStockholm-Sweden
1681Firouzeh KozuhCopenhagen-Denmark
1680محمدامید کمانگرفرانکفورت-Denmark
1679Parviz MehrnamiToronto-Canada
1678امیر لطف الله نژادیانلند ن-UK
1677Aras Nowzariزندگي آري اعدام نه !Tehran-Iran
1676Baran SaburiMainz-Germany
1675Behzad HeidariEmden-Germany
1674Turaj Iraniin rejim jallad va dajjal terorist jahani bayad nabod shavad 32 sal ast montazerim yeki ra edam konan etraz konim aya bas nist dige ellat khaste shode tunes ra didin che rahat sarnegon shod amma iran keshvar hayeabar godrat hamegi ppshtiban rejim teroristi hast. sepas az inke ejaze nazar dadidFrankfurt-Germany
1673Zahra ShahrozUnified in defense of political prisoners and against the death BpakhyzymKurdistan-Iran
1672Vvmir Komite Aghwamکانون دفاع از حقوق بشر در ایرانUnified in defense of political prisoners and against the death BpakhyzymKoln-Germany
1671Vvmir Vvmirکانون دفاع از حقوق بشر در ایرانUnified in defense of political prisoners and against the death BpakhyzymKoln-Germany
1670Akram KalamianLondon-UK
1669Kamal KhanIslamfree IranHamburg-Germany
1668Shahriar Ayaziکانون دفاع از حقوق بشر در ایرانمتحد و یکپارچه در دفاع از زندانیان سیاسی و علیه اعدام بپاخیزیمKoln-Germany
1667Shahin KoduriRichmond-USA
1666Mazda MemarsadeghiVienna-Austria
1665Jeanine El KhouryJavea-Spain
1664Keywan- RadmaneshVienna-Austria
1663Mehdi MahbazFree all political prisoners and maked democracy for our people.London-UK
1662Ali MotmaenFrankfurt-Germany
1661Indra SchmidBilligheim-ingenheim-Germany
1660Sahra SharahiyeMolin-Swaziland
1659آریا خسرویVienna-Austria
1658Annie SugierLigue Du Droit Itnernational Des FemmesParis-France
1657سوفیا صدیق پورLa-USA
1656Jemis AdaCommunist Kargari Iranta sarneghoniye J eslami az pa nakhahim neshast zende bad azadi va barabari nang bar khameneiGötebotg-Sweden
1655Klaus WellerKamen-Germany
1654Julia Selter59174 Kamen-Germany
1653Pouran RezayatiVinna-Austria
1652Niaz SalimiCtdhr, IrqoThis illegal and criminal regime is counting its days. Yet in every remaining day of its shameful life it succeeds to inflict more pain and injury to the body of our nation. We have to stop their hellish machine of executions now.Toronto-Canada

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Verteidigung politischer Gefangener und Protest gegen Hinrichtungen Petition Seite 8 41 2017-12-15

NrName: * OrganisationKommentar:Ort: * -Land: *
1651Siamak ZareKorbach-Germany
1650Efat MahbazLondon-UK
1649Dorin StrengeOldenburg-Germany
1648Sam Shalbaf"Stoppt die Hinrichtungen im Iran! Nieder mit der Islamischen Republik!"Hannover-Germany
1647Sirous DassLondon-UK
1646Shokouh Ershadimarg ber jomhori eslamiNorrköping-Sweden
1645Paolo LubranoStop Islamic nonsense nowSherbourne-UK
1644Stephen BerghoffNoneNew Port Richey, Fl-USA
1643Nusha NazehiNoneLondon-UK
1642Dena Babaahmadiکلیه احکام اعدام باید فورا ملغی شود.

آزادی بیان و عقیده حق مسلم همه مردم است
1641Yasi BaianiVancouver-Canada
1640Ardeshir GholipourCanberra-Australia
1639Zamaneh .Winnipeg-Canada
1638Peymaneh MirshafiSan Francisco-USA
1637Parastoo Aminiچپوجود چنین حکومت جنایتکاری ننگ بشریت است .سرمایه داری چنین نوکران پست و فرو مایه ای را ستایش و حمایت میکند . تنها با سازماندهی انقلابی سوسیالیستی و نظام شورایی میتوان آزادی و برابری را بر قرار نمود.Toronto-Canada
1636Pishro Ali PourVan-Turkey
1635Alyson WatersonAmnesy InternationalMelbourne-Australia
1634Fariborz PooyaIranian Secular SocietyLondon-UK
1633پانته آ بهرامیفیلمسازخواست لغو بی قید و شرط اعدام برای همه افراد جامعه خواستی انسانی است برای تحقق آن بکوشیمنیویورک-USA
1632Bahare MtTehran-Iran
1631Punko RebellionFabSofia-Bulgaria
1630Vicki StiegemeyerOrange Cty-USA
1629M IlieskiN/a-Namibia
1628Parvin RadjabiParis-France
1627Waltraud GrasseggerSalzburg-Austria
1626Sabine Heberlein-wörnerSinzheim-Germany
1625Greg MatthewsDevon-UK
1624Tom SilvestLong Live Freedom & Equality! Zendaniye siasi azad bayad gardad!Hamburg-Germany
1623Kaveh OmidLondon-UK
1622Nasser AghbashlouThessaloniki-Greece
1621Mark Stewartfree all political prisoners!!!!!Chester Le Street-UK
1620Matthew DuncanEdinburgh-UK
1619Catalina Wangwe shall encourage the dialogues with the
religious leaders in Iran; exchange view points, instead of imposing our view points.
1618Penelope SpiliopoulouErmoupoli-syros-Greece
1617Gillian AllshornI beg that you stop the executions which are an affront to the dignity of man. Where is humanity in Iran? You are executing your citizens to your own detriment. History will remember you for this.Melbourne-Australia
1616Ljiljana PetrovicIntegras, SerbiaPozarevac-Serbia
1615Sudabeh MoavenianCalifornia-USA
1614Jason BrownBangkok-Thailand
1613Stuart HarrisReservoir-Australia
1612Petra JanssenVaf-krefeldIt is a shame for Germany to do business with a state of terrorized his own peopleKrefeld-Germany
1611Geoff AllshornIn the name of humanity, please stop this barbaric punishment and abolish the death penalty altogether in your nation. Please take this step as a public demonstration of both your nation's respect for international human rights law, and for its capacity to protect the lives and sanctity of its own citizens.Melbourne-Australia
1610Armin ArmanBerlin-Germany
1609Pia Skoogörebro-Sweden
1608Michellle Mead"If we desire respect for the law, we must first make the law respectable".
Louis D. Brandeis
1607Kamran Ayazibe omid arezuye azadiye tamimiye zendaniyane SIYASI !!!Stockholm-Sweden
1606Einar SteingrimssonReykjavik-Iceland
1605Dieter TippeltStuttgart-Germany
1604Heinz BeckerBerlin-Germany
1603Yasiu KruszynskiAnarchist FederationGrudziadz-Poland
1602Alan KnightTelford-UK

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Verteidigung politischer Gefangener und Protest gegen Hinrichtungen Petition Seite 9 41 2017-12-15

NrName: * OrganisationKommentar:Ort: * -Land: *
1601Michael StewartLake Geneva, Wi-USA
1600Maria KabisiuliAthens-Greece
1599Rania Zoukai am really sorry for the cruelty of the may iform me...i want to be contacted on similar campaingns...Athens-Greece
1598Rolf WoltersdorfOldenburg-Germany
1597Shahpar Jahanbakhshنه به اعدام!
نه به جمهوری اسلامی !
1596Monika HuberVienna-Austria
1595David GeigerBw-weingarten-Germany
1594Shahla DaneshfarLondon-UK
1593Jan HoflacherBrixlegg-Austria
1592Frederik BeyerGiordano-bruno-stiftungWeimar-Germany
1591Naser ShishegarStockholm-Sweden
1590Shahab HosseiniFrankfurt Am Main-Germany
1589Bettina Johl75031 Eppingen-Germany
1588Schumacher FelixWeiskirchen-Germany
1587Linus HeiligOberkrämer-Germany
1586Saber AzadVancouver-Canada
1585Barbara TrauerMelbourne-Australia
1584Azita UkLondon-Iran
1583Andreas MollSantiago-Chile
1582Share SandearthsunBabylon-USA
1581Anne SlaterRadical WomenSeattle-USA
1580Fereidoun Farrahiسرنگون باد حکومت ضد انسان و ضد آزادی .Toronto-Canada
1579Masoud FotovatDown with Islamic Republic of Iran, Down with all kinds of religous and ideologist regimsOttawa-Canada
1578Anna-kaisa TirkkonenParis-France
1577Fernanda FerreiraI fully support this international campaign.
Stop at once the executions and release immediate all political prisoners.
Revoke all execution orders.
Freedom of expression is a basic human right.
I condemn any appeasement of this regime and demand that all governments condemn these atrocities; break all diplomatic and political relations with the regime of Iran.
1576Rockenstrocly XavierLyon-Finland
1575Saleh FelahiOslo-Norway
1574Jonathan WeckerleStop The BombAuch die wirtschaftlichen Kontakte mit dem Regime müssen gestoppt werden!Berlin-Germany
1573Klaus ThörnerOldenburg-Germany
1572فاطمه زیدیOrebro-Sweden
1571Richard FrancisSovereign StudiosLondon-UK
1570Patty DebonitasIran SolidarityLondon-UK
1569Nina GrzymalaWarsaw-Poland
1568فاطمه زندیسلفتیو-Sweden
1567Aimee LovedayBrighton-UK
1566Antiislam PaganIslam is very wildCaraj-Iran
1565Chris TaylorI support the people of Iran and their qwest for freedom and civil rights. The members of satanic government that now rules Iran will someday be punished for their crimes. Vive le Iran!!!!!Salt Lake City-USA
1564سهیلا شریفیLondon-UK
1563Farzaneh MohammadpourGöteborg-Sweden
1562David ButlerHouston-USA
1561Mondana Hakhamaneshiپیروان شاهزاده رضا پهلویرهبر رضا پهلوی. شاه رضا پهلوی. جاوید شاه. مرگ بر جمهوری اسلامی
از بهمن ماه در جلوی سازمان صدا و سیمای ایران و سفارتهای اشغالی جمهوری اسلامی دست به تظاهرات پی در پی و روزمره بزنید و تظاهرات را متوقف نکنید تا سرنگونی جمهوری اسلامی به ارمغان برسد.
1560Scott ModlinMacomb-USA
1559Maani JaavidIstanbul-Turkey
1558Inés Palma HohmannCologne-Germany
1557Athanasia DalliOrestiada-Greece
1556Bahador DehnooFreedomLondon-UK
1555Hamid Ahmadikash sazmanhaye beyn-ol-melali ye kari vaseye mardome mazloome iran mikardand, inha hamash be fekre khodeshoonando monasebateshoon ba rejime khoonkhare akhoondi.Wien-Austria
1554Jamshid FarazbakhtKöln-Germany
1553صبری بهمنیسنندج-Iran
1552بهار میلانیحکم اعدام برای همه انسانها و حکم زندان برای انسانهای آزاد اندیش باید لغو شد و سازمان حقوق بشر باید به مسائل ایران بپردازدShiraz-Iran

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Verteidigung politischer Gefangener und Protest gegen Hinrichtungen Petition Seite 10 41 2017-12-15

NrName: * OrganisationKommentar:Ort: * -Land: *
1551Peyman SabetghadamQom-Iran
1550Oblama ReikerFrankfurt-Germany
1549Brigitte WallisCologne-Germany
1548Soroush AzadiMashad-Iran
1547Farzin BarTehran-Iran
1546Max Shamsstop killing young and innecent peopleSydney-Australia
1545Fariba AsadiToronto-Canada
1544Hossain ShakariSydney-Australia
1543Poupak RabieePlease free all political prsioner in Iran and all over the world .Sherman Oaks-Iran
1542Kemal Mamxzryابزار دیکتاتورها برای سرکوب مخالفان و ازادیخواهان اعدامست، این عمل زشت و غیر انسانی باید متوقف شود.هەولێر [اربیل]-Iraq
1541Jamil FarzanStockholm-Sweden
1540Amir AceTehran-Iran
1539Siamak MakiWpiBremen-Germany
1538Marjan VaezStockholm-Sweden
1537صادق جوادیکپنهاگ-Denmark
1536Sahar AzadiToronto-Canada
1535باقر فاطميمستقلکلن-Germany
1534Sima AvestaStop Hinrichtungen im IranFrankfurt-Germany
1533Farbod ArianTehran-Iran
1532Paiam Azadiتنها راه مقابله با رژیم اعدام و سرکوب را گسترش اعتراض در ایران و در سطح بین المللی میدانیم. اعدام عملی جنایتکارانه و ضدانسانی است و باید تماما ملغی شود.Linkoping-Sweden
1531Saideh Kordinezhadجبهه مشارکتMan khodam ham joza zendaniane siasi budam ke alan parvandam daste ghazi salavatie man joza goruhe aval bazdashtihaie baede entekhabat budam ke 2mah ro dar bande 209 gozarundamo midunam esarat cheghadr sakhe
Vase khundane khateratam be weblogam morajea konid
1530Ahmad Askaryکلیه احکام اعدام باید فورا ملغی شود.Athens-Greece
1529Shahnaz BakhtiariTehran-Iran
1528Javid H.با دورود

بله ما نیز مانند دیگران آزادکان با انجام هر گونه اعدام حکومتی مخالفت و از انجام ان بیزاریم.
1527Nuria Torres MeanaBondoufle-France
1526Parvaneh Masrurino more political prisoners and no more executions
1525Parisima NilssonNo More...K-s-Sweden
1524Reza GhilaniEslöv-Sweden
1523Zahra EbrahimiEslöv-Sweden
1522Darush AryaStockholm-Sweden
1521Emmanuelle PeloisParis-France
1520Kate KeddieEdinburgh-UK
1519Ufuk Güngördüİstanbul-Turkey
1518Babak TehraniToronto-Canada
1517Massoud TahmassebiLondon-UK
1516Bizet Thereseje veux la liberation de tous les prisinniers politiques , etudiants , ouvriers , femmes ; homosexuel[e]s , la fin des executions capitales et l'etablissement de la liberte d'expressionBeziers-France
1515Maria SiakalliNicosia-Cyprus
1514Filiz KansuHuman Rights & Against ExecutionDemand that all political prisoners, including students, worker activists, woman rights activists or anyone who has been imprisoned for their religious or non-religious views or sexuality are released immediately! Freedom of expression is a basic human right!

