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Signature List Liberar a Sakine Ashtiani, no más lapidaciones ni ejecuciones en ninguna parte
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Liberar a Sakine Ashtiani, no más lapidaciones ni ejecuciones en ninguna parte

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Signatarios 7159
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7159Marylise BorowyDonnez nous des nouvelles de Sakineh et de toutes les autres femmes qui subissent son sort! Pour 2017, je demande l'abolition de toutes ces barbaries qui ne grandissent pas les hommes que vous êtes!....Conilhac Corbières-France2017-03-22
7158Sven OrgusMünchen-Germany2017-03-21
7157Camie TimpermanLa-USA2016-11-16
7156Brigitte TouzeryQue jamais, personne, ne soit lapidé !Istres-France2016-11-01
7154Silke DarwishMunster-Germany2016-07-16
7153Lauren DobsonAmsterdam-Netherlands2016-04-25
7152امین کریمیاهواز-Iran2016-02-12
7151Mogensen Anneen finir avec la barbarie inhumaineParis-France2016-01-16
7150Bert Van WegwijzerBrussels-Belgium2016-01-07
7149Girard StéphaneSolidaire contre l'obscurantisme et pour l'égalité homme/femmeDoissin-France2016-01-06
7126Dave SmithLondon-Canada2015-11-07
7125Vanessa UtzPlease stop stoning!Nuremberg-Germany2015-11-06
7124Patricia Lucienpas humain de faire caMontreal-Canada2015-07-31
7123Maxime Woelnous avons pas le droit de laisser faire caBoucherville-Canada2015-07-31
7122Pete RiveraNew York-USA2015-07-28
7121Su RayersBaton Rouge-USA2015-02-17
7120Naturel LorraineNice-France2015-01-14
7119Erin LumleyLondon-UK2014-11-29
7118Cret EmmanuelleGrenoble-France2014-09-20
7114Jenna HicksWest Orange-USA2014-08-03
7113Verdier HerveSt Denis-France2014-07-07
7111Prunier LindaNiort-France2014-07-06
7110Balourdet Carole Balourdet CarolePLus jamais ça !!!!! c'est inhumain !Ay-France2014-07-05
7106Christine AizpuruaStop stoning and let free all women in your country. Their are your future !Bordeaux-France2014-04-27
7105Catherine EuvrardAlise Sainte Reine-France2014-03-02
7104Alice DesigauxWe believe that you can send a good example to other countries by placing the human rights of your citizens before the wish of certain religous figures. Lets not forget that the Coran does not condone the use of stoning.Kilafors-Sweden2014-01-08
7103Asae Hayashi Asae石刑なんて絶対にあってはならないし、サキネさんはじめ、イスラム教における女性差別を少しでも減らしたいと思い署名をいたしました。この文明が日々進化する時代に石刑はじめ、残酷な死刑は必要ありません。sorry i can't speak english. please excuse me for writing in japanese.Kumamoto-Japan2014-01-06
7102Tayyab PirzadaI am against stoning to deathMississauga-Canada2013-12-23
7101Muzelet Marie JoséAvion-France2013-12-16
7100Muzelet LucienAvion-France2013-12-16
7099Muzelet DanyAvion-France2013-12-16
7098John LaunNew York-USA2013-12-10
7097Tinky NingombamNew Delhi-India2013-11-28
7096Sylwia PodgórskaSkoczów-Poland2013-11-22
7095Severin MenthLe koran ne parle pas de la lapidation.Rastatt-Germany2013-10-25
7094Romuald HoarauColmar-France2013-09-28
7093Lebeau Riva Lebeau RivaFree her, free people like her, this is injust !
Iran needs a real democracy.
Neuilly Sur Seine-France2013-08-08
7092Nadia PellegrinoBrussels-Belgium2013-07-28
7091Armin BetzIch fordere die Aufhebung des Urteils zur Steinigung und Hinrichtung von Sakine Mohamadi Ashtiani85521 Ottobrunn-Germany2013-07-15
7089Julia EdwardsI haven't heard anything about this case for a couple of years. I hope Sakine is safe.London-UK2013-07-08
7080Rossel RosselSaint-quentin-France2013-06-02
7078Paulius BarysasVilnius-Lithuania2013-05-31
7076Gabrielle EvansWest Chester-USA2013-05-23
7075Lola Polkefreiheit für sakine ashtianiHamburg-Germany2013-05-08
7074Dayna JonesFort Collins-USA2013-04-23
7073Martin ClaireVannes-France2013-04-10
7072Rob NellistYork-UK2013-03-25
7071Kitty TerpstraHeerhugowaard-Netherlands2013-03-19
7069Michaud NathalieCholet-France2013-01-29
7068Ludmila IvanovaSaint-peterburg-Russian Federation2013-01-22
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