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Signature List Libérez Sakine Ashtiani! Non aux lapidations et aux exécutions! Plus Jamais, nulle part!
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Libérez Sakine Ashtiani! Non aux lapidations et aux exécutions! Plus Jamais, nulle part!

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3076روناك ايازيشكنجه نه / اعدام نه / سنگسار نه/ زنداني نه /....نه نه نهكلن-Germany2010-08-23
6696یدی موهیسرنگون باد جمهوری کهریزکیلیون-France2011-01-04
6535Nima Mohsenyباید بدون فوت وقت آزاد گردد . اگر هم این جرم را کرده به اندازه کافی کیفر شده.Koeln_-Germany2010-12-10
6679Kambiz SoltaneinPolitical Reporterاعدام جنایت است. اعدام اجرای عدالت نیست، قتل عمد دولتی در پوشش اجرای عدالت است. مجازات اعدام نشانی از فقدان ارزش انسان در جامعه است. جامعه ای که مجازات اعدام را می پذیرد نمی تواند جامعه ای آزاد باشد. مجازات اعدام باید لغو گردد. من خواهان لغو فوری مجازات اعدام هستم.Ankara-Turkey2011-01-02
6681ویدا رحمانیاجرای قوانین حقوق بشر خواسته ما استرامسر-Iran2011-01-02
6721Hamid Rafiانسان با هر مذهب و اندیشه قبل از هر چیز انسان است و دارای حقوق، به انسان و حقوقش احترام بگذاریم و خواستار لغو حکم اعدام و سنگسار شویم. شاد باشید.حمیدParis-France2011-01-09
3056Shahnazzolzol Zolfagharامیدوارم هرچه زودتر نسبت به لغو حکم سنگسار خانم اشتیانی اقدام شود ، و به زودی زود شاهد لغو این قانون ضد بشری باشیم،Gernoble-France2010-08-22
4808Cinzia Lo RussoArt Masterإلى الرأس من عرض ,
هل سوف أريد بأن يخبرها ذلك من قتل رجلا آخر, مع أو / بدون أياديها له إنه مجرم و أنت الرأس هذا عرض you/he/she يجب وصل بأن كان متساوية إلى أولئك الشعوب " الذي يحاكم مجرمون? "
سوف حاكم من لك? بالتأكيد الله!!!
6907محدثه شریفاتآزادي سكينه آشتياني٬ لغو سنگسار٬ لغو اعدام٬ الان و در همه جاتهران-Iran2011-08-12
3093Essy تهرانچیآرزوی آزادی برای تمامی زندانیان سیاسی ونابودی جمهوری اسلامی هرچه سریعتر.
سپاس از شما
4796Hiroko Yamakawa死刑反対です!Sapporo-Japan2010-09-26
4819Francine Jacobs Hollie BallGay Burks[url=]2k0vic5vnlc12ubf[/url]
Edna Larsen-Luxembourg2010-10-01
6592Brigitte HornsteinYours Excellence,
I want to ask you for reason of humanity and in the name of human rights to stop the persecution of Mrs.Ashtiani. Please, set her free!
Please, stop stoning and other severe ways of punishing and/or killing people in your country.
Thank you! With trust in your wisdom and your knowledge of humanity and, in this way, with kind regards,
Dr.Brigitte Hornstein
5474Mary Ellen MitchellYour continued actions such as these only prove to the rest of the world that you people are barbaric self appointed and corrupt. You shame yourself, your nation and your religion.Alexandria-USA2010-11-02
3315Soal JavabYou're killing a day care provider on the charge that she had sex outside of marriage? If sharing one's body carries a death penalty in Iran, what should your penalty be for raping political prisoners, boys and girls, while their hands are tied on their back? Your day of judgement is near! Behold!Hong Kong-Hong Kong2010-08-26
4893Doc ChoquenotRaelian'sYou whom do this have only yourselves to blame, your day will come, all is known. By whom created us.Sydney-Australia2010-10-10
6081Shirley KelsoeYou men are cowards.To stone a women is the lowest.No humanity.WHY?What has happened to you.Men and women are equal.You put yourself on top and became inhuman.Is it fun to inflect terror.What comes around goes around.Your screams some day will be music. Your not that greatSan Bernardino,-USA2010-11-04
3270Christina SmithYES!Belleville-USA2010-08-26
7088Obaextqojb ObaextqojbObaextqojbxejcdtupqtupoojohopx, yzvgdmrsaj , [url=]msctoivilm[/url], yzvgdmrsajYwjwwrfl-USA2013-06-14
5999Andrea DuartexSao Paulo-Brazil2010-11-04
3039Frank is for anyone anywhere in the world.
Please watch the video.
4532Ástrós BirtaWTF IS WRONG WITH U PEOPLE !?Atlanta-USA2010-09-10
6590Arkadiusz Gardziejczyk GardziejczykNonWorld would be a better pace without religions.Racula-Poland2010-12-21
6056Françoise RocheCnt-ait France + Fora -ait ArgentinaWomen's liberation is still an absolute aim for every woman in the world. God never said, neither in the Bible or the Koran that men are allowed to enslave and murder any woman anywhere. They just use it as a tool to power and all the ayatollahs, molllahs, priest or pops who would do it will be damned for ever to misuse God's words and make what he forbids : kill a human soul, wathever might be the charge. F.R.Montpellier 34-French Southern Territories2010-11-04
5033Beverley CrombieWomen are not "owned" by men. They have free will the same as any man.Auckland-New Zealand2010-10-12
3809Emma HopkinsWomen are humans too!London-UK2010-08-31
2666De Leva AlissaWomen and men we are free in this country Switzerland. And the law is right. there is safety in the streets. I wish it would be the same in Iran.
