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Signature List تحرير سكين محمدي أشتياني, لا للرجم, لا للاعدام, ليس بعد الآن, ولا في اي مكان
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تحرير سكين محمدي أشتياني, لا للرجم, لا للاعدام, ليس بعد الآن, ولا في اي مكان

جستجو امضا
   اسم    و يا فاميل   و يا شهر   و يا كشور  
يا منظمة  يا تاريخ  يا # التوصية    دقيق كلمه 

الموقعون 7159
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1909: Guerrier Elisabeth Guerrier-2010-08-11
5820A CloughPenzance-UK2010-11-03
3724A Koopman-v.dijkAll man and woman in the world must agree!!Hilversum-Netherlands2010-08-30
3333A ConklinEach human being, male and female, young and old, has a right to live without torture and be free from discrimination. State acceptance of stoning of women is contrary to internaional law and all governments have an obligation to protect and treat the harms to Iranian women and girls from stoning and other state violations of their human rightsCambridge-UK2010-08-27
1658A T-2010-08-03
1525A S-2010-08-02
3520A H RobertsLondon-UK2010-08-28
5329Aaron LiverantMexico-Mexico2010-11-02
1293Aaron Pirani-2010-08-01
4649Aðalheiður ÁmundadóttirLaw StudentAkureyri-Iceland2010-09-16
5090Abbas Al\'ainNd-India2010-10-13
1501Abbas Khorsandi-2010-08-02
696Abbas Mohammadi-2010-07-20
532Abbas Ayagh-2010-07-18
454Abbas Zamani-2010-07-18
1Abbas Goya-2010-07-17
420Abbas Kamel Hussien-2010-07-18
5579Abderrahim NoraAlger-Algeria2010-11-03
6979Abdolrahim SafariBandarabbas-Iran2012-05-02
89Abel Garconvilla-2010-07-17
3229Abid AbidVaujours-France2010-08-26
623Abir Kalai-2010-07-19
3481Ablain LaurenceRedon-France2010-08-28
6023Acáco CarvalhoBraga-Portugal2010-11-04
774Acelso Salati-2010-07-20
1061Acha Jalal-2010-07-29
2142Achard Labbe-2010-08-16
3695Achim EggertCologne-Germany2010-08-29
6270Ada LiebendaHeidelberg-Germany2010-11-09
3931Ada KieftAfschuwlijk dat deze praktijken in 2010 nog gebeuren.Ik wordt er misselijk van.Buren-Netherlands2010-09-02
5210Adah GleichMunich-Germany2010-11-02
4620Adah GleichMunich-Germany2010-09-15
4692Adalbjorgh HelgadKopav-Ireland2010-09-16
6501Adam WojtuniakAthlone-Ireland2010-12-03
1411Adam Cornford-2010-08-01
667Adam Chaker-2010-07-19
5149Adam Spencer BlackmoreSheffield-UK2010-10-19
1435Adamadia Voulgari-2010-08-02
4618Adel SalehzahiFascist Islamic regime must be erdicated from Iran.Toronto-Canada2010-09-14
2951Adelaide OliveiraCada vez que combatemos o bom combate, o mundo fica um pouquinho melhor.Rio De Janeiro-Brazil2010-08-19
2888Adelaide Do JulinhoBelo Horizonte-Brazil2010-08-19
897Adelaide Orfao-2010-07-23
5319Adele FalabellaMascalucia [ct]-Italy2010-11-02
1594Adele Mercier-2010-08-02
3237Adeline CannereParis-France2010-08-26
1495Adlin Karzy-2010-08-02
1173Adrian Hjelmslund-2010-08-01
5784Adriana DuránCiudad De México-Mexico2010-11-03
3605Adriana CarricoAustin-USA2010-08-28
663Adrienne Lawson-2010-07-19
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Manifesto of Liberation of Women in Iran
This March 8th, in memory of Neda, symbol of people of Iran’s struggle against the Islamic Republic of Iran

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Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is to visit New York and attend a United Nation conference in mid-September 2009. During the past two months, the people of the