List of Stoning women by Islamic Regime of Iran (1986-1997)

Stoning of Hajieh Esmailvand

Only two weeks to save a life!
A woman is to be stoned to death in Iran!
It must be stopped!


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Fact to Fiction: The Brutal Truth about the Practice of Stoning

girls as young as nine are charged with 'moral crimes'

The abserver International:
 Two face death after Iran morality trial

Hajiyeh Must be Freed Now!






September 26, 2003

An international conference on stoning  in Naples- Italy 






Event in Ankara-Turkey on 27th of August 2003 against stoning
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15 October 2004

Stoning in Nigeria and Iran 

A 14 year old in Iran and 2 women in Nigeria are to be stoned to death!

 Condemn stoning 



What is stoning and how it is carried out?


The following Charter has been prepared by Mina Ahadi


Stand Up For Women’s Rights! May 31 Protest Stoning


An Open Letter to Danish Foreign Minister, Per Stig Møller


Stoning in Nigeria and Iran

 One-minute silence, In memory of those who were stoned to  death

Letter to Kofi Annan regarding the International Day against Stoning


Two people in Nigeria and Iran are sentenced to stoning 


Alternative press conference in  Oslo

Amina lawal’s stoning sentence is  overturned, The fight to abolish stoning law is continuing

Shiva Mahbobi's speech at the international conference  on stoning in Naples-Italy 

International protest week against stoning sentence of Amina Lawal in Nigeria and Execution sentence of Shahnaz in Iran

Amina Lawal’s hearing is postponed

Protest rally in front of Nigerian embassy on June3, 2003 in Turkey

Rallies on May 27 to save Amina Lawal

Join us to save Amina Lawal

A woman is stoned to death

Amina Lawal’s stoning sentence must be annulled

Mina Ahadi’s speech at the House of Commons

Meeting on stoning and execution in Iran at the house of commons, UK

Protest outside European Union headquarters and meeting with EU officials

Stonings suspended in Iran

Meeting of the International Committee against Stoning with EU commissioner Ms. Diamantopoulou

An international protest against the brutal sentence of stoning

An Open Letter to Danish Foreign Minister, Per Stig Møller

Miss World Beauty Contest is Boycotted

The international committee against stoning

Ferdos has been sentenced to stoning in Iran

International Charter Against Stoning

Second meeting of ICAS with Charles Whitely the head of the human rights commission of the EU

Shahnaz is sentenced to death by stoning in Iran

What is stoning and how it is carried out

Protest against stoning of women in Islam-stricken countries

A woman is sentenced to stoning in Pakistan

Letter to General Pervez Musharraf regarding Zafaran Bibi's case

The stoning sentence of Zafaran Bibi in Pakistan has been cancelled





Stoning in Islamic stricken countries is an extremely cruel and barbaric act. However, still in some part of the world, women are placed up to their chest in a hole and are executed by throwing stones at them. Today’s civilized humanity has to put an end to this savage Islamic act.
Forming the "International Committee against Stoning" is a critical step in fighting against stoning and saving its victims. Following are the basis of this committee:
-Preventing the implementation of stoning sentences
- Fighting to abolish stoning
We ask all those, organizations and individuals, which support women’s rights and human rights to join us. 



Join us to stop stoning!    

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