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Signature List Libérez Sakine Ashtiani! Non aux lapidations et aux exécutions! Plus Jamais, nulle part!
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Libérez Sakine Ashtiani! Non aux lapidations et aux exécutions! Plus Jamais, nulle part!

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Signataires 7159
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3618Amandine BourdenetTours-France2010-08-28
2874Amandine DottinChaumes En Brie-France2010-08-19
2164Amandine Cirech-2010-08-16
5490Amarjit SinghConsidering the limitations under which she suffered, in relation to her defence,she may be given a lesser sentence than execution.
Amarjit Singh
Vernon Hills-USA2010-11-02
1765Amélia Maria Palma-2010-08-06
6080Amber CaplanTalahassee-USA2010-11-04
1092Amber Deimos-2010-07-31
4779Amberly SToronto-Canada2010-09-22
5314Ambreen ButtHanover, Nh-USA2010-11-02
2221Ambroise Ambroise-2010-08-16
863Ameil Delphine-2010-07-22

Há quem tente lapidar
uma mulher
como se lapida
jóia rara
e pedra bruta.

Com escalpelo
inscrevem nela uma figura, depois
a expõem nos salões
revistas e altares
apregoando quantos camelos
quantos colares
vale o dote
-da criatura.
ver em
3951Amin JamaliTehran-Iran2010-09-03
563Amin Aaa-2010-07-19
577Amina Tabally-2010-07-19
1371Amir Shekarian-2010-08-01
882Amir Ali-2010-07-22
851Amir Bahrami-2010-07-21
597Amir Alavi-2010-07-19
289Amir Amiri-2010-07-18
285Amir Sedaghat-2010-07-18
6213Ammi AthwThis is NOT the Islam! STOP IT!Berlin-Germany2010-11-07
2370Amoy Amoy-2010-08-16
6346Amrei MayerBerlin-Germany2010-11-12
1593Amritpal Singh-2010-08-02
6772Amy MacdonaldBoston, Ma-USA2011-02-26
5484Amy LCypress-USA2010-11-02
5462Amy VenturaRichmond-USA2010-11-02
1503Amy Darscheid-2010-08-02
5508Amy Zucker MorgensternUnitarian Universalist Church Of Palo AltoExecution of this woman by any means is an appalling violation of human rights.San Francisco-USA2010-11-02
5992Ana GoesAvis-Portugal2010-11-04
5978Ana AguiarLisbon-Portugal2010-11-04
5927Ana HassNão ao Apedrejamento,
Não à Execução,
Nunca Mais, Em todo o Mundo
Pedras não foram feitas para matar mulheres.
5886Ana CarvalhoLet's hope our voices are heard. Let's hope that the song in our hearts touches the hearts that decide.Portugal-Portugal2010-11-03
5868Ana DoyleFree Sakine AshtianiPerth-Australia2010-11-03
5856Ana CoelhoPalmela-Portugal2010-11-03
5780Ana MotaLisbon-Portugal2010-11-03
5745Ana SerraFree Sakine Ashtiani, no stoning, no execution, no more, nowhere!!!!Stockach-Germany2010-11-03
5743Ana PereiraWe are all sinners, so we must all die... Is that it? and what makes men superior to women to decide about their life or death ? no living being on earth has that right. Not even God, any God. Even animals kill just for surviving not to dominate. Subjugate your women won't make they love you, they'll rather die. Every one is entitled to free choice.Oporto-Portugal2010-11-03
5283Ana Rodriguesstop killingPorto-Portugal2010-11-02
4814Ana SansBarcelona-Spain2010-09-29
4419Ana PestanaLisboa-Portugal2010-09-08
4325Ana MagdaBelgrade-Serbia2010-09-07
3550Ana MorrisTell the woman hating President Ahmnogoodinbed that it is not 2010BC.
Please come out of the closet so your anger wont be directed at women.
Wonder how you say barbarians in Iranian.
Las Vegas-USA2010-08-28
3253Ana FigueiredoLisboa-Portugal2010-08-26
3249Ana BetancourStockholm-Sweden2010-08-26
2972Ana CostaLisboa-Portugal2010-08-20
2838Ana GuerreiroAlmada-Portugal2010-08-18
675Ana Sancho-2010-07-19
640Ana Henriques-2010-07-19
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