Politics in Iran are wrong because they make violence. which is against the will of God. they have understood nothing... they are blind.
4748Stephanie JacksonIndividualWoman as chattel-this idea led to the development of religions which were thought up by men in order to control their wives and children in the name of some higher power. Shame on these governments and men but why would they ever give up their power? The world as a community must fight for the equality all people and stop this murderous behavior.Vancouver-Canada2010-09-19
6119Charlotte Coler-lindstromWhy are you continuing to project the God Of the Islamic faith as a cruel, horrific, blood thirsty, deity? I can not believe that The Supreme Being of all the universe would be any thing but loving and forgiving! I myself would not want to serve any God but a loving one, who would not torture his own children, his own creations.Redding-USA2010-11-05
5922Sue LubukWhy are people so cruel against one another?Thunder Bay-Canada2010-11-03
3588George MichailowWhy all of this hatred and fear? Love one another.. When Bob Dylan said "everybody must get stoned", that's not what he meant.Virginia Beach-USA2010-08-28
6815Shaun MoorcroftWho do these people think they are? They decide who lives and who dies and how! The problem is, always has and will be, islam. Face it! The [un]holy koran has it all: torture, mutilation, execution; even paedophilia. Wake up to the truth about this wicked worldly device that allows the worse in the human condition and justifies it in the name of some fake god and it's evil [so-called]prophet...see my next comment to continue...Warrington-UK2011-07-04
5303Rick VillanuevaWhen will Iranians as a people stand up for themselves like the civil rights activists of the United States did in the 60's?Calgary-Canada2010-11-02
4137Joia Boodewhe are living with freedom!So, why they not?Amsterdam-Netherlands2010-09-05
5145Davy SysmansWhat's the point of fighting inhuman behaviour with inhuman punishments? Talk about lowering the state of humanity..Herenthout-Belgium2010-10-18
5067Arthur CumminsEquity, Union Of The Entertainment IndustryWhat shall it profit tyrants if they stone everyone who falls below their supremely moral standards? Will they then need to stone each other?? Hatred breeds hatred: Love begets love. Jesus the prophet explained that truth; Is Islam deaf to Truth?Bridgwater-UK2010-10-13
4180Douglas RobersonWhat an evil government in Iran...unbelievable.Mashpee, Ma-USA2010-09-05
6285Nina Breiterwer unter Euch ohne Schuld ist, der werfe den ersten Stein!
Free her- no stoning- no execution- no more- no where!!
6302Reinhard RuchWer nicht lieben kann wen er will, ist nicht frei. Eine Gesellschaft, die Liebe unter Strafe stellt, ist keine freie. Ein Staat, der Liebe unter Strafe stellt, ist ein barbarischer, verbrecherischer Staat.56637 Plaidt-Germany2010-11-10
6422Louis ScottFrom Homewell what can I say?
this just isnt right, no person has the right to do what you intend doing to this poor woman,
I am no appeaser of the Western ideals, I think they are shit, but you folks, I know are better than this, there is great intelligence there in Iran and the more you show it the more supporters for your cause you will have in the west,
Peace to you all and freedom or even house arrest for Sakine Ashtiani.
yours sincerely
Louis Scott
4472Monika Ki-Weiß Präsident Ahmadinedschad, dass er eines Tages vor dem Richterstuhl Gottes stehen wird ?
Auch im Koran steht:
"Du sollst nicht töten."
"Liebe Deinen Nächsten wie Dich selbst."
7117Johnd107 Johnd107EyttwywpWe're a group of volunteers and starting a new scheme in our community. kddebecdeedgOyyitioy-USA2014-09-12
3904Maria MarranoWe will not stop putting pressure on our country so that you government of Iran will stop this barbaric practice.Kansas City-USA2010-09-01
4587Seyed Sajadiwe should stop this Islamic barbaric action ,Sakineh and all Sekinehs must be released ,they are hostages in hands of Islamist to terrify peopleVancouver-Canada2010-09-12
5393Beverley RueggWe often hear the message of love and peace especially towards the "God head" Surely it is time to put aside outdated, barbaric and hateful practises like stoning and killing of innocent women. Surely this woman's life is worth more than pride and egotism which basically is all it is from those who make these lawsAuckland-New Zealand2010-11-02
3537Dinah FuentesWe need to step out of the dark ages. This is torture is evil, barbaric and abomination in a supposedly modern world. Those who condon and allow should all be prosecuted.San Rafael-USA2010-08-28
5755Joan FaberIndividual Rewligious SisterWe need peace not violence and huamn desructuion. Show us mercyLondon-UK2010-11-03
5078Joergen MannichePeace Watch, Amnesty International And OthersWe need human solidarity and rights, peace and international respect and cooperation to fight powerty, climate change,detc. Stoning is not the way for religious respect.3000 Elsinore-Denmark2010-10-13
6406Xrissi Dervissi KampaAristote University Of Thessalonikiwe must stoping the execution ms Sakineshg AshianiThessaloniki-Greece2010-11-17
5036Leta BezdecheckWe must stop this.Wabasha-USA2010-10-12
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