Freedom for Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani!
Freedom for Hossein Khezri!
Freedom for Habibollah Letifi!
Freedom for ALL Political prisoners!
1513Helmut SchneiderKarlsruhe-Germany
1512Habib Biktashpoltical prisoners must be freed emmidiately and unconditionally. no human being shoul be put in prison for any social or political activity.Edmonton-Canada
1511Sarah ParsaToronto-Canada
1510Parvin MohamediIndependentThe Iranian Government have proved they are not capable of resolving any problems addressed by the people of Iran or the international organizations. This Government shows no regards for people believes and dismisses any and all of the concerns of the people of Iran. Time after time the Islamis Regime violates human right. Freedom of speech is none existent. Every day numbers of young people are executed for simply disagreeing with this Government's policies. Enough killing innocent people.Illinois-USA
1509Reza Azmoodehin rezhime jenayatkar bayad sarnegoon shavadSchagen-Netherlands
1508Mina AbolhassanWien-Austria
1507شادی خضریHdkMahabad-Iran
1506Sina HamidySiamo con voi.Roma-Italy
1505Sima BahariStockholm-Sweden
1504Akbar AkbariMarg bar regime palide akhondiParis-France
1503Susanne T. Tsch.Natendof-Germany
1502Shorsh TilkoueiPdkiNevsher-Turkey

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Verteidigung politischer Gefangener und Protest gegen Hinrichtungen Petition Seite 11 41 2017-12-15

NrName: * OrganisationKommentar:Ort: * -Land: *
1501Maneje DawodiHdkNaqade-Iran
1500آزاد هوشیاریپاریس-France
1499Hamdam Shamsdam koshi Dige baseMashhad-Iran
1498Tina YTehran-Iran
1497Arman FarajiTurku-Finland
1496Hamed Abolghasemiomidvaram har che zodtar azizanemon azad beshan va be omid rozi ke dar iran har har irani ba har aghideh va ba har fekri rahat va azad zendegi koneh movafagh bashidLondon-UK
1495المیرا فاطمینه برای اعدامStokholm-Sweden
1494Jafar BaboliHdkAnkara-Turkey
1493Beane HabdlleporHdkAnkara-Turkey
1492Behnam BayazidiHdkiAnkara-Turkey
1491Jafar BayazidiHdkiNevsher-Turkey
1490Sasha Poyaکلیه احکام اعدام باید فورا ملغی شود.
٣- تمامی زندانیان سیاسی، اعم از فعالین دانشجوئی، فعالین کارگری، مدافعین حقوق زنان و یا کسانی که به جرم عقیده و اعتراض و یا به جرم اعتقادات مذهبی و یا عدم بدون قید و شرط و فورا باید از زندان های جمهوری اسلامی آزاد شوند.
1489Irene SalimiiLink;ping-Sweden
1488Sahel Sistaniمتحد و یکپارچه در دفاع از زندانیان سیاسی و علیه اعدام بپاخیزیمTehran-Iran
1487Reza GorbaniBergen-Norway
1486Alejandro TilánKöln-Germany
1485Selah Hossainpanahizende bad azadiYonan-Greece
1484M.m AyandehStockholm-Sweden
1483لقمان بیستونیکۆمه‌ڵه‌احکام اعدام باید هرچه‌ سریعتر لغو و زندانیان سیاسی و مدنی آزاد گردند.Heidelberg-Germany
1482بردیا طاهرپورZwolle-Netherlands
1481Mehrab DeroAtlanta-USA
1480Maija RitalaHelsinki-Finland
1479J HeidrichLudwigshafen-Germany
1478Ligny VivianeTreogat-France
1477Martin PascualRequena-Spain
1476سیامک بهاریحزب کمونیست کارگریاعدام عملی جنایتکارانه و ضدانسانی است و باید تماما ملغی شود.
تنها راه مقابله با رژیم اعدام و سرکوب را گسترش اعتراض در ایران و در سطح بین المللی است! جمهوری اسلامی باید برود!
1475Hosein PishehehsanBruxelles-Belgium
1474Fatemeh Tavakkolyaadam dar har shkl mhkom astOslo-Norway
1473Eqball NazargahiDown with Islamic Fashist Rejim of IranVancouver - Sanandaj-Canada
1472Masoud ArjangWpiVancouver-Canada
1471Morna SaundersJohannesburg-South Africa
1470Masoud MohsenStockholm-Sweden
1469Pori Kabiriاعدام بس استTehran-Iran
1468Parastoo ParvazMontreal-Canada
1467David AramOttawa-Canada
1466Rose AtwoodI am strongly against and deplore stoning and execution by hanging of any human being. I demand immediate release of all political prisoners in Iran. I demand justice for all prisoners, and a criminal court to oversee the atrocities of the Islamic Republic of Iran.Vienna-USA
1465Reza RezayaToronto-Canada
1464Nasser AsgaryToronto-Canada
1463Keyvan Javidحکومت دزدهای میلیارد و قاتل های حرفه ای و تیر خلاص زنها باید سرنگون بشود. ما می توانیم متحد و یکپارچه این حکومت را به گور بسپاریمLondon-UK
1462Mohammad AsangaranAlaihe EdamKoeln-Germany
1461Mostafa SaberVancouver-Canada
1460Sara Sadriما اعدام های اخیر و صدور احکام اعدام توسط جمهوری اسلامی را شدیدا محکوم میکنیمKuwait-Kuwait
1459David BrizelChandler-USA
1458M.a RahnamaNederland-Netherlands
1457Dorothy LassoCedarville-USA
1456Diane HillSydney-Australia
1455Thomas PhillipsNoneI stand in solidarity with the people of Iran, and against the tyranny of their government.Liverpool-UK
1454P NCoquitlam-Canada
1453Magnus Pall HjalmarssonVolda-Norway
1452Martina BohrdtCork-Ireland

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Verteidigung politischer Gefangener und Protest gegen Hinrichtungen Petition Seite 12 41 2017-12-15

NrName: * OrganisationKommentar:Ort: * -Land: *
1451Anahita MelkersFree all political prisoners in Iran.Stockholm-Sweden
1450Anna NiemiUtrecht-Netherlands
1449Maria KaramitrouLondon-UK
1448Elham MolaalihosseiniJebhe Meli Iranمتحدویکپارچه دردفاع از زندانیان سیاسی وعلیه اعدام بپامیخیزیمTehran-Iran
1447Paul SantonSt. Albans-UK
1446Jack DavisWorthing-UK
1445Franziska KiendlKirchheim-Germany
1444Wendy EvansWilmington-USA
1443Mary MacneilCalgary, Ab-Canada
1442Fatma YldzIstanbul-Turkey
1441Bonnie NevilleStoning is an appalling and shows gross disrespect for life of fellow human beings. It must be stopped. We will never accept stoning as punishment, and only ever see it as a barbaric, torturous and weak.Brisbane-Australia
1440Marci SanatianLondon-UK
1439Gisela MuellerIch möchte nochmals persönlich darauf hinweisen, dass ich gegen jede Form der Todesstrafe bin !Hamburg-Germany
1438Peter KrogelA shame for moslems and the islam.Germany-Germany
1437Allan RobertsonLondon-UK
1436Anna WeeksBournemouth-UK
1435Stevie B. JonesLondon-UK
1434Stan HodgeVictorville, Cal.-USA
1433Jasmine WyethLondon-UK
1432Lynn PriceHumble-USA
1431رضا حجامLondon-UK
1430Mary-alice StromMarysville-Virgin Islands [us]
1429Juan Pablo De La TorreCochabamba-Bolivia
1428Ketty IrizarryYoungstown-USA
1427Olive Priestnall PriestnallLudlow-UK
1426Nicholas SymonsPaphos-Cyprus
1425Emily LefebvreKingston-Canada
1424Luigi PaianoBrighton-UK
1423Atoos Irani
1422Delia FlanaganBoston-USA
1421Alex JulianSpringfield-USA
1420Bois Anne MarieHennebont-France
1419Jakob BlumtrittBerlin-Germany
1418Kelly SmithToronto-Canada
1417Deborah ParkerBirmingham-USA
1416Karol DutkiewiczKraków-Poland
1415Reza Iran ParastThis is the murderer’s regime of Iran. Regime of ayatollahs, traitors to Iran, they are killing people, destroying all the country, they are killing people. How can the International community communicate and hold meeting and still trade with this regime. The International community talk about democracy and freedom and all they are after, is Iran’s resources and wealth. The point is, less communicating with this regime, do not recognise them, do not hold any meetings with themNorwich-UK
1414Nad WeerasekaraUniversity Of PeradeniyaKandy-Sri Lanka
1413Rich MartinHood River-USA
1412L PToronto-Canada
1411Murielle MervilleAmnesty InternationalHamburg-Germany
1410Jadwiga DworakCracow-Poland
1409Eva-maria FitzekWiesbaden-Germany
1408Neda BagheripourMiddelburg-Netherlands
1407Maria HamhaleVolos-Greece
1406Jeffrey MackieMontreal-Canada
1405Greck AlainSte Luce-Martinique
1404Maria Luisa BritoLeiria-Portugal
1403Tara LavNo more stoning!Brooklyn-USA
1402Anne-marie Grave GravePrivateit is forbidden to kill according to Islamic belief and other religionsStockholm-Sweden

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Verteidigung politischer Gefangener und Protest gegen Hinrichtungen Petition Seite 13 41 2017-12-15

NrName: * OrganisationKommentar:Ort: * -Land: *
1401Hermann Schleicher-roevenstrunckUlm-Germany
1400Alessandra Teccein support of the people of IranRome-Italy
1399Evrim GüyerIstanbul-Turkey
1398Masood RadPasadena-USA
1397سعيد صالحي نيازنداني سياسي آزاد بايد گردد
رژيم اسلامي بايد مورد تحريم کامل سياسي قرار گيرد
تمامي اموال و دارائيهاي عوامل رژيم در خارج کشور بايد مسدود شود
زنده باد آزادي برابري حکومت انساني
سرنگون باد رژيم اسلامي
1396Christian HochstögerLeonding-Austria
1395Zahra AsliFwmeBc-Canada
1394Yadi MahmodiWpi ActivistNO to Execution, Free all Political prisoners.
Down with the Islamic barbaric of Iran
1393Jessica Baio Le TiecSgiEguilles-France
1392James ServaisIt is time to leave the first century and create a world for all people to live peaceably in...under just law...not religious law based on delusion.Green Bay-USA
1391Juan MendezWaynesboro-USA
1390Emelie JohanssonGold Coast-Australia
1389Bryan RobsonPerhaps the stoners should be stoned for their sins!!!_______-USA
1388Soheila DalvandOttawa-Canada
1387Rasoul PooyandheMission Viejo-USA
1386O. MatlinVenice-USA
1385Hasti SarabiScarborough-Canada
1384Nina TabanFree All political prisoners in Iran and all over the world! Stop Execution political prisoners and all other human beings in Iran and elsewhere!Toronto-Canada
1383Najimeh AbdorraimiSuporter Of Mojahedine KhalgToronto-Canada
1382Eqball NazargahiDefend Political Prisoners; Protest Against Executions

Down with Islamic Rejim in Iran and Plotical Islam in the world.
1381Adam GrannickNew York-USA
1380Siavash AbghariAtlanta-USA
1379Iran AzadeMontreal-Canada
1378Kimberly GronemeyerTampa-USA
1377Bradley McneillVancouver-Canada
1376Sima BamdadToronto-Canada
1375Ken WongChicago-USA
1374Soleyman SigarchiWorker Communist Party Of IranStop excution nowVancouver-Canada
1373Mieczyslaw there any chance for the Iranian labour to stage a general strike across the whole country? Only the organised general strike in the whole of Iran can bring the Islamic regime to the negotiation table and free political prisoners as well as change the course of the country in a better direction. Long live solidarity!Antwerpen-Belgium
1372Guus Van LoenenDongen-Netherlands
1371Neville MilneBuriram-Thailand
1370John MoszykIndividualSt Louis-USA
1369Tina KounelasChicago-USA
1368Marlene KaltenbacherVienna-Austria
1367Anna KarlssonStockholm-Sweden
1366Ezat MalakyVancouver-Canada
1365Victoria StevensIndividualThese politically motivated murders in Iran must stop and all political prisoners must be released. All standing execution orders in iran should be revoked. Any apeasement of the Iranian Government is tantamount to condoning institutionalised murder.Whitby-UK
1364Alice TorresLisboa-Portugal
1363Stefan KraftKiel-Germany
1362Firas KhawajaLondon-UK
1361Dr. Leo CaseyNew York-USA
1360Claus JahnckeVerdiHamburg-Germany
1359Annika C. Lindström C.lindströmNoneHöganäs-Sweden
1358Hans Van Dijk Van DijkIjmuiden-Netherlands
1357Johanna RuizHouston-USA
1356Mirjam ThomsenEindhoven-Netherlands
1355Rachel PopeJust Outraged!Spring-USA
1354Prithwi DebSir,
Please do not justify killings. Please set them free.

Kind Regards,
Prithwi Deb
1353Anthony LeachDroitwich-UK
1352Ann GraySilver Spring-USA

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Verteidigung politischer Gefangener und Protest gegen Hinrichtungen Petition Seite 14 41 2017-12-15

NrName: * OrganisationKommentar:Ort: * -Land: *
1351Daniela GuggZürich-Switzerland
1350Diana WindleyBronx-USA
1349Nadine HanssensReligion here is only a means to eliminatie any opposition.
This should concern " The wise Men of Iran" or are they sleeping?
1348Nico LippeHumanistisch VerbondArnhem-Netherlands
1347Jane LeachDroitwich-UK
1346Conor Brian ScottDublin-Ireland
1345Bruce GergleyBronx-USA
1344Colleen ForbesAjax-Canada
1343Keller Christineil faut abolir la peine de mort et la torture et donner la liberte d'expression à toutes et tousStrasbourg-France
1342Adel BadiianThis Regime can either surrender now, or it will find out what it means if the People finally rise and kick them out. Best example was Romania!Meerbusch-Germany
1341M.c. Van Der WeeleCapital punishment is an inhumane and must be endedBrogueira-Portugal
1340Carole HuntArmagh-UK
1339John LissToronto-Canada
1338Zwussie DeritsI pray that all political prisoners, including students, worker activists, woman rights activists or anyone who has been imprisoned for their religious or non-religious views or sexuality are released immediately. Freedom of expression is a basic human rightWinkel-Netherlands
1337Katarina BrusewitzStockholm-Sweden
1336Ashiko OrrhultStockholm-Sweden
1335Tracy KraemerBlaine-USA
1334Jo BergeTallinn-Latvia
1333Shirley Owen-hewittGrand Bend-Canada
1332Mies PolsS\'-hertogenbosch-Netherlands
1331Nick KuiperChandler-USA
1330Reza SalariToronto-Canada
1329Sonja JoTehran-Iran
1328Roya IraniLaguna-USA
1327Graham PhoenixManchester-UK
1326Elena MaranoMontreal-Canada
1325Shahin ShafipourMontreal-Canada
1324Elaine MillinCape Town-South Africa
1323Mohammad AnoushehNy-USA
1322Ceylan AlbayrakMuğla-Turkey
1321Randy EllenburgSix Mile-USA
1320Hans LauscherIt should be possible at the present time to enforce law and order and human isolate contemptible behavior. It is not appropriate to degrade a person to a cause, connect their rights under foot, and this blackmail in public "show self-hostage revisions," only to themselves "face" may be true.Lensahn-Germany
1319Taher PanahidhGöteborg-Sweden
1318Inger GrahnMellerud-Sweden
1317Ken DunsmoreCalgary-Canada
1316Ineke De GrootMeppel-Netherlands
1315Misagh ParsaHanover-USA
1314Sabrina LudmannEppelheim-Germany
1313Sieglinde SedlmairIch bin ein Gegner der Todesstrafe. Iran hat eine alte kulturelle Tradition - älter als Deutschland - daher verste-
he ich dieses gegenwärtige der Verhal-
ten der Regierung nicht. Wovor fürchtet sich diese Regierung eigentlich? Wenn Gott wirklich hinter ihnen stünde, dann bräuchten sie sich nicht zu fürchten!
1312Bouvier PierreSoyons-Belgium
1311Eva Etzioni-halevyTel-aviv-Israel
1310Petra HeyerFrankfurt Am Main-Germany
1309Kim WautersLeft Socialist
1308Nasrin SafaryNo Organizationstop kiling people in anyways.Richmond Hill-Canada
1307Constance BohlerStop this primitive stone-age behaviour. Down with the barbaric government in Iran. Long live decency, enlightenment and fair governance.Zug-Switzerland
1306Thomas SauerLewisville-USA
1305Max RingroseYork-UK
1304Awat SharifiStokholm-Sweden
1303Alan LloydSouthampton-UK
1302Clive WalderSocialist PartyBirmingham-UK

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Verteidigung politischer Gefangener und Protest gegen Hinrichtungen Petition Seite 15 41 2017-12-15

