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Signature List تحرير سكين محمدي أشتياني, لا للرجم, لا للاعدام, ليس بعد الآن, ولا في اي مكان
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تحرير سكين محمدي أشتياني, لا للرجم, لا للاعدام, ليس بعد الآن, ولا في اي مكان

جستجو امضا
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6859Regina Kaniewski-turciosPort St Mary-UK2011-07-10
6858Linda TaylorWales-UK2011-07-10
6857Elizabeth ZitrinDeath Penalty FocusSan Francisco-USA2011-07-10
6856Pat WindsorEssex-UK2011-07-10
6855Miranda JonesLondon-UK2011-07-10
6854Denise McdunnBallinagee Bridge-Ireland2011-07-10
6853Ernest TarnouriechParis-France2011-07-10
6852Louise PareSTOP ALL STONING!! FREE SAKINE NOW!!Ashland, Or-USA2011-07-09
6851Eva Divinestoning is brutal and barbaricFt Pierce, Fl-Colombia2011-07-09
6850Gary Smith SmithI am American.
I am not Christian.
I am not Muslim.
I am not Jewish.
I have no religion.
I do not support Israel.
I want Jews out of Palestine.
I want American military out of the Middle East.
Please show kindness and mercy to all people. This is how to help us force removal of American military from the Middle East.
6849Susan DavisKennewick-USA2011-07-09
6848Aida ScottFree Sakine Ashtiani, No Stoning, No Execution, No more, Nowhere. Shame on you for doing this barbaric, dark age, ignorant acts.Saratoga-USA2011-07-08
6847Janice PaleschManchester-USA2011-07-08
6846William YoungNoneStoning is inhuman.Leominster-USA2011-07-08
6845Margaret WoodPlease stop these barbaric practices and show the world you you can be humane. All human beings have a right to live without fear!Newcastle-Canada2011-07-08
6844Beth MorrisPlease consider the importance of peaceful change. Stoning is barbaric and pre historic, it has no place in a peaceful free world. Thank you very much. xBrisbane-Australia2011-07-08
6843Sadia SultanaLondon-UK2011-07-08
6842Allaeddin Twebti TwebtiWashington-USA2011-07-08
6841Urban AndrewPursuedemocracy.comif there were a god it would be a strange and evil one which did not condemn stoningSydney-Australia2011-07-08
6840Barnabas BuraiChester-UK2011-07-07
6839Enrique LizárragaStop this dehumanizing practice at once.Culiacán-Mexico2011-07-07
6838Mike LeeI would love to spend some time alone in a room with the "clerics" who imposed this sentence. They are a real bunch of sickos!!Cape Town-South Africa2011-07-07
6837Aydan TamayStoning is not islam, it's barbaric!Melbourne-Australia2011-07-07
6836Denis Murrell-Stoning is mediaeval in nature and purely a product of an horrendously harsh regime.No-one can respect any country that has stoning as a legal punishmentMacau-Macao2011-07-07
6835Natasha EvansAntrim-UK2011-07-06
6834Emeri GvaramadzeDublin-Ireland2011-07-06
6833Leyla GhazanfariTampere-Finland2011-07-06
6832Dennis SouthamAdelaide-Australia2011-07-06
6831S LavoieFree this lady now! Free her lawyer!River Falls-USA2011-07-05
6830Matthew ResendezDavis-USA2011-07-05
6829John HenryKalamazoo-USA2011-07-05
6828Alex LefortVermelles-France2011-07-05
6827Charles BrentSouthampton-UK2011-07-05
6826John MaudeSydney-Australia2011-07-05
6825Anvil SpringstienPrivate IndividualI feel ashamed that in 2011 my fellow human beings can stoop to this level of barbarity.Newcastle Upon Tyne-UK2011-07-05
6824Manuel BoneOrange-Australia2011-07-05
6823Nigel McculloughBarbarism has no place in modern world.Newtownabbey-UK2011-07-04
6822Salvatore SalernoLakewood-USA2011-07-04
6821Patricia' LeeNew Castle-USA2011-07-04
6820Gary LeeI believe religion should be tolerated to a point. If it gets you through your day to believe in some nonexistent higher power, and offers you a good sense of personal morals then that is fine. If, however, your belief in this nonexistent deity encourages you to commit acts of malicious violence against innocent people, then not only should it not be respected and tolerated, but it should be the duty of every able person to try to stop these things from happening.New Castle-USA2011-07-04
6819Paige CollinsLondon-UK2011-07-04
6818Terrie CollinsLondon-UK2011-07-04
6817Ellis CollinsLondon-UK2011-07-04
6816Shaun Moorcroft Moorcroftcontinued...The ONLY way the horrors of the islamic world will end is when the people, on mass, remove the veil and the shackles of islam.Warrington-UK2011-07-04
6815Shaun MoorcroftWho do these people think they are? They decide who lives and who dies and how! The problem is, always has and will be, islam. Face it! The [un]holy koran has it all: torture, mutilation, execution; even paedophilia. Wake up to the truth about this wicked worldly device that allows the worse in the human condition and justifies it in the name of some fake god and it's evil [so-called]prophet...see my next comment to continue...Warrington-UK2011-07-04
6814Michael HoltonIt is almost beyond belief that stoning exists at all in the "modern" world.Budd Lake-USA2011-07-04
6813Luis VieiraPorto-Portugal2011-07-03
6812Lamboule AlainLa religion fait beaucoup de mal, nous ne sommes plus à l'age des cavernes et du matchisme.Bouxurulles-France2011-06-26
6811Rita Mota SousaPorto-Portugal2011-06-18
6810Maribel Garcia-expositoLa Laguna-Spain2011-06-12
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