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Signature List Free Sakine Ashtiani, No Stoning, No Execution, No more, Nowhere
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Free Sakine Ashtiani, No Stoning, No Execution, No more, Nowhere

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6798Ana Claudia SilvaSao Paulo-Brazil2011-05-02
540Ana Cristina Passos Ferreira-2010-07-18
5958Ana Laura Fiuza AlvesPedras Não Foram Feitas Para Matar Mulheres.Rio De Janeiro-Brazil2010-11-04
7011Ana Luisa ValenteCuritiba-Brazil2012-07-17
1741Ana Margarete Brayn-2010-08-05
2878Ana Margarida Constantino MaiaCantanhede-Portugal2010-08-19
6782Ana Maria Lellis KrupelisSó EuWe demand:
Revoking of stoning or execution sentence of Sakine Mohamadi Ashtiani; her immediate and unconditional freedom
Abolition of stoning and execution worldwide as they are state murder
The heads of the Islamic Republic of Iran must be arrested and
prosecuted for 31 years of stoning, execution, and torture.
Immediate and unconditional freedom of all political prisoners in Iran.
5814Ana Maria CoutoBelo Horizonte-Brazil2010-11-03
6116Ana Maria Pessoa SantosFree Sakine AshtianiRio De Janeiro-Brazil2010-11-05
5562Ana Maria R. NemenzoWomanhealth PhilippinesStoning to death or hanging have no place in a humane and humanistic society. We appeal for the unconditional release of Sakine Ashtiani!Quezon City-Philippines2010-11-03
7022Ana Paula Chisini FreitasPorto Alegre-Brazil2012-07-17
5788Ana Paula GracianoLisboa-Portugal2010-11-03
5668Ana Paula BarbalhoStop this barbaric attrocity!!Recife-Brazil2010-11-03
3213Ana Paula GodinhoAbrantes-Portugal2010-08-25
5899Ana Paula Alves Da Silva SilvaLisboa-Portugal2010-11-03
3895Ana Ruas Alves AlvesCoimbra-Portugal2010-09-01
5990Ana Vanessa LopesLisboa-Portugal2010-11-04
2526Anaïs DignacParis-France2010-08-16
6112Anabela OliveiraMarinha Grande-Portugal2010-11-04
5807Anabela FonteOrbe-Switzerland2010-11-03
4421Anabela Nobre-francoLisboa-Portugal2010-09-08
3220Anahit SimonyanYerevan-Armenia2010-08-25
4792Ananda BartonPerth-Australia2010-09-25
2573Ananos Janette AnanosArette-France2010-08-16
6224Anastasia SchadtBerlin-Germany2010-11-08
477Anália Gomes-2010-07-18
1175Anders Engström-2010-08-01
1112Anders Greiff-2010-07-31
4966Andi BlumerAll governemets of the world should respect basic human rights. There is no other way for any society to succeed and to prosper. Specially the Islamic world has to realize and fullfill that responsability towards their citizens now, for their own good. So they will become a real partner for the world.Gelfingen-Switzerland2010-10-12
3780André SigalMontpellier-France2010-08-30
2861André Ferreiraall have a right to know the futureVila Nova De Famalicão-Portugal2010-08-18
6472Andre Morenoje suis scandalisé par la cruauté de la justice et du gouvernement iranien il ne respect aucun droit de l'homme ce ne sont ni plus ni moins que des barbares de pendre une femme qui ais innocenteAuxerre-France2010-11-30
6244Andre RosenblüheThose people who can stop these crimes have to stop these crimes. I hope for the freedom of the Iranian people, and first of all for all the childreen.Bonn-Germany2010-11-09
6077Andre CorreiaPorto-Portugal2010-11-04
6009Andre StephaneLaragne-France2010-11-04
3841Andre BecamelIndividuelLargentiere-France2010-08-31
3533Andre FlorenceIl faut sauver cette femme à tout prix, ne rien faire est cautionner les lois barbares de tous ces pays qui instaurent encore ce type de tortures !! C'est monstrueux. Les animaux les plus féroces n'agissent pas de la sorte !!!
Aidons nous les uns les autres pour un monde meilleur.
810Andre Dejeans-2010-07-21
7063Andrea AndreaEspaña-Spain2013-01-12
6701Andrea FickeisDortmund-Germany2011-01-05
6621Andrea Beuther73492 Rainau-Germany2010-12-22
6451Andrea AndersUlm-Germany2010-11-22
5999Andrea DuartexSao Paulo-Brazil2010-11-04
5903Andrea CorvaceiraPorto-Portugal2010-11-03
5646Andrea HarrisonSydney-Australia2010-11-03
5245Andrea ReisFree Sakineh Free!Niteroi-Brazil2010-11-02
4805Andrea BauknechtSaarbrücken-Germany2010-09-28
3906Andrea Botarelli---Nessuna fede, tribunale o qualsivoglia "autorità superiore" può pretender di mascherar la più abbietta crudeltà con la stola della giustizia.Arezzo-Italy2010-09-02
3136Andrea FritschWiesbaden-Germany2010-08-24
1665Andrea Maletta-2010-08-03
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