NrName: * OrganisationKommentar:Ort: * -Land: *
1301Aziz RattansiLondon-UK
1300Klara RoxberghGotenburg-Sweden
1299Christoph MühlichenEttischleben-Germany
1298Florette MoarefiGöteborg-Sweden
1297Karin RautioVasteras-Sweden
1296Gola MicheleMeyzieu-France
1295Liliana DulgheroiuConstanta-Romania
1294A. Van DijkHilversum-Netherlands
1293Lesline DavisCommunity ServicesThis Coward attack on the innocent must be stopped, people have a right to freedom of speech, on one and no one have the right to infringe suffering and pain on another human being. May these people have a revealation of the Lord and stop this senseless killing of God's people.London-UK
1292Conor Brian ScottDublin-Ireland
1291Christian RonseStrasbourg-France
1290Johan StuytsAbbekerk-Netherlands
1289Homa MirniaVienna-Austria
1288Alice StennebergAmsterdam-Netherlands
1287Chris BurnsKuta-Indonesia
1286Constantinos HasiotisMeitingen-Germany
1285Alexandra LindqvistRissna-Sweden
1284Zeynep DogukanIstanbul-Turkey
1283Wieland Von HodenbergSolidarische Hilfe E.v.Bremen-Germany
1282Farid AshkanNew York-USA
1281R. Scott HarrisonPittsburgh, Pennsylvania-USA
1280Teemu KokkonenHelsinki-Finland
1279Negeene Mosaedfree all poliyical prisoners in iranRancho Mirage-USA
1278Jorge EstevesBristol-UK
1277Jorge EstevesBristol-UK
1276Ben SmitheramAdelaide-Australia
1275Misha StemperMonterey-USA
1274Cecilie DavidsonThe Iranian government has tried and convicted itself of murder.Victoria-Canada
1273Karyne GoughPilot Group Pty LimitedWollombi-Australia
1272Shahriar TaheriMtl-Canada
1271Diane WillHanover Park-USA
1270Ingbert FloydChampaign-USA
1269Pamela Cook-foranLas Vegas-USA
1268Bijan JMontreal-Canada
1267Kaveh SalehianBrossard-Canada
1266Daftari Farhad----------------Ce lui qui s'algine derrière un mensonge, seras focement deenoncé en même temps que le mensonge serait divulgué.Montréal-Canada
1265Farhad MansouriRelease all political prisoners.Kensington-USA
1264Shahla AbghariAtlanta-USA
1263Rabbi Jill HausmanThe Actors' TempleWe have evolved beyond the barbarity of executions. It is time to halt them all over the world. What we inflict on others is what we inflict on ourselves. Have mercy and be among the compassionate.New York-USA
1262Allen BlakeyVancouver-Canada
1261Rich Clemens ClemensNdpstop the hate!! resistance2011w/lovexoxoVictoria-Canada
1260Aaron GutierrezN/aPasadena-USA
1259Terra YarwoodMechanicsburg-USA
1258Parzhad TorfehnezhadMtl-Canada
1257Robina KitzlerNyc-USA
1256Tom PengellyLincoln-UK
1255Carey StronachPetersburg, Va-USA
1254Ursula ArmijoFreedom MarchI Support the international campaign in support of the people of Iran to bring an end to executions and immediate release of all political prisoners. Capital punishment is an inhumane and must be ended.New Baltimore-USA
1253Jurek ChruścielLublin-Poland
1252Jelena MarkovicBelgrade-Serbia

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Verteidigung politischer Gefangener und Protest gegen Hinrichtungen Petition Seite 16 41 2017-12-15

NrName: * OrganisationKommentar:Ort: * -Land: *
1251Pauline Hammertonexecution is a vile practice and against all religious beliefsManchester-UK
1250Khosro KhosroabadiMtl-Canada
1249Joanna LaughtonSydney-Australia
1248Iman Omidetehad mobarezeh piruziKöln-Germany
1247Kim CarereGuelph-Canada
1246Cezar AnsariLondon-UK
1245Ken BergerSupport the international campaign in support of the people of Iran to bring an end to executions and immediate release of all political prisoners. Capital punishment is an inhumane and must be ended.Rockford-USA
1244Elian Jani PuscedduQuartucciu-Italy
1243Tudor CraescuToronto-Canada
1242John CouzinIndividualGlasgow-UK
1241Sharon LambertTauranga-New Zealand
1240Kamand KojouriThornhill-Canada
1239Greg AndersonWinnipeg-Canada
1238Fereidoon S. YazdiMayo-Ireland
1237Rolf StuberMännedorf-Switzerland
1236Hala MustafaNoneSTOP STONNING NOW I CANT BELIEVE SUCH A CRUEL ACT STILL EXIST in todays world.Dubai-United Arab Emirates
1235Robert NolaIt is essential to recognise human rights and freedom of speech even when you disagree with the speaker.Alas, many find this hard to understand - and then act on it.Auckland-New Zealand
1234Shadi ShayeganiMoscow-Russian Federation
1233Maria LipinskaNoneOstrowiec-Poland
1232Duncan GoultyLeiden-Netherlands
1231Ariel ZendehTehran-Iran
1230Reza FerdoTehran-Iran
1229Sd JansAmsterdam-Netherlands
1228Jenny MillerIstanbul-Turkey
1227Mick McgannHarrogate-UK
1226Rob MiroloDublin-Ireland
1225Gordon DoctorowToronto-Canada
1224Claudia SchlerethWuerzburg-Germany
1223Reza MonadianStockholm-Sweden
1222Terence RobinsonBurgess Hill-UK
1221Diana ThayerAtlin-Canada
1220Mariam SagandaKuopio-Finland
1219Alice MacarthurPhoenix-USA
1218Alain MaupinUnion Pour Le CommunismeA Bas la République islamiste!Pour la révolution socialiste en Iran et dans tout le proche et moyen-orientCaluire-France
1217Shannon Schreur-kleinCedar Rapids-USA
1216Wendy Lynch LynchAmnesty InternationalPlease stop!Los Angeles-USA
1215Liliana BasarabIasi-Romania
1214Arash IraniDeath to dictatorship!Charleston-USA
1213Maupin Maupin MyriamLyon-France
1212Sosan AhmadiIran Civil Rights CommitteeToronto-Canada
1211Andrew HammChesterfield-UK
1210Katarzyna DudekKraków-Poland
1209Vita KarabalinaLondon-UK
1208Leila FazaeliDublin-Ireland
1207Ali SabaPeoples Studesnts Fedrationwe think that political prisoners shuld immdaiately releasd and iranian govment sholud stop execution and provide the basic damocratic rights of pepole of iran and workers sholud be given the basic rights of union and as well as afghan workers should also be given the equal rightsIslamabad-Pakistan
1205Maryam HedayatiNevshehir-Turkey
1204Phillip MclaurinSan Francisco-USA
1203Alex WilsonToronto-Canada
1202Steve OngerthIwwAlameda, Ca-USA

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Verteidigung politischer Gefangener und Protest gegen Hinrichtungen Petition Seite 17 41 2017-12-15

NrName: * OrganisationKommentar:Ort: * -Land: *
1201محمود نیک پیهمبستگی و اتحاد با خلق مبارز ایرانزندانی سیاسی به همت توده ها آزاد باید گردد
همبستگی و اتحاد با خلق مبارز ایران برای سرنگونی جمهوری اسلامی
1200Saba SarabiToronto-Canada
1199Asqar KarimiWpiLondon-UK
1198Sussan Gol8mars ]iran-afghanestan]Düsseldorf-Germany
1197Daniel OramaniLondon-UK
1196Hagen SkirloBerlin-Germany
1195Elena BasileYork UniversityToronto-Canada
1194Mila SourjkoStop vicious actions!

Mila Sourjko, Canada
1193Moine GerardMulhouse-France
1192Rüdiger ReinkeEin Teil Der Volkssolidarität DortmundDortmund-Germany
1191Cynthia AndersonHendersonn-USA
1190Sita Devi AllenIndividualPlease stop this barbaric evil act. It is not up to you to decide this - it is up to God.Co Durham-UK
1189Maria AbreuGuimaraes-Portugal
1188Kristoffer GhavidelGreen MovementAs you might know, the Islamic Republic has started a vicious wave of executions since two weeks ago against the worker activists, political prisoners and general public. We must stop it before it goes too far.Tehran-Iran
1187Pedram Kazemi-esfarjaniAtrocities will unfortunately continue as long as Iranians let themselves be dominated by Islamic Imperialism and the World similarly let Islamic Imperialism intimidate and attck us at will without proper reponse.London-UK
1186Susan WebbFinksburg-USA
1185Damien MathewColumbus-USA
1184Susan StoutVancouver-Canada
1183Sam IraniVancouver-Canada
1182Mary Dame,mdThe taking of another life is against the law of God regardless of religious affiliation. Please stop these horrendous violations of basic human rights.Medford-USA
1181Foroozandeh Zamani BeidokhtiMayo-Ireland
1180Siamak IraniVancouver-Canada
1179Mansour Jahan VatanAnkara-Turkey
1178Daya FeldEdinburgh-UK
1177Adrian WhiteNonePlease end the executions......kindness and understanding both sides is the answer.
Treat others exactually as you would want them to treat you.
Thank you for your time and understanding.....peace be with you all.
Lake Ozark-USA
1176Kate RigbyDevon-UK
1175Patrice YantzSeminole-USA
1174Rica BaileyBristol-UK
1173Rebekah LuntManchester-UK
1172Charissa CurrieGulfport-USA
1171Mohamad MaghawriBeirut-Lebanon
1170Ryan ToupsNew Orleans-USA
1169Chari RocafullWest Palm Beach-USA
1168Robert FaradayGmbBarnsley-UK
1167Gilles VincentFor the love of Allah, stop to murder people.Bruxelles-Belgium
1166Karl HilseArt Store St.pauliHamburg-Germany
1165Natalie GreeneOak Park-USA
1164Anita BlackPlease stop the executions of political prisoners.Toronto-Canada
1163Johanna PhilippiSTOP IT!Ansbach-Germany
1162David MurphyDublin-Ireland
1161Aga SobczakLondon-UK
1160Martin FarrBristol-UK
1159Maureen O\'sullivanDublin-Ireland
1158Grangé ColetteMontauban 82000-France
1157Somaye JafargholiTehran-Iran
1156Irene PardelhaLisbon-Portugal
1155Gita NikSydney-Australia
1154Siavash ShahabiCommunist Youth OrganizationTehran-Iran
1153Katarzyna StachyraPiekary Slaskie-Poland
1152Yadollah Akbari Balderlouplease stop the killing of people who only think differently.Toronto-Canada

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Verteidigung politischer Gefangener und Protest gegen Hinrichtungen Petition Seite 18 41 2017-12-15

NrName: * OrganisationKommentar:Ort: * -Land: *
1151Gisela BrummeLandsbro-Sweden
1150Azadeh AkramiParis-France
1149Dollat AlinaAmnesty InternationalGouvieux-France
1148Barish JalalzadehFridooooomOslo-Norway
1147Hilda KoppenburgSchiltigheim-France
1146Grandamme DanielL'Iran que je respecte et que je connais n'a pas le droit de tuer comme le faisait le shah du temps de son régime detestable.Paris-France
1145Afsaneh LeissnerSingapore-Singapore
1144Beverley FergusonPerth-UK
1143Mehrnosh MoazemiDefend Political Prisoners; Protest Against ExecutionsStockholm-Sweden
1142Kousha MirStockholm-Sweden
1141Mikael ByströmDach Ads HbDemocracy in Iran is a good idea.Göteborg-Sweden
1140Chris NewtonBristol-UK
1139Qmars ElyasiSTOP ALL EXECUTIONS NOW!!!!!Washington-USA
1138Van Kerckhoven ChrisGeel-Belgium
1137Elizabeth Noonan NoonanCork-Ireland
1136Raymond RossellCelebrate life above all values!Maracaibo-Venezuela
1135Daniel SeraphimSão Paulo-Brazil
1134Mahnaz KordjaziStockholm-Sweden
1133Farzad NouriLongford-Ireland
1132Peter Davis DavisVancouver-Canada
1131Mouna NykirkHorsens-Denmark
1130Ole RasmussenIlskov-Denmark
1129Chito QuijanoIlpsLa-USA
1128Katarina MichnikGothenburg-Sweden
1127H. RitmeesterAlkmaar-Netherlands
1126Rainer BögleCapital punishment is an inhumane and must be ended.Munich-Germany
1125Irmen KüstermannTerres De Femmes E.v.Hamburg-Germany
1124Ann Bradleystop stoning now - end of.Norwich-UK
1123Lone SvenfeltI am againts any death penalty what so ever in any country, It is babarian, criul and totally injust to execute political prisoners. I defend the right og free speach.Vaxholm-Sweden
1122Vahid BStoning should be stop immediately everywhere.Dublin-Ireland
1121Teresa AtzeniCagliari-Italy
1120Ian AshWashington-UK
1119Ólafur Haukur MatthíassonReykjavík-Iceland
1118Namo MajeedCsistop all execution ordersSulaimany-Iraq
1117Parris Ja YoungPrivatePolitical differences constitute no justifiable cause for executions. Such executions are useful only for intimidation and to demonstrate the administration's willingness to employ lethal violence. Intimidation and lethal violence ARE NOT the characteristics of righteous leadership.Alberton-USA
1116Hans-georg PützBielefeld-Germany
1115Foroogh ShariatyCork-Ireland
1114Afsaneh BurrowManchester-UK
1113Bernhard Schwager SchwagerWien-Austria
1112Giuseppe ComiottoHeal the World make it a better placeBad Liebenzell-Germany
1111Ozgur ErdoganThis legalized murder must stop now as the saying goes all it takes for evil to win is for good people to do nothing. The time for pandering to these countries that use religion as an excuse for barbarism needs to stop and civilized nations must stand up to them.Glenrothes-UK
1110Elizabeth ErdoganIt is time that the civilized people of the world unite against the insanity of regimes like those of Iran and put an end to the atrocities of humans carrying out executions in the name of a religion.Glenrothes-UK
1109Keyeux ThierryDieu ne connaît pas les frontières humaines. Dieu est Miséricorde. Tuer au nom de Dieu, c'est commettre un blasphème gravissime. Défendre la vie de ses frères humains [donnée par Dieu] partout où elle est menacée est un devoir sacré pour tout homme.Saint-zacharie-France
1108Ingrid KällmanGothenburg-Sweden
1107Sergeant ChantalMrapPont Sainte Maxence-France
1106Sara PettariniTorino-Italy
1105Afsaneh VahdatStockholm-Sweden
1104Cottez OrelyCollégien-France
1103Hassan Abdullah Omer OmerSulaimaniyah-Iraq
1102Frits KleingeldArnhem-Netherlands

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Verteidigung politischer Gefangener und Protest gegen Hinrichtungen Petition Seite 19 41 2017-12-15

NrName: * OrganisationKommentar:Ort: * -Land: *
1101Danyal M.Hamburg-Germany
1100Iris NeuwirthFeldkirch-Austria
1099Verena DescampsStop executionsBelfort-France
1098Lucilla NardariPlease stop executing political prisonersCarrè-Italy
1097Jonathan SaverotGoteborg-Sweden
1096Patrick WilcoxTervuren-Belgium
1095Dijana KnezevicSarajevo-Bosnia And Herzegovina
1094Guyssou ArmineLiberate the activistes workers. and alle of politique prisonners.Paris-France
1093Blanca Rodríguez RuizUniversity Of SevillaSevilla-Spain
1092Ann JoosBend-USA
1091Francis MoradiBerlin-Germany
1090Loretta MahmudLondon-UK
1089شهریار ایرانیتهران-Iran
1088Roy ParkIran can again be great only when its masters trust and give free rein to the originality and genius of its many gifted sons and daughters, rather than fearing and repressing them.Addlestone-UK
1087Giovanna TappiRavenna-Italy
1086Cj MitchellHuman being are members of a whole,
In creation of one essence and soul.
If one member is afflicted with pain,
Other members uneasy will remain.
If you've no sympathy for human pain,
The name of human you cannot retain!

