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Signature List تحرير سكين محمدي أشتياني, لا للرجم, لا للاعدام, ليس بعد الآن, ولا في اي مكان
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تحرير سكين محمدي أشتياني, لا للرجم, لا للاعدام, ليس بعد الآن, ولا في اي مكان

جستجو امضا
   اسم    و يا فاميل   و يا شهر   و يا كشور  
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4904Anita HummelBeratungs- Und Interventionsstelle Gegen Häusliche GewaltHolzminden-Germany2010-10-11
4513Anita KanitzStoning is not in the name of God! Which one is without fault takes the first stone, you will find nobody!Stuttgart-Germany2010-09-10
2610Anita GuénonElle est INNOCENTE !!!Arue-French Polynesia2010-08-16
1245Anita Black-2010-08-01
381Anita Fortin-2010-07-18
4319Anita Breton Bretonnous sommes en 2010et il existe toujours des actes barbares perpétués envers les femmes,traitées pire que des bè nom de je ne sait quel dieu auquel je ne voudrais y croire,ces hommes primaires se permettent de faire une soit disant justice pour assouvir leurs pultions meurtriaires !!!la femme donne la vie , l homme donne la mort !!Scaer-France2010-09-06
7144Anitoluxebai AnitoluxebaiAnitoluxebai - Dapoxetine Doxycycline
6644Anja GeufkeLamia-Greece2010-12-24
6016Anja MallowBerlin-Germany2010-11-04
2964Anja H.Darmstadt-Germany2010-08-20
7067Anke BoomhouwerAmnesty InternationalHoofddorp-Netherlands2013-01-21
5606Ankica MarjanovićRovinj-Croatia [hrvatska]2010-11-03
5013Ankush VimawalaSpringfield-USA2010-10-12
6410Ann HealeySingapore-Singapore2010-11-18
5671Ann Carsonrevoke any execution of this womanToronto-Canada2010-11-03
5510Ann LammersPeterborough, Nh-USA2010-11-02
3585Ann MondIt's pretty insane that in the modern world this kind of thing still occurs - the practice of stoning. Women have inherent rights just as much as men do, and human beings of either sex are not "things".Tucson, Az-USA2010-08-28
1249Ann Volkes-2010-08-01
959Ann Jones-2010-07-24
343Ann Hutchison-2010-07-18
46Ann Stieglitz-2010-07-17
762Ann Marie Lynch-2010-07-20
1440Ann-mari Solli-2010-08-02
6735Anna JankowskaAmsterdam-Netherlands2011-01-20
6563Anna MeyerHamburg-Germany2010-12-21
6547Anna ChmielorzPaderborn-Germany2010-12-14
6502Anna KindlerAthlone-Ireland2010-12-03
6230Anna DlugoschBerlin-Germany2010-11-08
6098Anna VanhoofHELP HER! THIS IS NOT FAIR!Bowmanville-Canada2010-11-04
5984Anna RossiCavaillon-France2010-11-04
5593Anna TsantiliAthens-Greece2010-11-03
5430Anna FrizToronto-Canada2010-11-02
5187Anna UlutasMainz-Germany2010-11-01
4953Anna LangleyUniversity Of CambridgeCambridge-UK2010-10-12
4760Anna HermansenReykjavík-Iceland2010-09-20
4758Anna AgustsdottirReykjavik-Iceland2010-09-20
4700Anna HelgadóttirReykjavík-Iceland2010-09-16
4697Anna Jonsdottirstop killing!Reykjavik-Iceland2010-09-16
4345Anna Concato the governement people ; Never Allah nor MAometto has written that, in the Coran. Let your life best then now, change your maschilist law. For your futire steps, Allah will watch you all.Milano-Italy2010-09-07
4253Anna BrotzuCagliari-Italy2010-09-06
4199Anna Olszewska-kotCavan-Ireland2010-09-06
3480Anna RigalQuand les droits de l'homme ne pèsent rien face à un pouvoir sans nom...Sars La Buissière-Belgium2010-08-28
3349Anna KoseskaJadów-Poland2010-08-27
3245Anna JörgensdotterSandviken-Sweden2010-08-26
3232Anna ManciniSpero che possa servire a qualcosa e che non solo venga salvata questa donna da una cosa ignobile come la lapidazione , io ho letto un libro su un caso simile, tremendo, ma che venga proprio abolita nei paesi dove c'è, e che le donne ridiventino una " persona ", non un oggetto da usare e poi gettare ....Roma-UK2010-08-26
1911Anna Thoroddsen-2010-08-11
1523Anna Vougiouka-2010-08-02
1228Anna Stanisic-2010-08-01
1110Anna Tsantili-2010-07-31
1103Anna Lepistö-2010-07-31
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