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Signature List Free Sakine Ashtiani, No Stoning, No Execution, No more, Nowhere
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Free Sakine Ashtiani, No Stoning, No Execution, No more, Nowhere

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Signatories 7159
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6759Armando Medrano DuranLa Paz-Bolivia2011-02-04
6758Jussome GladieFan'm Yo LaPitie pour cette pauvre femme! Les 99 coups de fouets etaient deja trop, ca lui suffit. Vous avez aussi une mere vous les lapideurs et si c'etait la votre????Port-au-prince-Haiti2011-02-02
6757Maria BarrosStop Them!Hamburg-Germany2011-02-01
6756Karen AsemperLeeds-UK2011-01-30
6755Martín LópezMontevideo-Uruguay2011-01-30
6754Tudor ToiaBucharest-Romania2011-01-29
6753Claire BushellNewbury-UK2011-01-28
6752Sonia TajueloZaragoza-Spain2011-01-27
6751Laura EltringhamI am sickened and traumatised by this horrific act and cannot understand it, words cannot express the disgust I feel about what human beings are capable to doing to each other in the name of a religion/god/beliefSouth Shields-UK2011-01-27
6750Raquel DunnMiami-USA2011-01-26
6749Betsy SeetonWww.livehonestly.comI first became aware that people are still being stoned to death in current times when the story about Sakineh made world headlines. She is still fighting for her life. I have dedicated a blog to her: and to the many people around the world facing death by stoning, and to those who have already died by this barbaric method.Denver-USA2011-01-25
6748Domingos Assis Fortes Assis FortesPeco a libertação imediata desta mulher.-Luanda-Angola2011-01-25
6747Brian StachowiakStop this madness! How can Iran even be any kind of leader in the world, when it can not even respect its own citizens on the most fundamental human level.Hollywood-USA2011-01-22
6746John MisshkanMARG BAR ISLAMLos Angeles-USA2011-01-21
6745Mehran SaamRaelian MovementWaltham-USA2011-01-20
6744Ed Farpourislam is religous of hateLos Angeles-USA2011-01-20
6743Marlowe BsheartDetroit-USA2011-01-20
6742Neil LiebermanLos Angeles-USA2011-01-20
6741Sally Scott ScottRichmond-USA2011-01-20
6740Evie HodgsonDo the right thing and release her now. Shame on the regime.Portsmouth-Bermuda2011-01-20
6739Sandra Shepherd ShepherdBarbaric!! This must be stopped!!Saratoga Springs-USA2011-01-20
6738Ceanne BeckerNOBODY should face stoning!Eden Prairie-USA2011-01-20
6737Jane WishonThis is a terrible mis-carriage of justice!Los Angeles-USA2011-01-20
6736Marvin BurrowsHayward-USA2011-01-20
6735Anna JankowskaAmsterdam-Netherlands2011-01-20
6734Soroush SokoutTehran-Iran2011-01-20
6733Richard BatesLeicester-UK2011-01-20
6732Hossein & Shabnam Y & RFreedom for iranD-Belgium2011-01-18
6731Anthony KoepnickDublin-USA2011-01-18
6730Andrew PottsSt. Peters-Australia2011-01-17
6729Eduardo Albareda CarreraNoneLima-Peru2011-01-16
6728M IlieskiN/a-Namibia2011-01-16
6727Saskia WelterHamburg-Germany2011-01-13
6726Maryam Hedayatiazadi sakine ashtiyani
laghve sangsar
laghve edam
alan va dar hame ja
6725Teresa GarelliVerona-Italy2011-01-12
6724Roozbeh AhmadiFrankfurt-Germany2011-01-11
6723Canezza JacquesLongue vie à Sakineh.Saint Romans Lès Melle-France2011-01-11
6722Bonnie WrenEverett-USA2011-01-10
6721Hamid Rafiانسان با هر مذهب و اندیشه قبل از هر چیز انسان است و دارای حقوق، به انسان و حقوقش احترام بگذاریم و خواستار لغو حکم اعدام و سنگسار شویم. شاد باشید.حمیدParis-France2011-01-09
6720Maria MarmonMunich-Germany2011-01-08
6719Felicitas RoelofsenNeuss-Germany2011-01-08
6718Hengameh Azadi Azadi= لغوحكم سنگسار و یا اعدام سكينه آشتياني و آزادي فوري و بدون قيد و شرط او
= لغو سنگسار و اعدام در سراسر جهان به عنوان قتل دولتي
6717Laura MarinelliClifton-USA2011-01-07
6716Aida Mehraniلغو سنگسار و اعدام در سراسر جهان به عنوان قتل دولتيUmeå-Sweden2011-01-07
6715Светлана ГородинаМы живем в современном мире. В цивилизованном мире нет места таким проявлениям! Надо до конца оставаться людьми! "аже звери не позволяют себе такого!!! Так что же, люди хуже зверей?!!!Нет насилию!Москва-Russian Federation2011-01-07
6714Zuhat öztarhanIstanbul-Turkey2011-01-07
6713Nina RussoHagen-Germany2011-01-07
6712Sally IraniKansas-USA2011-01-06
6711Behnaz AzarToronto-Canada2011-01-06
6710Farshid DerakhshaniEvery human deserves dignity & every government must respect this basic human rights. All political prisoners & every prisoner of conscience must be freed immediately & without any conditions. All democratic governments must do this sooner than other countries & shell not wait for others to do it first. Thank you...Washington Dc-USA2011-01-06
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