Los Angeles-USA
1085Stella WhiteLondon-UK
1084Arlinda DemiriBarrie-Canada
1083Adrian FrancisTokyo-Japan
1082Shira YarivGauteng-South Africa
1081John CoffeySelfPlease cease the needless executions that are carried out in order to appease the government for some political reasons.Garland-USA
1080Paul RezkallaBrooklyn-USA
1079Ravel PetershagenHamar-Norway
1078Eva ShannonThe executions/murderers must stop now.Princeton-USA
1077Lynda HoogendoornMississauga-Canada
1076Mehran MolhedTehran-Iran
1075Leslie GeddesCitizenIt is time for all citizens and governments of the world to unite in supporting the eradication of any form of capital punishment.Richmond Hill-Canada
1074Maria BecRevoking of all execution orders.
Respect life of all political prisoners, student, worker activists, woman right activists or any one who has been imprisioned for their religious or non-religious views or sexualite.
Lake Worth-USA
1073Yanni ArvanitisAthens-Greece
1072Jim SharplesSydney-Australia
1071Pat MurtaghWinnipeg-Canada
1070Mareia DotsonFranklin-USA
1069Alexander HammersteinBerlin-Germany
1068Morad YousefiIndependentIslam religion has always been doing this and even worth along the history. They kill, execute, skin off, torture to death and so on.Kitchener-Canada
1067Meh FirouzTehran-Iran
1066Aziz YousefiIndependentIslam religion has always been doing this and even worth along the history. They kill, execute, skin off, torture to death and so on.Kitchener-Canada
1065Arbie HansenAlbuquerque-USA
1064Prue CerinMelbourne-Australia
1063Dr John KnightPost PressedBrisbane-Australia
1062John PopeLake Park-USA
1061Tohid KarimzadehSazman Rastakhize Rahaiye IranPayandeh shah iran
Tanha rahe nejat ,barandazi ast va bas
1060Parvin IrandoostNoneAll executions in Iran must stop.Chicago-USA
1059Gabriel LevickyGablev'11You have my full support in your fight against this cleric-fascist regime! The country I was born in had had already an experience with another cleric-fascist regime with catastrophic results.
Down with the clerics and mullahs!
1058Michael DuffeyFt. Walton Beach-USA
1057Allison RichMiami-USA
1056Serhiy SalovPhd StudentDonetsk-Ukraine
1055Maria SourjkoPhd StudentMontreal-Canada
1053Margaret AguilarChicago-USA
1052Les HorswillToronto-Canada

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Verteidigung politischer Gefangener und Protest gegen Hinrichtungen Petition Seite 20 41 2017-12-15

NrName: * OrganisationKommentar:Ort: * -Land: *
1051Sharon BurnsVancouver-Canada
1050Jim BushWaxahachie-USA
1049James ThurmondScottsdale-USA
1048Sonja RuschkeMainz-Germany
1047Birte BronsCopenhagen-Denmark
1046Elsie DeanWomen Elders In Action We*actBurnaby-Canada
1045Bruce NevinWe, the world are watching and bear witness to the acts of cruelty perpetrated by the Iranian leadership.
Long live the Iranian people! You struggle not in vain.
1044Danny WilsonOroville-USA
1043Sierra Buehlman BarbeauWaterloo-USA
1042Sue HarringtonSt Paul-USA
1041Jennyfer Campos GrimaldoD.f.-Mexico
1040Michael QuariadiMiddletown-USA
1039Sue StroudPlease stop the killing! End ALL executions. Release ALL political prisoners immediately. There is no room for oppression in the world. people have a right to live and speak freely. I will be asking my government to speak out against the actions you are taking against those opposed to your regime and policies.Brentwood Bay-Canada
1038Lydia LeistStuttgart-Germany
1037Graham DawsNo government should have the right to kill anybody for any reason.Brisbane-Australia
1036Jennifer PatulloStop this brutal repression of the Iranian people by the Islamic regime, revoke all execution orders, and ensure real human rights for all.Dundee-UK
1034Kathleen CuneoBayvilee-USA
1033Anne CallipariIt is against Human Rights to imprison and execute people for their religious and political beliefs, also based on their sexuality..Please release all prisoners immediately who are being held upon these grounds, also the executions should be abolished! this cruelty is an outrage against the world and God!!Brisbane,queensland-Australia
1032D WontorLords Valley-USA
1031Álvaro Manuel VasconcelosV. N. Famalicão-Portugal
1030L KodituwakkuVictoria-Australia
1029Fancesca ZandonaiRovereto-Italy
1028Alemeh NaimiAmsterdam-Netherlands
1027Carlie ArmitageStop the executions, release the activists and give people their basic rights!Brisbane-Australia
1026Diana MitchellThose governments that wrongfully harm their own peoples harm themselves. They forfeit respect.Bournemouth-UK
1025Etyah LevinSharon-Israel
1024Annette PollardBarnstaple-UK
1023Simona GetovaRc ValandovoValandovo-Macedonia, Former Yugoslav Republic Of
1022Jeanie Beanie Weanie WeanieSave All Of God's PeopleONLY ignorant murderers KILL in the name of Allah or God. Murderers are not free people. They cannot sleep, cannot eat until they free the imprisoned people. May YOU political murderers be sleepless and not able to eat a good meal ever again for murdering others. YOU are the murderers and are worse than any " INFIDELS". ALLAH judge YOU!Jersey City-USA
1021Bettina StratmannNusbaum-Germany
1020Crystal TorresBrooklyn-USA
1019Silvia GarcíaCádiz-Spain
1018Cathy StokesFreedom Of CitizensIt is a God given right for persons to be free of persecution for individual rights: freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom to move around ones country, freedom from military cut throats. Let these people go!Madisonville, Tx-USA
1017Monia GóralikKraków-Poland
1016Philippe ApelleOaris-France
1015Sibel UnluMünster-Germany
1014Patrick LaneLimerick-Ireland
1013Paul LenartIwwReno, Nv-USA
1012Anne SchenkFerndale, Mi-USA
1011Anabela AlmeidaTorres Novas-Portugal
1010John BurtSaskatoon-Canada
1009Brigitta SandovalNoneManila-Philippines
1008Stella KraounakiWe demand the immediate abolish and the end of the political prisioners and other people executions.
We demand and ask the sosial and political freedom of Iranian People.
1007Bettina KalischBerlin-Germany
1006Sarah TetlowDebden-UK
1005Johannes BergmarkFylkingenStockholm-Sweden
1004Lauren GuilleryDublin-Ireland
1003Anja PeltonenFecamp-France
1002حیدر جهانگیریStockholm-Sweden

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Verteidigung politischer Gefangener und Protest gegen Hinrichtungen Petition Seite 21 41 2017-12-15

NrName: * OrganisationKommentar:Ort: * -Land: *
1001Tom SandbornVancouver-Canada
1000Talat BhattiPlease stop this barbaric killing, this is not in the name of Islam.Derby-UK
999Ana GracianoCaxias-Portugal
998Chiara RizzoBologna-Italy
997Kostas ZafirisChios-Greece
996Nik De NijsWarmenhuizen-Netherlands
995Sergio Barcellona BrendolanPamplona-Spain
994Filiz YildizBayern-Germany
993Edgar MorellGuaynabo-Puerto Rico
992Franziska Und Anton KiendlKirchheim-Germany
991Isabel HenriquesLisbon-Portugal
990Steve BremnerIran's sharia law is anti-human.Manitou Springs-USA
989Lorin SulaimanLondon-UK
988Babis DermitzakisAthens-Greece
987Mehmet SismanIstanbul-Turkey
986William H Middleton JrClifton-USA
985Herman Van KeerI guess the iranian regime never heard of Human Rights?Turner Valley-Canada
984Marian McdonaldSan Mateo Ca-USA
983Graça SantosCarnaxide-Portugal
982Jedrzej PradowskiIran used to be home of many freethinking humanists, I wish it will not become their graveyard.Lodz-Poland
981Jelica RolandBuzet-Croatia [hrvatska]
980Tatev PetrosyanNicosia-Cyprus
979Fateh AreshStockholm-Sweden
978Stefan HofmannAschaffenburg-Germany
977Sivrissarian AndréParti SocialisteLiberté de la Presse et des syndicalistes ,oui à l'humanisme et non à l'obscurantisme et la persécution des opposants au régime, oui à la Lumière et non a la peine de mort et non a la prison pour les politiques.Marseille-France
976Amador NavidiHttp://eshtrak.wordpress.comfree all political prisoners asas.
down to brutal islamic regime of iran
975Shiva SaebiTehran-Iran
974Germain GranierToulouse-France
973Serge RoyQuébec-Canada
972Sonia HajianLos Angeles-USA
971Tricia MalikKingston-USA
970Martin SharpSelfI demand that all goverment of this world inform Iran that discrimenate killing of polictical prisoners is unacceptable and that all policticle prisoner be released without harm.Hartlepool-UK
969Edyta ŁukawskaWarszawa-Poland
968Nikolaos SouroufisA Simple CittizenWe demand the immediate abolish and the end of the political prisioners and other people executions.
We demand and ask the sosial and political freedom of Iranian People.
967Iraj SafaryToronto-Canada
966Anne-kat ReistadOslo-Norway
965William WhiteThis is NOT civlized behavior!Fort Walton Beach-USA
964Juha LintunenEspoo-Finland
963Henna KajavaEspoo-Finland
962Pascal DescampsWpiBesançon-France
961Joshua LaganThessaloniki-Greece
960Razgar SoltaniGoroningen-Netherlands
959Agnieszka RachowskaŁodź-Poland
958Nina GranbergStockholm-Sweden
957Frederick HessLos Angeles-USA
956John BurkeSunnyvale-USA
955Phil BryanIndividualthis is the 21st freedom is paramount. wake up you 3rd world contries. your people are not going to take much more!Newport-UK
954Mariana PetrovaThessaloniki-Greece
953Aylin özmertMunich-Germany
952Fergie WallwinBarrie-Canada

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Verteidigung politischer Gefangener und Protest gegen Hinrichtungen Petition Seite 22 41 2017-12-15

NrName: * OrganisationKommentar:Ort: * -Land: *
951James WhiteheadThis barbarity is an embarrasement to those in power in Iran. The Iranian people deserve better.Sheffield-UK
950رضا قوامتهران-Iran
949Mary RobertsonCourage, true justice and peace are desperately needed.London-Hungary
948Ruth PilgrimParry Sound-Canada
947Kellie SmithDeering-USA
946Peter VandenbergCrc InternationalThat devil knows his time is short.Adl Launceston-Australia
945Mina EsmaeliLondon-UK
944Karisha KirkAll political prisoners must be released immediately.Bloomington-USA
943Bill GriffithsLondon-UK
942Paul HustinxUtrecht-Netherlands
941John MaherStop political, religious and sexual repression, imprisonment and murderTurramurra-Australia
940Helen SpeightIndividualThe imprisonment of political and religious activists, human rights workers, and so on is a travisty. They should be released immediately.

The death penalty is wrong and should be banned.
939Gösta DahlqvistEnskededalen-Sweden
938Ramesh MontazerolghaelLinköping-Sweden
937Tissier Jean-lucAcatI pray God that all innocent imprisoned persons could soon retrieve freedom.Melun-France
936Karin Elfriede Schrader------------Rio De Janeiro-Brazil
935Joan HewettNoneDeer Park-USA
934Regina De Toledo SaderSão Paulo-Brazil
933Lesley StephensonDurham-UK
932Greg CameronSurrey-Canada
931Timothy TocciPrattsville-USA
930M MossMoveon.orgStop the executions of innocent citizens in Iran.Santa Rosa-USA
929Beatrice HuckEs ist einfach nur schrecklich, wenn man nur anhand seiner politischen Einstellung, seines Glaubens, seiner sex. Orientierung, oder seiner Meinungäusserung, verurteilt wird! Dies darf nicht sein! Das ist unmenschlich!München-Germany
928Marcel DresenNuenen-Netherlands
927Gloria RayKingston-USA
926Maria RochaAveiro-Portugal
925Dave Anderson AndersonDemocratic Socialists Of AmericaBoulder, Colorado-USA
924Natalya WolfNoneAshland-USA
923Audrey HansenBarrington-USA
922Marieke RyanWaterford-Ireland
921Jennifer LeporeLos Angeles-USA
920Ritva LundgrenStockholm-Sweden
919Charles LakinLetter Carriers Union Of CanadaToronto-Canada
918Alene Swinehart SwinehartLincoln-USA
917David HolingueAttorney At LawChicago-USA
916Natalie LarocheToronto-Canada
915Sandra De BloisPlease end the executionsLumby-Canada
914Janice MclaneBaltimore-USA
913یدی کوهیلیون-France
912Gloria Tucked _Mercer Island-USA
911Amir FardBerlin-Germany
910France DombrowskiQuebec City-Canada
909Sohela Dr.jandiBerlin-Germany
908Ross MunroeToronto-Canada
907Dave OlsenVancouver-Canada
906Mary RachaelLincoln-USA
905Maria Teresa KamelSan Antonio-USA
904Irina CarasicovaStuttgart-Germany
903Malik Rashid RashidToronto-Canada
902Joan FaberIndividualLondon-UK

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Verteidigung politischer Gefangener und Protest gegen Hinrichtungen Petition Seite 23 41 2017-12-15

NrName: * OrganisationKommentar:Ort: * -Land: *
901Andrew FoxWatsontown, Pa-USA
900Ben NasseriNew York-USA
899Maria BermudezMadrid-Spain
898Dolores R. GilenbergBuenos Aires-Argentina
897Reza AnsariBarbarisk act in 21-centurey!!!!
Shame on you.
You have no touch with hummanity.
I do not even wish you such a vicious treatment.
Even dogs treat each other better than you do!!!
What ever you say please do not mention justise or god!!
896Dario PirasAmsterdam-Netherlands
895John GlendenningNraI deplore any government that uses force to control it's people or that of others.Kissimmee-USA
894Kris WarnerWashington, Dc-USA
893James BaumanSarasota-USA
892Reuben SteeleLaurel-USA
891Steve McgladeLondon-UK
890Irmgarde HorsleyWhy are they so fearful of dissent? They must know that they cannot forever oppress a young and intelligent population.Newcastle Upon T Yne-UK
889Paul FarrellGlasgow-UK
888Jenny HowardBristol-UK
887Stephen EdwardsChicago-USA
886Gilles DelfosseDergneau-Belgium
885Rimona AfanaCraiova-Romania
884Adlin KarzyStop all execution in MY LAND!Borås-Sweden
883Ashley DrakeToronto-Canada
882Stephen ThergesenDenver-USA
881Carlos Oropeza OropezaSomerdale-USA
880Jorge CostaLisbon-Portugal
879Hanna MüllerGraz-Austria
878Glenis MenteGrosse Ile-USA
877Peter StenlakeLondon-UK
876Rob RuttanBarrie-Canada
875Peter ReedAll political prisoners must be free.Los Realejos-Spain
874Mona KashefVienna-USA
873Don AndersonaVeterans For PeaceI Fully Support the international campaign in support of the people of Iran to bring an end to executions and immediate release of all political prisoners. Capital punishment is inhumane and must be ended.

