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Signature List Free Sakine Ashtiani, No Stoning, No Execution, No more, Nowhere
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Free Sakine Ashtiani, No Stoning, No Execution, No more, Nowhere

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1107Andrea Emara-2010-07-31
942Andrea Harris-2010-07-24
453Andrea Nagy-2010-07-18
6194Andreas StöwesandFuck of StoningLampertheim/hofheim-Germany2010-11-07
1703Andreas Bock-2010-08-04
1482Andreas Locher-2010-08-02
1167Andreas Leicht-2010-08-01
6186Andreia PaulaMaia-Portugal2010-11-06
6873Andrew AyersI simply can't believe I am signing something like this in the fucking 21st century. Wake up, you morons.Glendale-USA2011-07-11
6730Andrew PottsSt. Peters-Australia2011-01-17
5834Andrew Conradi, OfsSecular Franciscan OrderI support this petition.New Westminster, Bc-Canada2010-11-03
5147Andrew HammChesterfield-UK2010-10-19
1989Andrew Juarez-2010-08-12
1391Andrew Cox-2010-08-01
490Andrew Moschos-2010-07-18
476Andrew Butler-2010-07-18
444Andrew Butler-2010-07-18
3983Andrieu AndrieuLabastide Rx-France2010-09-03
1156Andrius Bogdelis Bogdelis-2010-08-01
6210Andrrea Carolina De Los Milagros Pereyra MiñoRepudio y me opongo al acto salvaje e inhumano que se comete contra la persona de Sakineh Ashtiani.Santa Fe-Argentina2010-11-07
5930Andy WhitemanIt may be your law but your brutality is wrong! Please free Sakine Mohamadi Ashtiani immediately.Raytown-USA2010-11-03
5443Andy BurtonLondon-UK2010-11-02
1199Andy Holland-2010-08-01
3540Andy Irving Irvingstop stoning forever-it is pure evil and let sakine go-andyPalatine-USA2010-08-28
3097Aneta KieliszekWarsaw-Poland2010-08-23
2025Aneta Szewczyk-2010-08-13
5270Angel Melendez RondaMadrid-Spain2010-11-02
5205Angel Rojo GalindoDelft-Netherlands2010-11-02
6498Angela DutraRio De Janeiro-Brazil2010-12-03
5349Angela OconeOjai-USA2010-11-02
4806Angela ImmelnMönchengladbach-Germany2010-09-28
3583Angela RhodesManchester-UK2010-08-28
3407Angela SalazarPlease, dont kill her! dont be cruelMedellin-Colombia2010-08-27
2092Angela Rogers-2010-08-15
1532Angela Vanarragon-2010-08-02
986Angela Beyer-2010-07-24
5057Angela Grier GrierPlease free her, and stop this outrage now.Leeds-UK2010-10-13
1128Angelica Lehto-2010-07-31
7115Angelika OppenheimerTidWe have the Human Rights and these include also women!Hamburg-Germany2014-08-05
3279Angelina CausséVivre libreSenlis-France2010-08-26
987Angelique Wahlberg-2010-07-24
5902Angelo VagniRecife-Brazil2010-11-03
6241Angie MastroyiannisIt is unbelievable that in the 21st century there are still contries who are stoning people to death and it is unbelivable and uncomprehansible that in the 21st century these Islamists can still get awa with torturing and murdering people under the disguise of what they call the Islamice religion. It has to stop and the Iranian regime has to be made responsible for al their horrible actions- especially against women and children. I pray for Ms Ashtiani.Hong Kong-Denmark2010-11-09
579Angie Foscolo Foscolo-2010-07-19
6377Angiolilli Armandostop à la lapidationHerstal-Belgium2010-11-15
6777Ani HughesHereford-UK2011-03-01
3154Anick LassausseNonenoneNancy-France2010-08-24
3255Anika GlowaniaDresden-Germany2010-08-26
6634Anike BöhrkircherLeinfelden-echterdingen-Germany2010-12-23
2699Anil BhatnagarI wish Sakine strength to endure what she is already enduring.New Delhi-India2010-08-17
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