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Signature List Vrij Sakine Ashtiani, geen steniging, geen doodstraf, niet meer, niet waar
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Vrij Sakine Ashtiani, geen steniging, geen doodstraf, niet meer, niet waar

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6209Petra KönigBerlin-Germany2010-11-07
6208Henry Kiasplease stop this! the world knows better than this sort of behaviour now...surelyMelbourne-Australia2010-11-07
6207Spano MariaLa Louvière-Belgium2010-11-07
6206Jeannie VazquezMar Del Plata-Argentina2010-11-07
6205Ceren YılmazIstanbul-Turkey2010-11-07
6204Hüseyin DüşünIstanbul-Turkey2010-11-07
6203Sara NevesCaldas Da Rainha-Portugal2010-11-07
6202Sonia De Pinho AmikySao Paulo-Brazil2010-11-07
6201Martin HerzogBerlin-Germany2010-11-07
6200Wolfgang MeisterHamburg-Germany2010-11-07
6199Katja Nestle NestleBerlin-Germany2010-11-07
6198Manuela SchamberMunich-Germany2010-11-07
6197Jennifer BrowneLondon-UK2010-11-07
6196Carla TemporaoViana Do Castelo-Portugal2010-11-07
6195Dubuffet MaryseParis-France2010-11-07
6194Andreas StöwesandFuck of StoningLampertheim/hofheim-Germany2010-11-07
6193Donna KilpatrickChrist ChurchMissoula-USA2010-11-07
6192Jane OsborneI am still haunted by a film I saw recently about the stoning of a woman in Iran I think. It was a true story that took place twenty years or so. The horror of the act of stoning a helpless individual[nearly always a woman] bound and partly buried, is an act of the most barbaric type and I wonder at the cowardly behaviour of those who in a crowd, threw those stones.
I am so grateful to live in a country such as mine.
6191Klein MartineLévis-Canada2010-11-07
6190Jane NicholsonMelborne-Australia2010-11-06
6189Jana HerzogBerlin-Germany2010-11-06
6188Sabrina LudmannEppelheim-Germany2010-11-06
6187Sven KistnerFuck of stoningLampertheim-Germany2010-11-06
6186Andreia PaulaMaia-Portugal2010-11-06
6185Sabine BurgaletaBerlin-Germany2010-11-06
6184Elİf GÜndoĞduKocaeli-Turkey2010-11-06
6183Stéphane GaillardParis-France2010-11-06
6182Kemeny DianaParis-France2010-11-06
6181Ingrid LaquaiSoroptimist InternationalI have been a member for many years of the worldwide represented service organization for women in profession, SOROPTIMIST INTERNATIONAL -
I am horrified about the inhuman treatment of Mrs.Ashtiani, her son, her lawyers and th two German journalists
and sign this petition as my protesting against breaking constantly in Iran human rights and in the hope that am numerous worldwide invention might be successful.
65232 Taunusstein-Germany2010-11-06
6180Annette Specht-glaheSprockhövel-Germany2010-11-06
6179Jessica PetersonI beg of the Iranian government to do just one thing; value the lives of the women who gave you yours.

No one deserves the inhumane treatment that this government suggests for any reason, let alone a hypocritical "crime" set by government standards.

Please stop the stoning. Please stop the inhumane execution. Please stop this torture.
6178Marie-hélène HirbecLet us join our cries against barbarityCanet En Roussillon-France2010-11-06
6177Matignon AnnickViroflay-France2010-11-06
6176Jupiter Sen108 AssociationCernay-France2010-11-06
6175Monica RieraMercy is a sign of enlightenment. This is a chance to show the world how enlightened you are.London-UK2010-11-06
6174Denis EvelyneJe suis inquiéte et choquée de la condamnation à mort de Sakine Mohammadi Ashtiani pour adultère.J'exprime ma plus profonde indignation par rapport à cette condamnation. Je demande qu'elle soit immédiatement annulée.La lapidation est un acte barbare et inhumain et doit être abolie.Paris-France2010-11-06
6173Lalix Marie-franceNice-France2010-11-06
6172Petra Hannonabolition of executions worldwide! abolish scharia and stoning, sick bastards!72539 Pfronstetten-Germany2010-11-06
6171B SackSan Diego-USA2010-11-06
6170Louise Shalit ShalitNoneStoning is barbaric.Chula Vista-USA2010-11-06
6169Judith BotterillPeople everywhere are encouraging you to join the men and women of the rest of the world and stop the persecution of women - Sakineh in particular - and all the other cruelties you are doing. My heart is sick with compassion for your people and I beg you to do the right thing. I am 71 years old and fear for our world.Parksville-Canada2010-11-06
6168Jeffrey KlamerSelflet Sakineh Ashtiani go free now!
let her go free now!
Big Sur-USA2010-11-05
6167Ellie BordenMontreal-Canada2010-11-05
6166Sonja RuschkeAmnesty InternationalMainz-Germany2010-11-05
6165Patricia CostaRio De Janeiro-Brazil2010-11-05
6164Françoise Roux Françoise RouxParis-France2010-11-05
6163Carlos SousaStop this please!Lamego-Portugal2010-11-05
6162Catarina PaçoAiPorto-Portugal2010-11-05
6161Hiwa AhmedAnti Execution Centre/iraqLondon-UK2010-11-05
6160Mr. A. R. KolmanStop the Execution of Innocent Women Trapped In Your Country. THIS IS JUST AS DISGUSTING & NOT ACCEPTABLE!Ontario-Canada2010-11-05
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