I Demand revoking of all execution orders;

Freedom of expression is a basic human right.
Lebanon, Oregon-USA
872Beeman NealThe criminalization of political dissent and the killing of dissenters must be fought on all fronts. The criminalization of dissent can take place within any system of government or within any system of social organization. All humans should act against the criminalization of political dissent for obvious reasons both philanthropic and selfish.Tucker-USA
871Mikael JohanssonMalmoe-Sweden
870Evin HendryHendersonville-USA
869Thomas StanauerWien-Austria
868Mohammad KarimiFrankfurt-Germany
867Ai Le ClaincheParis-France
866Dorothee SchumannStop stoning, only God has the right to kill.Tenerife-Spain
865Pablo ArandaDenver-USA
864Orod OsanlouLiverpool-UK
863Mario DiazMiami-USA
862Kenneth NahigianThis is an opportunity for an Islamic republic to demonstrate the compassion and civilization of Islam. Stop stonings, stop torture, stop political executions. A faith that cannot withstand free discourse is not a faith worth following.Sacramento-USA
861Manon BernierMascouche-Canada
860Karl MarstonToronto-Canada
859Fabiola Hidalgo GuislanReligion of Peace? Show us!D. F.-Mexico
858Dale Ward WardKyoto-Japan
857Irina BaunaglGraz-Austria
856Robert TarswellThese actions are shamefulPrinceton-Canada
855Andrew UptonPeterborough-UK
854Trisha KlaweMission-Canada
853Carla Afonso CerqueiraNoneThe regime of Iran is outrageously unrespectfull for the human rights. The entire world should stand against its atrocities. Medieval!Porto-Portugal
852Paul VaughanTunis-Tunisia

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Verteidigung politischer Gefangener und Protest gegen Hinrichtungen Petition Seite 24 41 2017-12-15

NrName: * OrganisationKommentar:Ort: * -Land: *
851Stephanie Seery-murphySacramento-USA
850Heather BoltonBangor-UK
849Muriel De BorrekensPlease stop all these atrocities.
Please respect the human rignt.
Please release all the political prisoners and all the prisoners who are unjustified imprisonment.
Sincerely Thank you
848Christopher SinatraEnd the madness.Syracuse-USA
847Dr Shobha Srivastava Srivastavaexecutions and stoning should be stopped, it should not be permissible in the 21st centurySouth Shields-UK
846Urszula LundStart behaving like civilised people.
The Islamic Republic of Iran is a very poor custodian of the glorious Persian past !!
845Maria Guilhermina PachecoTorres Vedras-Portugal
844Raymond BrittonWinter Park-USA
843Carol MuellerCadiz-USA
842Tom Mcclelland McclellandBeth Abraham Family Of Health ServicesI am for human rights in Iran and against the execution of their political prisoners. I am also against the targeting by the U.S. Government of many of its own citizens such as myself with microwave weapons and covert drugging. The U.S. has a long known history of targeting its own citizens. Most Americans are unaware of this activity yet it still continues covertly.Bronx-USA
841Hugh EckertArlington-USA
840Evelyn ChaseNoneRichmond-USA
839Nazanin MohkamiParis-France
838Bjørn IhleHosle-Norway
837Jonquéres MichelPerpignan-France
836Klaus-daniel CortésHamburg-Germany
835Amy DarscheidThis is disgusting. Join the free world or be eliminated, like Hitler was.Tampa-USA
834Susan M.Political prisoners are like birds without wings. Give these birds their wings back.Vancouver-Canada
833Rod BarbeePort Ludlow-USA
832Sandra BlackburnChester-UK
831Jacques BarnierGrilly-France
830Michel Christianeno more death sentences no more torture
everywhere in the world
829Kellie SentanceDerby-UK
828Dana WilliamsGainesville-USA
827Patrick SimmonsNorth Hollywood-USA
826Ian WalkerIt is time to put an end to this barbaric system of punishment.Wakefield-UK
825George HoyeJamaica-USA
824Irene BaptistaBrasília-Brazil
823Naheed RazzaqLondon-UK
822Brigitte CavanaghIndependantThis senseless killing of innocent victims must stop imediatly.
Its an outrage.
The torture must end as well.
821Gerald SchaerigStop execution nowKnora-Canada
820Mandy KilpatrickEpiscopalean ChurchMissoula-USA
819Rita AhnefeldHannover-Germany
818D. Soucyreligion and politic,dont mixe well!!Montreal-Canada
817Ron EndacottAlcala De Henares-Spain
816Melissa GreenbergNew York-USA
815Avesta NakhaeiExecution is wrong!Toronto-Canada
814Jana SchewiorKonstanz-Germany
813Lance GilmerLos Angeles-USA
812Leni PearceCalgary-Canada
811W Matsubuchi"Please! Stop stoning and any other executions NOW!"Vancouver-Canada
810Arash FarhangmehrOslo-Norway
809Onur MetinBalikbilir Videoactivist CollectiveAnkara-Turkey
808Sabine MockTrier-Germany
807Firoz Taheriman ba khoshoonaat va shekanje vaedam mokhalefam .nabood bad hokoomaat eslami ba tamame boodane in hokoomaat edam ham pa barjast.Stockholm-Sweden
806Baron Anastis Van HustlerVintage&usedBerlin-Germany
805Simone WielandZurich-Switzerland
804Maria Fátima MarquesLisbon-Portugal
803James M ConnorsWatertown Ma.-USA
802Alejandra VegaBuenos Aires-Argentina

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Verteidigung politischer Gefangener und Protest gegen Hinrichtungen Petition Seite 25 41 2017-12-15

NrName: * OrganisationKommentar:Ort: * -Land: *
801Alexander SchmidtTrier-Germany
800Christian SorrentinoValenza-Italy
799Tim GarthwaitePawtucket, Ri-USA
798Erin FinneySalt Lake-USA
797William YoungLeominster-USA
796Laurie PhillipsOslo-Norway
795Thomas Olsson OlssonI urge the Iranian regime to stop murdering people.Stockholm-Sweden
794Roy HowellsTaunton-UK
793Jean MabilleRetiredLausanne-Switzerland
792Monica O\'reillyErie-USA
791Stéphane JulienInitiative Communiste-ouvrièreCaen-France
790Rod WeaverMill Hall-USA
789Rocio LopezMiami-USA
788Katlyn CaraballoMilwaukee-USA
787María CorreaRancagua-Chile
786Sandy JonesToronto-Canada
785Michael RothschildRamot Hashavim-Israel
784Sam KiserRichmond-USA
783Gunhild ReifferscheidNeuwied-Germany
782Monireh RiahiReal EstatePlease stop the killingOttawa-Canada
781David MillerGlasgow-UK
780B. Ross AshleyToronto-Canada
779Sima KaboliLos Angeles-USA
778Charly BoucharaMontreal-Canada
777Sue ListerPlease understand with heart and mind that violence begets violence and solves nothing. Lasting peace will only come when we find a way to allow each person to have and express their own beliefs and opinions, put them to one side, and work on shared needs and common goals.York-UK
776Reille PatriciaVilleurbanne-France
775Zeljka TepesFreedom for everybody !Zagreb-Croatia [hrvatska]
774Bernard DurningVenissieux-France
773Francesca Lindsay-whiteN/aFreedom of expression is a basic human rightLeicester-UK
772Michele TruellLas Vegas-USA
771Ben KerrPlymouth-UK
770Eva TrusovaParma-Italy
769Michael MatterHamburg-Germany
768Marina BondasBerlin-Germany
767Gaetano PesceFfNew York-USA
766Juliane Victoria IhleHosle-Norway
765Charlotte GardinerThis appears to be some kind of misguided attempt to prove that the regime still has iron-clad control over its people, but it will not work long-term. The rest of the world sees this for what it is. We can only continue to hope that the regime starts treating its own people humanely sooner rather than later.Roanoke-USA
764Kieron MooreLancashire-UK
763Remy ThibaultBoston-USA
762Larry StoneWilmington-USA
761Hamid RiahiPower Marketing Real EstateHey People who have comfortable life all over this earth!There is a blood thirsty regime who kills and execute innocent people every day.
Wake up and stop them!
760Barry KendallLefroy-Canada
759Jeff KisnerWaynesburg, Pa-USA
758Andy FraserMctrax.com
757Sue HornbyAll executions should be halted now.Merside-UK
756Omid Poryanprivate email, pleaseTehran-Iran
755Shahla AghajaniToronto-Canada
754Kavita SookooMississauga-Canada
753Joao BatistaCidadãoOrgulhoso por pertencer a um Pais que foi o primeiro a aboluir a pena de morte no Mundo, não posso aceitar que esta punição final exista ainda na HumanidadeLisboa-Portugal
752Silvia AutenriethWuerselen-Germany

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Verteidigung politischer Gefangener und Protest gegen Hinrichtungen Petition Seite 26 41 2017-12-15

NrName: * OrganisationKommentar:Ort: * -Land: *
751Jeff MillerPortland-USA
750Destine RobertsonConifer-USA
749Craig ZimmermanBuckley-USA
748Maria C FerreiraAiElvas-Portugal
747Paul HargroveHigh Wycombe-UK
746Little Shiva DivaCharleroi-Belgium
745Maria MndezBarcelona-Spain
744Barbara HanckLondon-UK
743Maria LimaMirandela-Portugal
742Lauri JärvenpääTurku-Finland
741Mazdak HemeciCalgary-Canada
740George Cordahi"Islamic Republic" of Iran. The world is watching, and will not forget your crimes.Mississauga-Canada
739Brian PooleHamilton-Canada
738Julio GironUniversidad Tecnologica De PanamaPanama-Panama
737Chris RobertsToronto-Canada
736Marty WeaverNagoya-Japan
735Felix CastroAtoka-USA
734Mohamed ChaariUnited for human rights.Sfax-Tunisia
733Kereama WilliamsAcademic Software LtdHastings-New Zealand
732Maria RuigomezMadrid-Spain
731Eric JanssensThe labour in Iran MUST organise a national general strike in all industrial sites across country for so long till the Islamic regime agrees to come to the negotiating table. Once both sides are at the negotiating table a number of demands from the labour must be implemented including freeing all political prisoners and stoping the executions...
Long live Solidarity! Long live Iran's Labour movement! Force the regime to the negotiating table!
730Sonca MudraZilina-Slovakia
729Denise LapointeToronto-Canada
728Dorota RutaKraków-Poland
727E. K.X-Hungary
726Julie BartlettWoodstock-Canada
725Naeimeh BehboodBarcelona-Spain
724Yonathan ZarkovianI hate Iran, but I care about its people, because they are, after all, people.Holon-Israel
723Ragnhild HeggdalI really hope you succeed!!
Bless you.
722Anne EekhoffOsstfWhat is the purpose of religious belief if any religion condones killing and/or war?
Let us all become pacifists.
721De Oliveira Albertecan you send me similar campaigns writed in french language pleaseTournon Sur Rhone 07300-France
720Rahim YazdanprstTamam khast hayie in bayaniye mored hemayat man mibashadStockholm-Sweden
719Joann WallaceFiskdale-USA
718Dorothy AmosHastings-UK
717Robert SmithI join my voice to all articles of this the outcry against the IRI and demand the freedom of all political prisoners, the ceasing of executions and the abolition of capital punishment, as well as the implementation of all prinicples of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.Perryville, Maryland-USA
716Zuzana IlavskaDublin-Ireland
715Ulf SellergrenHelsingborg-Sweden
714Harry PfeifferBerlin-Germany
713Asli AslianiWe want the International Freedom Organizations to help the people of Iran against executions.Montreal-Canada
712Tiffaney DerreumauxPont Croix-France
711Reza AzareshStockholm-Iran
710Dawn Ask MartinCedar Falls-USA
709Irmingard Schewe-gerigkTerre Des FemmesHerdecke-Germany
708Behnaz AzarToronto-Canada
707Janice Rogers-levyPortland-USA
706Victoria LaraSevilla-Spain
705Wendy Clack ClackEdinburgh-UK
704Sandra RuttanAll human beings are of value. Respect and appreciation for diversity builds a strong society that is good for everyone.Barrie-Canada
703Abbie JewsomeI pray that the lords eyes be on all government intities that rule in an unjust and barbaric manner. May the light of truth shine brightly on this matter. May the unjust have no dark corner to hide.Olathe-USA
702Pascale HansenVancouver-Canada

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Verteidigung politischer Gefangener und Protest gegen Hinrichtungen Petition Seite 27 41 2017-12-15

NrName: * OrganisationKommentar:Ort: * -Land: *
701Robin VigfussonNutley-USA
700Silvia Olivaestoy en dasacuerdo con el salvajismo e inhumanidad que hay en medio oriente con respecto a este temaSanta Rosa-Argentina
699Falco GuthertCoventry-UK
698Katie SmithNorth Yorkshire-UK
697Sigrun BjornsdottirAarhus-Denmark
696Darren PearsonGlenrothes-UK
695Gerry Byrne ByrneNewcastle-UK
694Paul MillenWorthing-UK
693Juliann BarbatoPlease stop this barbaric madness now!Bradley Beach-USA
692Fuad RoshanGöteborg-Sweden
691Les WiesLondon-UK
690Henk Ter SteegeHoogeveen-Netherlands
689Mark Nakhaie NakhaieFranklin Lakes-USA
688Thomas WalkerOrganization For A Free SocietyYpsilanti-USA
687Vivienne Carter Carterthese people are barbarians .they have no compassion ,how can any person do these horrible things and sleep at night.tony blair can as well they should all be done for mass murderSouthend-UK
686Andi BlumerGelfingen-Switzerland
685Clementina SampaioMatosinhos-Portugal
684Zurano VéroniqueBourgvilain-France
683Miguel Angel Foruria FrancoApoyo la campaña internacional contra las ejecuciones en Irán y contra la falta de libertades del régimen islámicoMadrid-Spain
681Karin Ethelberg StrøbechCopenhagen-Denmark
680Assunta D\'ippolitoColledimezzo-Italy
679Peyman AfrashtehJärfälla-Sweden
678Gail Safrit SafritNoneEveryone needs freedom.Greensboro-USA
677Jacqui LovellDeveloping Partners CicThe World is right to be outraged at this barbaric and inhumane practice, RELEASE ALL POLITICAL PRISONERS NOW!Stockton On Tees-UK
676Emily Coffee CoffeeAthens-USA
675Lea MartinLiverpool-UK
674Mina Iraniedam ghatle nafs e dolati astBoston-USA
673Sabina GroemmerVienna-Austria
672Dean ReynoldsThose who reject reason in favour of revelation and use deadly force to impose their beliefs have always used fear and murder as a means of control. Any state that behaves in this way deserves rejection by the rest of the world.Horncastle-UK
671Kees BakhuijzenSydney-Australia
670Peter Deconinck DeconinckFree University Brussels [flemish]I consider Human Rights universal.
Therefore, it is our collective responsibility to defend them and to denounce and condemn each breach of these rights, wherever they occur!
669John RogersThe execution of people must cease. The Iranian government uses capital punishment to suppress the right of free speech of the people of Iran. Is the government so afraid that it will be swept away by the people of Iran that it must resort to such barbarous actions? Where is the freedom promised when the Islamic Republic came into being? Is the IRI just a Nazi regime? Cease these atrocities now.Galera-Spain
668Richard BriscoJuneau, Ak-USA
667Lilo PrinzAu/zh-Switzerland
666Natacha CarvalhoLisbon-Portugal
665Michael KatsilisIsoSOLIDARITY!!!!!Kernersville-USA
664Ruth DazcalUtrecht-Netherlands
663Eddie RifkindBaltimore-USA
662Laura SadzeviciuteMeOslo-Norway
661Bita ReillySalem-USA
660Mahi KianShiraz-Iran
659Abdul RahimMattoon-USA
658Mateusz ZylaCracow-Poland
657Luud PetersAmsterdam-Netherlands
656Amir MirzaeiSydney-Australia
655Kamran MehrpourTehran-Iran
654Ginette MyleOstende-Belgium
653Antonio PujanteBrussels-Belgium
652Ruth WestnidgeBarcelona-Spain

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Verteidigung politischer Gefangener und Protest gegen Hinrichtungen Petition Seite 28 41 2017-12-15

NrName: * OrganisationKommentar:Ort: * -Land: *
651Abrahim Ghasemiazadi e hame zendanian e sasi !Toronto-Canada
650محمود مرادخانیLille-France
649James ClevelandTulsa-USA
648Colin ScottHomeI useaully write something witty here, but I am just going to say for fucks sake GROW UP!Nottingham-UK
647Alida MatutinovićRovinj-Croatia [hrvatska]
646Mohd Fuad RawiSingapore-Singapore
645Javier FernandezBarcelona-Spain
644Ankica MarjanovićRovinj-Croatia [hrvatska]
643David NewmanBath-UK
642Antonis GiannakakisMires-Greece
641Roxana KellyOnly insecure & unintelligent individuals seek to oppress & suppress basic human rights for people of the world.Rsa-South Africa
640Rafael AzevedoKrefeld-Germany
639Justyna WesolowskaWarsaw-Poland
638Richard HarrisWimborne-UK
637Tomas MilerisKaunas-Lithuania
636Helen O\'keeffeStop this horrendous abuse of power immediately, the world is watching and will not keep quiet until the human rights of the Iranian people are valued.Paris-France
635Johnny HanssonStoppa avrättningarna.Umeå-Sweden
634Bahman GhorbaniIn fact there is no communt for such a wildness, altso to kill people. STOPP IT.Oslo-Norway
633Stuart HartillRamsey, Isle Of Man-UK
632Lina JonssonUmeå-Sweden
631Ellen KippleKraichtal-Germany
630Jerry HernandezDowney-USA
629Mas RavAndover-USA
628Hussein MalaekehStockholm-Sweden
627Janice CaveArdmore-USA
626Francis SedgemoreLondon-UK
625Stella HamiltonIt is simply disgusting that this goes onLondon-UK
624Dr A. E. SierraLondon-UK
623Peter LawermanVeenendaal-Netherlands
622Taraneh PiranStockholm-Sweden
621Farjad MoghadamLondon-UK
620Richard & Linda GoodingWe respectfully request that you join the rest of the civilized world in the 21st. Century & STOP executions other than for child rape or 1st. degree murder. Iran was the cradle of civilization; please make it that way once again so the rest of the world can look up to you once more.Cadiz-USA
619Norbert MüllerTerre Des Hommes Ag Schwäb. GmündNo executions any more!Schwäbisch Gmünd-Germany
618Mel SmallmanStoke-UK
617Christien FaberWomen For Peacecapital punishment don't exist in
civilized countries.
616Shrouk El-attarCardiff-UK
615Trichet TrichetRennes-France
614Madeleine PennockThe world is watching and horrified by your barbaric regime where you attack the most vulnerable in your society all in the name of religion. It is now time to stop killing innocent people especially women and children. Stop killing those that speak out and oppose you. If you have a God you will see that your actions are wrong.Worcester-UK
613Charles Edouard Law De LauristonFrieres Faillouel-France
612Silje MidtbøTrondheim-Norway
611Maria VoldenCopenhagen-Denmark
610Paul MaloKingston-Canada
609Elizabeth CohoeThis is one of the worst atrocities of our time.Kingston-Canada
608Said AslGermany-Germany
607Jan LidenStockholm-Sweden
606Richard JevringStop the executions!

