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Signature List Free Sakine Ashtiani, No Stoning, No Execution, No more, Nowhere
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Free Sakine Ashtiani, No Stoning, No Execution, No more, Nowhere

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Signatories 7159
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242Ali Kimiai-2010-07-17
3711Ali Mydin MydinVeteran RmafKyuala Lumpur-Malaysia2010-08-29
610Alia Brown-2010-07-19
7104Alice DesigauxWe believe that you can send a good example to other countries by placing the human rights of your citizens before the wish of certain religous figures. Lets not forget that the Coran does not condone the use of stoning.Kilafors-Sweden2014-01-08
6395Alice CItfLondon-UK2010-11-16
6082Alice ValenteQue as mulheres deixem de ser tratadas como seres inferiores.Braga-Portugal2010-11-04
5888Alice TorresLisboa-Portugal2010-11-03
3966Alice HallLondon-UK2010-09-03
2677Alice BarreauGuilligomarc\'h-France2010-08-17
43Alice Macarthur-2010-07-17
721Alice Altuntas Altuntas-2010-07-20
5823Alice Maria De Ataíde GarridoParem com os apedrejamentos.É tempo de todos sermos civilizados.Mealhada-Portugal2010-11-03
6968Alicia Masia MorenoPaiporta-Spain2012-03-01
1669Alicia Trinidad-2010-08-03
1762Alicja Małachowska-nowak-2010-08-06
5572Alida MatutinovićRovinj-Croatia [hrvatska]2010-11-03
1389Aliki Barnstone Barnstone-2010-08-01
628Alireza Hesami-2010-07-19
7044Alison PotterNashville-USA2012-09-26
6791Alison MacdanielBrooklyn, Ny-USA2011-04-03
5841Alison ReynoldsLstmLiverpool-UK2010-11-03
1717Alison Matheson-2010-08-05
1772Alistair Mackie-2010-08-06
711Alistair Grove-2010-07-20
765Alixandra Mullins Mullins-2010-07-20
6842Allaeddin Twebti TwebtiWashington-USA2011-07-08
5652Allan YeungWokingham-UK2010-11-03
5635Allan ThirdDerby-UK2010-11-03
5362Allan HayesThere is much to admire about Iranian culture - please do not sully it with this act.Leicester-UK2010-11-02
1688Allan Zickwolff-2010-08-04
1632Allan Hansen-2010-08-03
4435Allart Karinecontre la lapidation la peine de mort le crime doit etre puni tout en restant humain pourquoi repondre a la violence par la violence? surtout quand l'on sait qu'une erreur de jugement est possible.Lille-France2010-09-08
2819Allegro Wasktout simplement barbare et inadmissibleVillaines Sous Bois-France2010-08-18
2547Allemand AllemandGap-France2010-08-16
4379Allison WebberBoston-USA2010-09-07
437Allison Foster-2010-07-18
29Allyson Skikas Johnson-2010-07-17
1378Alma Luz Villanueva-2010-08-01
3298Alrun KopelkeFrankfurt-Germany2010-08-26
3787Alvaro LozadaMiami-USA2010-08-30
1155Alyce Lee-2010-08-01
2730Alzbeta MalkovskaPrague-Czech Republic2010-08-17
5801Alzira PinhoRevoking of stoning or execution sentence of Sakine Mohamadi Ashtiani; her immediate and unconditional freedom
Bem-hajam por este gesto.
1932Am Dubois-2010-08-11
3803Amalia PoulimenouCorfu-Greece2010-08-31
7052Amanda MaranonNo words....Selah-USA2012-11-04
5672Amanda BarneyHouston-USA2010-11-03
5563Amanda YoungFree Sakine Ashtiani, No Stoning, No Execution, No more, NowhereBrisbane-Australia2010-11-03
2016Amanda Zuend-2010-08-13
1986Amanda Evans-2010-08-12
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جمهوری اسلامی برای مقابله با وضعیت انفجاری که در میان مردم شکل گرفته است و از ترس


Madam Dilma Roussef, president elected of Brazilian Federal Republic
By the present petition and on behalf of the Principle of Human Dignity, a structural axis of the current Constitution of the Federative Republic


Do NOT let Ahmadinejad in the United Nations!
Dear Secretary General, Mr. Ban Ki Moon,

I am writing to respectfully ask you not to accept Ahmadinejad into the General Assembly session in


Manifesto of Liberation of Women in Iran
This March 8th, in memory of Neda, symbol of people of Iran’s struggle against the Islamic Republic of Iran

Manifesto of Liberation of Women


Stop Ahmadinejad from entering United Nation
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is to visit New York and attend a United Nation conference in mid-September 2009. During the past two months, the people of the