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Signature List Free Sakine Ashtiani, No Stoning, No Execution, No more, Nowhere
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Free Sakine Ashtiani, No Stoning, No Execution, No more, Nowhere

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6159Margarita SiervoMiami-USA2010-11-05
6158Jedse EstevesEverybody has the right to love, to be free. No political regime has the right to condemn someone to death and play God! This has nothing to do with religion or god but with vested interests of patriarchal society afraid to loose their proeminence.Bristol-UK2010-11-05
6157Maria LimaVila Real-Portugal2010-11-05
6156Lacuire MoniqueParis-France2010-11-05
6155Ira SoubraLos Angeles-USA2010-11-05
6154Annette BuessenschuettSoroptimist InternationalWiesbaden-Germany2010-11-05
6153Fadime AliciHorsens-Denmark2010-11-05
6152Jenny InceStoning is a barbaric practice and it is unbelievable that itis still used in the 21st. Century.Sudbury-UK2010-11-05
6151Daniel Francois-josephParis-France2010-11-05
6150Cristina QueirósGondomar-Portugal2010-11-05
6149Natalie MansonSTOP STONNING!Whitby-Canada2010-11-05
6148Robyn GillespieBrunswick-USA2010-11-05
6147Jana StřasákováPrivatNe!!!!Litomyšl-Czech Republic2010-11-05
6146Malot Jeanno lapidation in IranParis-France2010-11-05
6145Geri ReddenPlease spare the life of this woman and all women who are unjustly accused.St. Louis, Mo-USA2010-11-05
6144Pineau AndréNiort-France2010-11-05
6143Agneta NordSöderhamn-Sweden2010-11-05
6142Beatrice GiacobboWinnipeg-Canada2010-11-05
6141Promonet SuzannePrivas-France2010-11-05
6140Nina PittschiFree Sakine Ashtiani, No Stoning, No Execution, No more, NowhereBochum-Germany2010-11-05
6139Felicitas ReuschSoroptimist InternationalWiesbaden-Germany2010-11-05
6138Natasha Whytethis is horrible and needs to be stopped.Toronto-Canada2010-11-05
6137Yilmaz Aydinstop the stoning of people! this is inhuman and against humanrights!
freedom and humanrights for all people!!
6136Sandra HoltWhitefish Bay-USA2010-11-05
6135João FonsecaOliveira Do Hospital-Portugal2010-11-05
6134Dr. Juliane RoloffWiesbaden-Germany2010-11-05
6133Carla OsorioLisbon-Portugal2010-11-05
6132Sara Mclaughlinplease stop this barbaric deed!Pickering-Canada2010-11-05
6131Jay MehtaStop this barbaric cowardly actNorth York-Canada2010-11-05
6130Mariana PaludiBuenos Aires-Argentina2010-11-05
6129Benjamin SteinSteinfeld-Germany2010-11-05
6128Conni RüttenMettmann-Germany2010-11-05
6127Catherine PoschylskiSedan-France2010-11-05
6126Loic Le RoySedan-France2010-11-05
6125M. Manuela SilvaLisbon-Portugal2010-11-05
6124Karen MartellaroLenexa-USA2010-11-05
6123Sharon AluottoBelo Horizonte / Mg-Brazil2010-11-05
6122Diana MartinezGaia-Portugal2010-11-05
6121Ute BuchholzEnde der Willkür, Freiheit und Recht für Sakineh und alle Menschen auf dieser WeltEmmerich-Germany2010-11-05
6120Isabelle Van AsperenDen Bosch-Netherlands2010-11-05
6119Charlotte Coler-lindstromWhy are you continuing to project the God Of the Islamic faith as a cruel, horrific, blood thirsty, deity? I can not believe that The Supreme Being of all the universe would be any thing but loving and forgiving! I myself would not want to serve any God but a loving one, who would not torture his own children, his own creations.Redding-USA2010-11-05
6118Marina MartinMadrid-Spain2010-11-05
6117Dag RenbergAction against stoning, first in the case of Mrs.Ashtiani, but then in any case of family,tribe or state murder...Schiers-Switzerland2010-11-05
6116Ana Maria Pessoa SantosFree Sakine AshtianiRio De Janeiro-Brazil2010-11-05
6115J VM-Spain2010-11-05
6114Murr LauriceBeyrouth-Lebanon2010-11-04
6113Péronnet ClaudeDrancy-France2010-11-04
6112Anabela OliveiraMarinha Grande-Portugal2010-11-04
6111Silvia Kusano KusanoSão Paulo-Brazil2010-11-04
6110David FisherAthens, Ga-USA2010-11-04
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جمهوری اسلامی برای مقابله با وضعیت انفجاری که در میان مردم شکل گرفته است و از ترس


Madam Dilma Roussef, president elected of Brazilian Federal Republic
By the present petition and on behalf of the Principle of Human Dignity, a structural axis of the current Constitution of the Federative Republic


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Dear Secretary General, Mr. Ban Ki Moon,

I am writing to respectfully ask you not to accept Ahmadinejad into the General Assembly session in


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Manifesto of Liberation of Women


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