Stop the death penalty in total!

We are following up on this!

For a good international cooperation, of course also with Iran and other muslim countries involved!

Best Regards / Yours Sincerely
Richard Jevring
605Marcin WalkowiakGdynia-Poland
604Irini PapachrysostomidouNaoussa-Greece
603Louise HaddenSydney-Australia
602Nel Vd Brink Van Den BrinkAmsterdam-Netherlands

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Verteidigung politischer Gefangener und Protest gegen Hinrichtungen Petition Seite 29 41 2017-12-15

NrName: * OrganisationKommentar:Ort: * -Land: *
601Damien WilliamsonParis-France
600Julie Hay JulieIt makes me soooo angry, and totally heartbroken that this goes on in the 21st century, I wish I could do more, but I'm old and jaded and on a very low incomePerth-Australia
599Koosha ShayanFree Communistlaghve shekanje , zendan
laghve edam va sangsat
azadi bayan
va tashakolate azad va kargari

marg bar jomhoori eslam
598Morad AssadbigiHaarlem-Netherlands
597Dara FatollahiGöteborg-Sweden
596Samantha FalciatoriTerni-Italy
595Julia PujolSalzburg-Austria
594Francois BonnetRespect des Droits de l'Homme - Liberté d'expression qui fait si peur à ces tyrans sanguinaires -Droits de la Femme .Lyon-France
593Magnus KrügerBrålanda-Sweden
592Vendela FredricsonStockholm-Sweden
591Volved HycanNoneI'm against executions.Angers-France
590Marie ChavarriaBédarieux-France
589Claire MansonLondon-UK
588Martin WaddingtonCranleigh-UK
587Romina ChirreTitusville-USA
586Ruth AppletonSanté Refugee Mental Health Access ProjectIranian regime is murdering innocent people and making a disgrace of its otherwise noble history. No despotic regime should be allowed membership of a global community of democratic countries. Stoning and other barbaric tortures & deaths must stop! Human Rights Now!London-UK
585Marie K.Honolulu-USA
584Peter PagelOberhausen-Germany
583Steven KehoeLiverpool-UK
582Christine ManningHelsinki-Finland
581Angelica SilvaWaterbury-USA
580Tim SmithAndover-UK
579Lamouche SophieParis-France
578Max MyersLos Angeles-USA
577Shabnam ZendehzabanGöteborg-Sweden
576Tamara MosegaardMay DayFor Freedom of Speech and Choice!Copenhagen-Denmark
575John Hopkinsthis disgusting group of animals are supposed to be religeous what a joke to normal human beings!Swansea-UK
574Hans BarendsSpa-Belgium
573Patsy EldersIs not each life given by Allah? And should he not be the one to choose who dies? By this act, you are going against Allah! One of those you execute, might be the one Allah has sent to help your nation and you will never know!Norman-USA
572Bruce BorlandNoneOshawa-Canada
571Peter HolzapfelWaldkraiburg-Germany
570Ismena KozlowskaSulechów-Poland
569Eva MartínezSevilla-Spain
568Marijke StevensVery concerned for the victims of these atrocities and for the people living in countries where this happensSt.albans-UK
567Mohammad HabibniaNo execuation in Iran Now and for EverStockholm-Sweden
566Charlotte Ward WardHalesowen-UK
565Thomas HarderCopenhagen-Denmark
564Candace FellowsInverness-USA
563Soheila SabriOslo-Norway
562Jamie MoloneyChesterfield-UK
561Bogdan TaranuTimisoara-Romania
560Mel PrasadSydney-Australia
559Helena PaisOrange-France
558Christian AlsosNoneEnd the dark ages and the rule of false islam. The Quran speak of peace and understanding, not stoning, intolerance and private agendas.Horten-Norway
557K NajjarAmman-Jordan
556Maria Irene Pereira Carolino De Moura MouraLisbon-Portugal
555Stanley WilsonIran must stop executions of political prisoners, as well revocation of stoning as a punishment now.Penang-Malaysia
554Roger Relvas SantosMarbella-Spain
553Maximo Carrion PerezValencia-Spain
552Cynthia DouglasManx TechnologiesThis is unacceptable. If you continue this you will always be seen as nothing but backward ignorant peoples. How I long for the days when you were looked up to historically for the remarkable offerings you made in culture and science. I am continually sickened by your mysoginisim and complete lack of regard for human life and suffering while you live the lives of hippocrites. You will one day reap the suffering you have put so many through. Of that I have no will be so.Austin-USA

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Verteidigung politischer Gefangener und Protest gegen Hinrichtungen Petition Seite 30 41 2017-12-15

NrName: * OrganisationKommentar:Ort: * -Land: *
551Eric Tirado ViegasSão Joao Del-rei-Brazil
550John TurneyState execution is murder by another name.Scarborough-UK
549Gerd ReissAlicante-Spain
548Frances LockeFairlyodd.netHamilton-USA
547Florence HumbertTerre Des FemmesTrier-Germany
546Frank KilmoreGainsborough-UK
545Brian Trim TrimPetersfield-UK
544Goumot MarianeParis-France
543Heather Edwardsstop all executions in the name of humanityNorwich-UK
542Stephen SmithManchester-UK
541Diana SummersBirmingham-UK
540Sabine KarlssonGothenburg-Sweden
539Felix MurnigVienna-Austria
538Pincot Anne-marieTrouy-France
537Ian IrvingGlasgow-UK
536Jean ClaessensEindhoven-Netherlands
535Malte Schulz-sembtenNo criminal executions any more!Homberg-Germany
534Nasy TaryTehran-Iran
533Pentti Paavolait's time muslim countries woke up start living, as civilized persons and get out of stone age mentality.Sydney-Australia
532George GeorgiadisBlackheath-Australia
531Berensen JacinthaBreda-Netherlands
530Antonia Van Der GriftUtrecht-Netherlands
529Giuliana GiustiUniversità Ca' Foscari Di VeneziaVenice-Italy
528Howard HothersallThe sooner the Mullahs are ousted the better the world will be. Marg bar Ahmadinejad!Preston-UK
527Keith ClarkeLondon-UK
526Mollie ShandevaLondon-UK
525Vaidas GasickasUnfftSTOP executions, bastards! Killing is a CRIME!Vejle-Denmark
524Béatrice NicaiseCastres-France
523Ronald DukeBraintree-UK
522Charlet SuzanneI agree to
Defend Political Prisoners and Protest Against Executions.
521Sascha HumphreyI like to say that all Political Prisoners, in all countries should be released and Execution is barbaric and all countries need to stop it now.London-UK
520Ingrid LeeTerre Des FemmesAllendorf-Germany
519Ray ChoquenotRaelian MovementBrisbane-Australia
518JoÃo Paulo AgnePorto Alegre-Brazil
517Cyrus PardisSidney-Australia
516Violaine ClaessensIndependantKehl-Germany
515Ingrid KolbNoStaufenberg-Germany
514Robert FunkeO\'neill-USA
513Tanja Maria TolonenOulu-Finland
512Zofia ZdanowiczNo,no,no!!!Wroclaw-Poland
511Mike LouwDublin-Ireland
510Fargol HaghighatAmsterdam-Netherlands
509Marcello UglianoPotenza-Italy
508Henory LozziBrescia-Italy
507Paulo CasacaBrussels-Belgium
506Lilia PattersonOxford-UK
505Leo FeyaertsNoneMaasgouw-Netherlands
504Beth CarleyUniversity Of ManchesterManchester-UK
503Lesley WaltonLeicester-UK
502Franco PaceSydney-Australia

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Verteidigung politischer Gefangener und Protest gegen Hinrichtungen Petition Seite 31 41 2017-12-15

NrName: * OrganisationKommentar:Ort: * -Land: *
501Pavel HančarBrno-Czech Republic
500Franco ZasaParma-Italy
499Erica ChanThis is shocking. The year is 2011, and these killings must be stopped.Melbourne-Australia
498Rio FanningTowcester-UK
497Robab Abdolrahimi AbdolrahimiVirginia-USA
496Ejvind FaerkFredericia-Denmark
495Jytte FaerkFredericia-Denmark
494Patricia GrosNoneLondon-UK
493Jochen EnglerMuellheim-Germany
492Jackie KirkhamGlasgow-UK
491Albert MahComo-Australia
490Tomasz ZielonkaLublin-Poland
489Tony PritchardWrexham-UK
488Rachel Butt ButtBhtBrighton-UK
487P MadridValencia-Spain
486Andrea ScellaUdine-Italy
485Malak CheragiAuckland-New Zealand
484Terry KellyNewark-on-trent-UK
483Antonio Ferreiraé tempo e aplicar o "STOP"...ANTES DE PIORAR OS ACONTECIMENTOS...Sintra-Portugal
482Nichola WrightSt Antonin N.v-France
481Reza AzadmaneshLund-Sweden
480Jardel SandrinaParis-France
479Nick JavadianTäby-Sweden
478Ursula OldenburgOsnabrück-Germany
477Gavin Hoffmanstop the crueltyDublin-Ireland
476Judith DellheimZukunftskonventBerlin-Germany
475Göran David GerbyStockholm-Sweden
474Julia BlayseBrisbane-Australia
473Dorota OrczewskaI am against of stonning.Kraków-Poland
472Evelyne ArdouinLyon-France
471Isotta Ricci BittiWe must condemn all atrocities: freedom of expression is a basic human right!Imola-Italy
470Renato SpiglerUniversity Roma TreRome-Italy
469Olga RemyBrussels-Belgium
468Rahmat MoradiI am against capital punishment. We must fight for a democratic and fair country!Copenhagen-Denmark
467Holley BillingsleySeattle-USA
466I.s.p. De RuiterAmsterdam-Netherlands
465Agata PatekAmnesty International PolskaKraków-Poland
464Aleksandra ZołotajkinWrocław-Poland
463Theo PolychronisAix-en-provence-France
462Harald KaufmannKarlsruhe-Germany
461Juanna AnnasdotterSTOP executions!!!Stockholm-Sweden
460Milan PolovinaBelgrade-Serbia
459Reis AlbrechtObernburg-Germany
458Rebecca ÅkessonSjöbo-Sweden
457Sandi WalkerAs long as man will accept torturing each other for his own egoism, he will not be worthy of being assessed a superior being.New West-Canada
456Mikael GrundenÖstersund-Sweden
455Bala NaidooAuckland-New Zealand
454Carcedo AnnieVix-France
453Giovanna RoveroTorino-Italy
452David MayLondon, England-UK

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Verteidigung politischer Gefangener und Protest gegen Hinrichtungen Petition Seite 32 41 2017-12-15

NrName: * OrganisationKommentar:Ort: * -Land: *
451Soosan FirooziBrussel-Belgium
450Slonina FrancoisStop à la barbarie.Charleroi-Belgium
449Sahar HedayatiStop Stonning!Le,go-Germany
448Gabriele DibenedettoRagusa-Italy
447Ulrika WikströmRaseborg-Finland
446Michael ThomasGuildford-UK
445Dominik DworakKrakow-Poland
444Mitra HabibiJönköping-Sweden
443Pavitra WolfAmsterdam-Netherlands
442Charlie LammersNo leaders of a truly great nation will feel the need to torture, imprison or kill their countrymen.Columbus-USA
441Stephen ThomsAuckland-New Zealand
440Bill DixNoneMahmoud Ahmadinejad has made Iran as disgusting a country as I've known during my lifetime. People who are sure they're right are likely to be dangerous, and no one is more right than a Muslim with revolutionary zeal.Chiang Mai-Thailand
439Aram AramNO executions\'s-gravenhage-Netherlands
438Dominic ChanAbolish cruel and unusual punishments!Shah Alam-Malaysia
437Richard ThezeWhat sort of people are you? The world is watching you and you WILL be held accountable for your actions. This is a sick world, but IRAN is beyond sick and beneath contempt.Par-UK
436ThaËron ThaËronRennes-France
435Jeanne Young YoungChico-USA
434Hengameh KohanzadCa-USA
433Fuchs SigridTerre Des Femmes GermanyWetzikon-Switzerland
432Heleen JansenVrijheid, mensenrechten, geldt voor iedereen in de wereld!Amsterdam-Netherlands
431Paolo CardinaleCurno-Italy
430Tomasz SobczykKrakow-Poland
429Karel Van Der VlugtHeemstede-Netherlands
428Tessa CrockettLondon-UK
427Gordon WillisSouthampton-UK
426Amelia PaisSi, podemos evitar atentados contra los derechos humanos!Leiria-Portugal
425Myra SidrassiMannheim-Germany
424هیمن مرادیکردستان-Iran
423Arash AriaThanksEindhoven-Netherlands
422Marten KuipersThe people of Iran must be free of terror and reign of this regime...Ede-Netherlands
421Ian LaurensonBirmingham-UK
420Joachim SaatchiFadaeeyanStop the execution

Release the political prisoners

Before its too late
419Margarer OstrowskaPlease, please stop the executions and release al political students.Birmimgham-UK
418A VliegUnStop the execution off political activists
restore democratie and freedom of speech!!!
417Laurence ColombierSt Fort Sur Gironde-France
416Birger LindbergLondon-UK
415Jens AhlforsStop executions, stop stoning, free political prisoners!Göteborg-Sweden
414Svetlana MeisnerDiemen-Netherlands
413Marta ShalkevichBydgoszcz-Poland
412St InfidelTehran-Iran
411Gisella ForlìMilano-Italy
410Nahid BazoftiZanan 8 MarsSan Jose-USA
409Barthelemy EvelyneVence-France
408Justyna MichalikCracow-Poland
407Doris KramerI expect the regime of Iran to immediately free all political prisoners and stop all atrocities. The government of Iran must behave according to the universal human rights.
Solidarity with the people of Iran !
406Mervi HamalainenTampere-Finland
405Gunilla ZandStockholm-Sweden
404Midia OmarMalmö-Sweden
403Lenglart PascaleMartignas-France
402Elizabeth NadlerNashville-USA

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Verteidigung politischer Gefangener und Protest gegen Hinrichtungen Petition Seite 33 41 2017-12-15

NrName: * OrganisationKommentar:Ort: * -Land: *
401Kamal NegahdarHelsinki-Finland
400Jesper HoejdalLille Skensved-Denmark
399Victoria HillsThere is no place in todays world for a barbaric regime that abuses peoples human rights to protect their own twisted beliefs.Lincolnshire-UK
398Robin HaywardBerlin-Germany
397Rogiers Patrick RogiersZolder-Belgium
396Diana Luther PowellBarnsley-UK
395Ragnhild BlomdahlStockholm-Sweden
394Bruno LeydetMarseilles-France
393Tove Shabnam Danielssondown with the Islamic republic in IranStockholm-Sweden
392Shelagh StephenAmnesty InternationalNorth Vancouver-Canada
391Linda SeniorLudlow-UK
390John McgheeGenève-Switzerland
389Angela HunterSunderland-UK
47166 Duiburg-Germany
387Siamak BehroozEindhoven-Netherlands
386Tanja NieminenJyvaskyla-Finland
385Vanderstock MyriamOttignies-Belgium
384Christine ZabalaRamonville Saint Agne-France
383Bisanne MasoudBrooklyn-USA
382Heydrun BräutigamHannover-Germany
381Umberta TelfenerRoma-Italy
380Gelareh PourbaradarHannover-Germany
379Thorkell OttarssonDrammen-Norway
378Martin CleaverCitizenThe evil regime of Iran has to stop defending terrorism and oppression adusing the name of Allah.Amsterdam-Netherlands
377Tord OlssonÅmål-Sweden
376Gunde NilssonSollentuna-Sweden
375B.j. GillLet there be an end to Fear, and then an end to Tyranny.San Marcos-USA
374Rebwr HassanGreen PartyStockholm-Sweden
373Dag RenbergSchiers-Switzerland
372Aaron Patrick QuinnAmnesty International Uk MemberI AM hereby demanding that all political prisoners, including students, worker activists, woman rights activists or anyone who has been imprisoned for their religious or non-religious views or sexuality are released immediately. Freedom of expression is a basic human right.Iran must uphold and respect human rights. Capital punishment is wrong in all casesBrighton-UK
371Nahyeh KhoshkalamKöln-Germany
370Björn RonessGothenburg-Sweden
369Andrea BauknechtSaarbrücken-Germany
368Fabienne SemeryAlicante-Spain
367Louise PorterHong Kong-Hong Kong
366Behrang EdjtehadiIranian Scholars Human Rights AdvocatesOrange County-USA
365Ell ArquisDevonp[ort-Australia
364Lionel BrardNoisiel-France
363Lisa AnthonyHave mercy!Iowa City-USA
362Oskar LugerHollabrunn-Austria
361Mohammad Saleh ShebliNewshahir-Turkey
360Iris ChynowethMidpines-USA
359Pablo RamirezPlease, stop!!!!!!Curico-Chile
358Paulina PoplawskaWest Midlands-UK
357Paul AllardLullington-UK
356Sorahi ZamankhanAmsterdam-Netherlands
355Sahar AssafBeirut-Lebanon
354Mohammad Saleh SharifiTurkeh-USA
353Professor Manouchehr GanjiIslamic Republic since it's inception has been and remains a Gross and Systematic Violator of Human Rights an Fundamental Freedoms of the Iranian People.Los Angeles-USA
352Maria Fernanda R. AlvarezSanta Rosa-Argentina

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Verteidigung politischer Gefangener und Protest gegen Hinrichtungen Petition Seite 34 41 2017-12-15

NrName: * OrganisationKommentar:Ort: * -Land: *
351Arjang SepasiVancouver-Canada
350Martin Weidhaas WeidhaasPlease stop political executions. Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Hitler did so too.
Death is not a punishment to be suffered.
349Mark RussellDickinson-USA
348Matthijs VeegerAmsterdam-Netherlands
347Noa VeegerAmsterdam-Netherlands
346Lynda YilmazMugla-Turkey
345Bruce Eggumend to executions and immediate release of all political prisonersGresham-USA
344Elina JärvenpääHelsinki-Finland
343Rafiq MahmoodBogor-Indonesia
342Sjaan GroenendijkSchiedam-Netherlands
341Klaudio NegrićRijeka-Croatia [hrvatska]
340Vlado GasperovRijeka-Croatia [hrvatska]
339Per BerntsonFalkenberg-Sweden
338Dan ReadLondon-UK
337Nahed SelimIt is a shame to prosecute people because of politics, religion or sex.
You have to respect people's personal
freedom. We don't live in the stone age any more!
336John CoelhoSeattle-USA
335Erce Saİnİstanbul-Turkey
334Harald FieglVienna-Austria
333Dragana GranicBugojno-Bosnia And Herzegovina
332Farokh Azadاعدام به هرشکل و جرمی باید برای همیشه در هر جای جهان توقف گرد! بودن زندانی سیاسی در جهان و بخصوص ایران شرم آور و جنایت بر علیه بشریت است! زندانیان سیاسی آزاد باید گردند ! بامید آنروز میرزمیم و نمیبخشیم کسانی را که اعدام و زندانی کردن سیاسیون را انجام میدهند!! فرخ عکاسCopenhagen-Denmark
331Corrita HorstAagtekerke-Netherlands
330Mikail BarronFelton-USA
329Mahmood Najari--Nuremberg-Germany
328Alex RazaviVancouver-Canada
327Marguerite BlakeTampa-USA
326Howard DillonSag/aftraBolinas-USA
325Steinar StrandheimHärnösand-Sweden
324Llani CoronaYuba City-USA
323Dan SterkinSt. Peters-USA
322Lonnie LopezSeattle-USA
321Eduardo MercêLisboa-Portugal
320George PapanikolaouLarisa-Greece
319Alison ThorneFreedom Socialist PartyPreston-Australia
318Golamreza ArdebiliKöln-Germany
317Linda LandoIn the name of Allah, please stop killing the people of your country for reasons that have no rational premise.

Everyone who has lived a peaceful life deserves to live out that life in freedom with those they love.

Have compassion; show mercy.

Be the change you want to see in your world.

Peace unto you,

LC Lando
San Mateo-USA
316Allie FordMelbourne-Australia
315Deborah WeiszIt is disgusting, animal behaviour to stone people to death.

Wake up and come into the 21st century, you dispicable pigs
314Adam CornfordOakland Ca-USA
313Julian JulianMy CompanyThis is a big crime of executition Iranian innocents !Tehran-Iran
312Saba SohilyVancouver-Canada
311Anoosheh MTehran-Iran
310Linda SturgeonPhoenix-USA
309Helga KieferUlm-Germany
308Taraneh MousaviTeheran-Iceland
307Caitlin HicksFreedom of expression is a basic human right.Roberts Creek-Canada
305Patricia Hookham-merriamPenticton-Canada
304Jean BidotNancy-France
303Mary NenoColumbus-USA
302Orvie TownsendNavy VeteranPlease join the Humane race and stop all of the above listed atrocitiesMission-USA

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Verteidigung politischer Gefangener und Protest gegen Hinrichtungen Petition Seite 35 41 2017-12-15

NrName: * OrganisationKommentar:Ort: * -Land: *
301Corinna MortonSalt Lake City-USA
300Carol GerardTewksbury-USA
299Joanne Carney CarneyFree all of these people immediately and quit your killing now!!!!Spokane-USA
298سوفیا صدیق پورLos Angeles-USA
297David GarofaloPasadena-USA
296Esther ZamoraHesperia-USA
295Gerry HewittIn the future let's put "Silly" before the name of Iranian leaders. That's how much respect they deserve. Governments' diplomatic language is far too polite to get results....and people continue to be butchered.Grand Bend-Canada
294Adele FalabellaMascalucia-Italy
293Mallikarjuna SharmaMarxist Study ForumDeath penalties to political prisoners is despicable and wholly uncivilized. Death sentences on political prisoners should be abolished immediately.Hyderabad-India
292Katherine ZavartkayHoboken-USA
291Caroline MacphersonDartmouth-Canada
290Denise LachanceLos Angeles-USA
289محمد محمدیWww.kargaran-iran.comمجازات اعدام شنيع ترين شکل قتل عمد استترونتو-Canada
288Sheila HalpinLet us end this crueltry!
This is crueltry to ourselves!
This is crueltry to the whole of humanity - I wish I had the words to express what words cannot express.
287Alma Luz VillanuevaLaredo-USA
286Billy SmithTbilisi-Georgia
285Ali Soholet's all support this magnificent cause to save the lives of the Iranian prisoners. this icios killings MUST STOP now and for all.Pasig-Philippines
284Jhon SmithTbilisi-Georgia
283Esmaeil Ebrahimi PashabaigTbilisi-Georgia
282Mosayyeb JalaliOrange-USA
281Tania CastroSTOP STONING NOW!!! BARBARIC!!!!!!!!!!!Laurel-USA
280Gerry SangrunL Etang Salé-Réunion
279Hosain HosainpourLondon-UK
278Nathaniel MillerPhiladelphia-USA
277Elizabeth McdonaldAllison-Canada
276Magdalena MazurekToronto-Canada
275L WoodPlease show humanity and grant people their freedoms.Yuba City-USA
274Hassan GolzariToronto-Canada
273Bita FaraTehran-Iran
272Peter FettnerTemple UniversitySilver Spring-USA
271Nelly CressPhoenix-USA
270Aaron HeissPortland-USA
269Naomi BonsignoreAtlanta-USA
268Jean LindoDavao-Philippines
267Charlotte AlexandreTulsa-USA
266Melanie Wallace-chavanneDublin-Ireland
265Leah DangerBrooklyn-USA
264Janis JonesPembroke Pines-USA
263Shahrooz PacSundesvall-Sweden
262Chrissie VillanuevaPlease stop murdering people in such horrible ways!! This is barbaric and old fashioned!Newport Beach-USA
261Anita Walsh WalshCorrales-USA
260Laura MarinelliClifton-USA
259Sara NakhaeiStockholm-Sweden
258Sue McgueyBrampton-Canada
257Arieh PerecowiczMontreal-Canada
256Nadir MohammadiKomalah.k.iVenlo-Netherlands
255Sepideh ShokohiLos Angeles-USA
254Jila Hassanpourwe all are against the execution ..Skien-Norway
253سیما بهاریاستکهلم-Sweden
252Toni GandelAllenhurst-USA

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Verteidigung politischer Gefangener und Protest gegen Hinrichtungen Petition Seite 36 41 2017-12-15

NrName: * OrganisationKommentar:Ort: * -Land: *
251David TruemanNo more executions for anything, anywhere or anytime in the world.Melbourne-Australia
250Dick BrugmanLake Macquarie-Australia
249Inácio Martinez-almeidaI suscribe all the points in this letter. Executions are murder!Pontevedra-Spain
248John WardBoston-USA
247Sara MahaniCopenhagen-Denmark
246Bahar Milaniهر انسان شریفی باهر مرام و عقیده چه شخصی و چه گروهی امروز باید همصدا بر علیه اعدامها در ایران به پا خیزند. دشمنان ما کسانی هستند که اعدام می کنند. دشمنان ما کسانی هستند که موافق اعدام هستند. بگذارید این قطبناما حرکتمان باشدLondon-UK
245Gloria Goodwin-killianAcwipClaremont-USA
244Sigrun BjunesOslo-Norway
243Ataash AtaashinGöteborg-Sweden
242Kelly BoyceNew York-USA
241Gerard BarrieNewcastle-UK
240Walter HochauerVienna-Austria
239Maria WielebnowskiWindsor-Canada
238Sonja RüeckMunich-Germany
237Nancy WadeFriends Of SakinehThe brutal Iranian regime is reaching new lows of suppression of the Iranian people. All executions and mutilations in Iran must be condemned by all governments, most loudly by members of the United Nations.Chicago-USA
236Thaddeus HutyraFree all political prisoners at once!Antwerpen-Belgium
235Pmmr Coia CoiaReno-USA
234شاهین انزلیوین-Austria
233Mariacarmela RibeccoTaranto-Italy
232حسین فرهادیمخالف اهدام به هر شکل بخصوص زندانیان سیاسیاصفهان-Iran
231Mohammad KarimiWpiranStuttgart-Germany
230Davoud Lotfistop Executions.Oslo-Norway
229Jane FielderIcasDorset-UK
228Christopher KourosLondon-UK
227Arthur CumminsEquity,Only the fearful illigitimates who cling to power undeservedly, use draconian methods in hopeless desperation to control the masses. They know they cannot last but the longer they cling on, the more brutal will be their retribution.
Resign now & beg for mercy.
226Shohreh BozorguiParis-France
225Miriam HollisNottingham-UK
224Shohreh Irani Nateghiبا اعدامها بس کنید
تا کی اعدام شکنجه ستم
223Pari PouriaHamburg-Germany
222احمد رحمانیحزب کمونیست کارگری ایرانRegensburg-Germany
221Nader MoavenianDown with Mullahs' fascist regime in Iran.
Hail to an international united front of resistance to terrorist Mullahs and establishment of a democratic government for a free Iran.
سرنگون باد نظام فاشيستي سلطنت آخوندی
پیروز باد جبهه همبستگی ملی
برقرار باد حکومتی دمکراتیک برای ایرانی آزاد و آباد
San Jose-USA
220انوشه سورننمیگم-Iran
219Yvette GharibianGlendale,ca-USA
218Roya RoodsaryLondon-UK
217Sharon VanceProfessorHebron-USA
216Sherry BreznickiWrongful ConvictionsCleveland-USA
215Cindy DodgeBudapest-Hungary
214Homayoun AzmoudehAlpharetta-USA
213Neda ManabadiHamburg-Germany
212Pantea PaniDen Haag-Netherlands
211Ronak BakhshLondon-UK
210محمد رضا چراغیجنبش سبزOslo-Norway
209Zahra NematollahiOslo-Norway
208Paula CabeçadasLisbon-Portugal
207Juan Luis Ferez MartinezGrupo Ecuménico Abrazos Lgtbh De Murcia [murcia] SpainMurcia-Spain
206Shahla ShahbaziBerlin-Germany
205J MIreland-Ireland
204Lotta Fees69245 Bammental-Germany
203Sarah YaftaliOlney-USA
202Zuhat öztarhanIstanbul-Turkey

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Verteidigung politischer Gefangener und Protest gegen Hinrichtungen Petition Seite 37 41 2017-12-15

NrName: * OrganisationKommentar:Ort: * -Land: *
201Alf AlphonsoDublin-Ireland
200David ShellenbergerCambridge-USA
199Vicky StavropoulouAthens-Greece
198Lucia AsaraTerranova Pausania-Italy
197Heinz LeitnerVienna-Austria
196Russ BennettGreen Movement Participant, ReformistRedding-USA
195Carlos Miranda-garcia-tejedorMadrid-Spain
194Sabine SchäferFriedberg-Germany
193Shahla MajidiDemand revoking of all execution ordersScarborough-Canada
192M CNew York City-USA
191Mark PrimeBentonville-USA
190Jouko HurmeTurku-Finland
189Narcisse SalehiTehran-Iran
188Chantel MarquesToronto-Canada
187Nick HughesPraying for God's Miracles for these in danger,Prsion,persecution, for His Grace,Mercy on them and,save those lost meet those in need,deliver each one ,not fear man,ONLY God, in JESUS Mighty Name amenEuless-USA
186Gianbattista CataniaTorino-Italy
185Alba Di CarloTorino-Italy
184Ham SangarShanghai-China
183Jenna PickeringNaThis is NOT GOD's will to carry out these hateful and despicable atrocities!London-UK
182Maria PapageorgiouAthens-Greece
181Christine CapioEast Brunswick-Virgin Islands [us]
180Joan Covei agree wholeheartedly . too many innocent people are being tortured and killed it has to stopNottingham-UK
179Pi OvergaardSupport the international campaign in support of the people of Iran !Copenhagen-Denmark
178Azita ArdalanNew York-USA
177Azi RohaniIrvine-USA
176Miryam MuitE.c.i.Tripoli-Lebanon
175Haleh HoushmandBoston-USA
174Soheila MousavyDefend Political Prisoners; Protest Against ExecutionsPeoria-USA
173Abdolrahman SinaiMunich-Germany
172Natsi EleniAthens-Greece
171Karin FriendAugsburg-Germany
170Cuanita PopescuToronto-Canada
169Anna ThoroddsenReykjavik-Iceland
168Niraj GoreLondon-UK
167Hengameh HoveydaTehran-Iran
166Merouane LoumaIndependent Man Of Human RightsI support human rights for all the people.Tenes-Algeria
165Diana Nardella Nardellastop blood!Napoli-Italy
164Elena GennaroRome-Italy
163Majid HamidianGothenburg-Sweden
162Anette MeyerMalmö-Sweden
161Lisa D\'antonioWellington-USA
160Shahram JosefiSozialist Party Of Iranما اعدام های اخیر و صدور احکام اعدام توسط جمهوری اسلامی را شدیدا محکوم میکنیم و تنها راه مقابله با رژیم اعدام و سرکوب را گسترش اعتراض در ایران و در سطح بین المللی میدانیم. اعدام عملی جنایتکارانه و ضدانسانی است و باید تماما ملغی شود.Altdorf-Switzerland
159Shiva McgeeTehran-Iran
158Ehsan AhmadinejadMyselfStop this fucking barbaric Islam !....Berlin-Germany
157Ehsan AbriSjkma bayad be hakeman hali konim ke in ma budim ke be anha ghodrat dadim va aanha be man jan nadadank ke inghune eghdam be gereftane jane ensanha mikonandKualumpoor-Malaysia
156Monireh SangariParis-France
155Roya Chelbea١- ما اعدام های اخیر و صدور احکام اعدام توسط جمهوری اسلامی را شدیدا محکوم میکنیم و تنها راه مقابله با رژیم اعدام و سرکوب را گسترش اعتراض در ایران و در سطح بین المللی میدانیم. اعدام عملی جنایتکارانه و ضدانسانی است و باید تماما ملغی شود.

٢- کلیه احکام اعدام باید فورا ملغی شود.
154Behruz Rafati JavanbakhtZurich-Switzerland
153Mahdeh SalehipourBerlin-Germany
152Fatemeh RezaeiMadaran Solh DortmundDortmund-Germany

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Verteidigung politischer Gefangener und Protest gegen Hinrichtungen Petition Seite 38 41 2017-12-15

NrName: * OrganisationKommentar:Ort: * -Land: *
151Behrooz MehrabadiGuthenburg-Sweden
150Nahid VanVictoria-Canada
149Mahmoud Nazeriآزادی! آزادی!Texas-USA
148Sam MansouriExecuting someone because of his belief is so retarded that most of advanced countries in the world have stoped doing that. We hope that countries like Iran acknowledge that fact that people may have different opinions and they shouldn't get persecuted for their beliefs.Toronto-Canada
147Evin BordbarKöln-Germany
146Hengame ShAzadi . . . Demokrasi . . . edam amali heivanistStockholm-Sweden
145سیاوش آریابادرودوخسته نباشید.استانبول-Turkey
144Iman Omidin behtarin eghdam baraye etehad va hambastegie sazman shodeh baraye defaa az azizane dar band va mitawanad be yek parchegie ma alihe in nezame zede irani va zede bashari shavad payandeh iranKöln-Germany
143Mehri Zamaniما اعدام های اخیر و صدور احکام اعدام توسط جمهوری اسلامی را شدیدا محکوم میکنیم و تنها راه مقابله با رژیم اعدام و سرکوب را گسترش اعتراض در ایران و در سطح بین المللی میدانیم. اعدام عملی جنایتکارانه و ضدانسانی است و باید تماما ملغی شود.Utrecht-Netherlands
142Sandra KhanVantaa-Finland
141Kirsi HaapojaTampere-Finland
140Minu BahriKargar Partiمن اعدام را یک قتل عمد می دانم و خواهان از بین بردن قانون غیر انسانی اعدام هستمKöln-Germany
139Omar MaroufiTampere-Finland
138طه حسینیKöln-Germany
137امیر کارگراستکهلم-Sweden
136Ahmad Jafariاعدام قتل وجنایت دریکی از بدترین انواع آن است یعنی تحت پوشش اجرای عدالت بوسیله دولت وحمایت قانون انجام میشود.بایدلغوشود.Koeln-Germany
135ویدا رحمانیرامسر-Iran
134Afsaneh EsmaeiliToronto-Canada
133سارا فنائیانکمیته بین المللی علیه اعدام ، فعال جنبش زنانبدینوسیله حمایت ، همبستگی و هم هدفی خود را با این پلاتفرم اعلام نموده آنرا رسما به امضا می رسانم. همچنین از همۀ دوستان دعوت میکنم این پلاتفرم را ملاحظه کرده، چه در ظرفیت فردی و چه سازمانی آنرا مورد حمایت قرار بدهنداستکهلم-Sweden
132Sheela BeigiToronto-Canada
131Sara FanaiyanHezb Komonist KaregariStockholm-Sweden
130Erfan Erfanedam naIstanbul-Turkey
129خون ارغوان کمانگر-صارمیIran-Italy
128Fereshte IlkaWpifrige alla från fängelsetStockholm-Sweden
127ايرج آبشارونکور-Canada
126Fatemeh TabatabaeiCologne-Germany
125Vida BalikhaniDenver-USA
124Asal SalimiTehran-Iran
123Parsa ParsayanBerlin-Germany
122Siavash ModarresiLondon-UK
121Sabah MoradiHezbe Kmoniste Iranمدیرکمپین علیه اعدام [تشکل مخالفین اعدام درایران و جهان]
Den Haag,laha-Netherlands
120Bahman AzadAarhus-Denmark
119Toofan BeheshtinUppsala-Sweden
118Kathayon AzadianSecularToronto-Canada
117Iraj RezaeiInternational Federation Of Iranian RefugeeStop execution in Iran now. Islamic republic of Iran is criminal because of violation of human right in Iran for more then 31 years. Down with Islamic republic of IranToronto-Canada
116Pedram RezazadehGötingen-Germany
115Papak ShiraziKopenhag-Denmark
114Manoosh ElahiToronto-Canada
113Samieh AskariMaryland-USA
112Borzou KarimiSydney-Australia
111Hamid RezaeiGainesville-USA
110Afshin MoradiToronto-Canada
109Jalal SarajiVenezia-Italy
108Farhad ZargarRegime jenayat va eadam, va shekanja bayad ba etehad hame sarnegon shavad.Toronto-Canada
107Sam BarmakiToronto-Canada
106Arash JahaniNuernberg-Germany
105Vera Karmizendani siyasi azad bayad gardadWien-Austria
104کوروش ایرانیFree all political prisonersتهران-Iraq
103Hassan KyvanRotterdam-Netherlands
102Mohammad HooshmandCarlsbad-USA

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Verteidigung politischer Gefangener und Protest gegen Hinrichtungen Petition Seite 39 41 2017-12-15

NrName: * OrganisationKommentar:Ort: * -Land: *
101صبریه جمشیدیWpiمن اعدام زندانیان سیاسی محکوم می کنم زندانیان سیاسی باید ازاد شوندHaarlem-Netherlands
100Hassan Hosseinzadehjomhori eslami bayad tamaman saye nefrat angiz khod ra az sare mardom iran kotah konad va ta azadi kamel iran az mobareze khod dast barnemidarim.

marg bar jomhori eslami
99حسام يوسفيپیرانشهر-Iran
98Azar PoyaStockholm-Sweden
97Mina Iranizndani e siasi azad bayad gardadBoston-USA
96Amir Zahedizahedi ZahediHezbe Communiste Kargari Irankargare zendani ,zendanye siasi azad shavadToronto-Canada
95Behroz GolshanToronto-Canada
94Ahmad NikoobinIt is high time to pressure internationally on Iranian barbaric regime. The Islamic regime of Iran is a shame for numan beings in the 21st century.The world without Isalamuic regime is a much mor epleasant place for the humanity.New York-USA
93امیر ابراهیمیتمامی زندانیان سیاسی،آزاد شوند
کلیه احکام اعدام باید فورا ملغی شود.
92Mersedeh GhaediLondon-UK
91جمال صابرياعدام نه!مرك برجمهوري اسلامي!Tokyo-Japan
90Mojdeh NoorzadKöln-Germany
89Reza Akbariårhus-Denmark
88Nazanin BorumandWpiDown with islamic republic of Iran/ Free political prisonersHh-Germany
87ژاله مظاهریFrankfurt Am Main-Germany
86Abbas AyaghDallas-USA
85عباس مظاهریFrankfurt Am Main-Germany
84Mehran MahbobiJust imagnie you hear some where in world they eat human. what and how do you respond to that.Toronto-Canada
83Ehsan BaqeriShiraz-Iran
82Arash MansooriLarestan-Iran
81Javad BagheriErasmus UniversityFreedom for everyoneRotterdam-Netherlands
80Babak Yazdiکانون خاورانToronto-Canada
79Nariman Malekypadidahe zesht eadam ra motawaghef konid...Irvine-USA
78Sherwin Rasekhsar negoonbad hokoomate qatelan va qamekeshan zende bad khokoomte ENSANIBerlin-Germany
77Nawid Mohammadiعلیه اعدام بپاخیزیمFrankfurt-Germany
76Mitra DaneshiFree All Political prisoners!
No to Execution!
75Gholam AkbariSweden-Sweden
74کامبیز سلطانینمتحد و یکپارچه در دفاع از زندانیان سیاسی و علیه اعدام بپاخیزیمAnkara-Turkey
73Jalil JaliliLondno-UK
72Kimia PazokiStockholm-Sweden
71علی کافیAhwaz-Iran
70Homa MoradiKöln-Germany
69Khalil KeyvanStockholm-Sweden
68Awat FarokhiStockholm-Sweden
67Layla MohammadiStockholm-Sweden
66Dariush SafaBremen-Germany
65Susan SaberiGotenburg-Sweden
64Shiva MahbobiUk-UK
63Arash Mokhtariننگ بر حکومت جهل و جنایت و فلاکت و اعدامTehran-Iran
62Farzaneh MohammadpourGöteborg-Sweden
61Majid Azaridown with islamic regimeDc-USA
60Naser RahmaniEdamha ve koshtarha baed payan yaved pas sarnegon bad regime edam koshtarVästerås-Sweden
59Mohamad NeamatiHkkiKöln-Germany
58Mitra Ebrahimiخواهان لغوکلیه احکام اعدام وآزادی زندانیان سیاسی وعقیدتی هستمفارس-Iran
57Saber NoryGotenbog-Sweden
56Aram HekamtIran-Iran
55Ebi NikzadHamburg-Germany
54سمير نوریحزب کۆمۆنیست کرێکاری عێراقToronto-Canada
53Farzaneh Derakhshanمرگ بر جمهوری اسلامی سنگسار و اعدامBerlin-Germany
52احمد رحمانیRegensburg-Germany

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Verteidigung politischer Gefangener und Protest gegen Hinrichtungen Petition Seite 40 41 2017-12-15

NrName: * OrganisationKommentar:Ort: * -Land: *
51Saber Rahimi Rahimi37@yahoo,comWpiOslo-Norway
50امير توكلىحزب كمونيست كارگرىاستكهلم-Sweden
49Hasan SalehiMalmö-Sweden
48Nasrin BesharatToronto-Canada
47نسیم آزادیکمونیستتمامیت آزادی ,برابری و حکومت کارگری.نه به کم خواهی و نه به وضع موجودTorento-Canada
46Abdollah AsadiGothenburg-Sweden
45Aydin A.tTabriz-Iran
44Roya BahrainiWpiF-Germany
43Nazanin SeddighyWorker Communist Party Of IranGothenburg-Sweden
42Anahita TahamtanLondon-UK
41Azatollah RiazatiSan Diego-USA
40Mohsen EbrahimWorker-communist Party Of IranToronto-Canada
39Keivan Rahmaniسرنگوني جمهوري اسلاميمبارزه بر عليه رژيم جنايت بي وقفه و با تمام قدرت براي سرنگوني ادامه پيدا كند لازمه ان اتحاد در عمل با حفظ حرمت حريمهاستToronto-Canada
38Khooshe FahimniaGeroningen-Netherlands
37Saeed ShabaniDelft-Netherlands
36ندا دمکراتچپاستقلال آزادی عدالت اجتماعیاسلو-Norway
35روشنک احمدیانکارا-Turkey
34ناصر اصغریToronto-Canada
33Dariush AraiTromso-Norway
32Simin FatehiLondon-UK
31Adlin KarzyWomen ActivistBorås-Sweden
30Mitra PourfarzanehMoers-Germany
29Setareh AttarParis-France
28Pishro Ali Pourنه به اعدام و جمهوری اسلامی ایران.زندانی سیاسی آزاد باید گردد.Estanbul-Turkey
27Mina AhmadlooGöteborg-Sweden
26عثمان مولودیSydney-Australia
25Babak Khoramdinmarg bar khameneeTehran-Iran
24Saba Tehranimarg bar jomhoorye eslamiTehran-Iran
23Neda Afaridbas ast khoonriziAnkara-Turkey
22Saghi Aghilita be key mikoshand o hokoomat mikonand?Isparta-Turkey
21مجید بیداراحکام جنایتکارانه در ایران که توسط آمران قضائی و حکومتی صادر و اجرا میگردد را باید بعنوان قتل و نه اعدام، محکوم و پیگیری بین اللمللی کردStockholm-Sweden
20Shahnaz MorattabWpiFrankfurt-Germany
19آرش نیکنامتبریز-Iran
18Diane BabayanToronto-Canada
17Ramin ParsaKashan-Iran
16Dawood Refaahiکلیه احکام اعدام باید فورا ملغی شود. و

تمامی زندانیان سیاسی، باید بدون قید و شرط و فورااز زندان های جمهوری اسلامی آزاد شوند.
Dubai-United Arab Emirates
15بهكام بختياریZuid Holland-Netherlands
14سیروس دانشیانشکی در آن نیست که تلاش مشترک ما ، مردم ایران ، حکومت اسلام در ایران را به زانو ، درخواهد آورد.
برای خفظ تمامیت ارضی ، باید دست به یک تدبیر ملی زد.
به امید آنروز
با مهر
سیروس دانشیان
13Forough NiaVancouver-Canada
12بادبان مقدممتحد و یکپارچه در دفاع از زندانیان سیاسی و علیه اعدام بپاخیزیمRoma-Italy
11روزبه اسماعیلیحزب کمونیست کارگری ایرانکلن-Germany
10Shohreh Ghase MiNew York-USA
9Radio PayamCanada-Canada
8Masoud AzarnoushVancouver-Canada
7Freitag Menzaمتحد و یکپارچه در حمایت از زندانیان سیاسی و بر علیه اعدام بپا خیزیمOber- Olm-Germany
6Hassan Massaliاز خواست های مزبور حمایت میکنمWiesbaden-Germany
5Sepideh SaharFrankfurt-Germany
4Nastaran Ahmadiمتحد و یکپارچه در دفاع از زندانیان سیاسی و بر علیه اعدام بپا خیزیمFrankfurt-Germany
3Mamad AmiriIcaeStockholm-Sweden
2Chia MasoudiUppsala-Sweden

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Verteidigung politischer Gefangener und Protest gegen Hinrichtungen Petition Seite 41 41 2017-12-15

NrName: * OrganisationKommentar:Ort: * -Land: *
1Abbas GoyaPolitical Activistکلیه احکام اعدام باید فورا ملغی شود
زندانی سیاسی آزاد بايد گردد
جمهوري اسلامي از نظر سياسي٬ منزوي بايد گردد

جهموري اسلامي نابود بايد گردد

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