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Signature List Libérez Sakine Ashtiani! Non aux lapidations et aux exécutions! Plus Jamais, nulle part!
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Libérez Sakine Ashtiani! Non aux lapidations et aux exécutions! Plus Jamais, nulle part!

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6259Alfons SiepertLandsberg At Lech-Germany2010-11-09
6258Rainer WagnerKein Mensch und kein Staat hat das Recht auf solch abscheuliche und kaum nachvollziehbare Art und Weise einem Menschen das Leben zu nehmen.
"Sind wir wirklich der Homo sapiens sapiens?"
6257Krystina WeißFreiburg-Germany2010-11-09
6256Dorothea ErnstBerlin-Germany2010-11-09
6255Roswitha HomannNo stoning or execution sentence of Sakine Mohamadi Ashtiani;
her immediate an unconditional freedom!!
26506 Norden-Germany2010-11-09
6254Antje ViedtKarlsruhe-Germany2010-11-09
6253Dr. Sebastian MartensHamburg-Germany2010-11-09
6252Arndt PotdevinBerlin-Germany2010-11-09
6251Horst SchlemmerGrevenbroich-Germany2010-11-09
6250Nora DieryBad Nauheim-Germany2010-11-09
6249Matthias MayerKreuth-Germany2010-11-09
6248Dr. Kinnebrock WernerBingen-Germany2010-11-09
6247Ulf HailerSalem-Germany2010-11-09
6246Roman ThomasCologne-Germany2010-11-09
6245Paul Florin, Prof.Vienna-Austria2010-11-09
6244Andre RosenblüheThose people who can stop these crimes have to stop these crimes. I hope for the freedom of the Iranian people, and first of all for all the childreen.Bonn-Germany2010-11-09
6243Kalina Natcheva-acarEschborn-Germany2010-11-09
6242Dieter HillerBerlin-Germany2010-11-09
6241Angie MastroyiannisIt is unbelievable that in the 21st century there are still contries who are stoning people to death and it is unbelivable and uncomprehansible that in the 21st century these Islamists can still get awa with torturing and murdering people under the disguise of what they call the Islamice religion. It has to stop and the Iranian regime has to be made responsible for al their horrible actions- especially against women and children. I pray for Ms Ashtiani.Hong Kong-Denmark2010-11-09
6240Schweitzer AndreaFreisen-Germany2010-11-09
6239Martin FassnachtKarlsruhe-Germany2010-11-09
6238Justus KammüllerLudwig-maximilians-universityMunich-Germany2010-11-09
6237Michael HackethalBerlin-Germany2010-11-09
6236Gabie BenknerLet Sakine Mohamadi free.
She is innocent.
6235Rosalie CuthbertLifeMy heart goes out to this poor woman who has surely suffered enough already. it cannot be justified in the 21st century that any woman be subjected to this barbaric punishment for adultery yet the men seem to go free. CAn our ambassadors act to free this lady and stop the torture and killingWaterlooville ,hants-UK2010-11-08
6234Garnier Richardstop a la lapidation ,et a l'execution en IRAN
Liberation de :

Chateauneuf Les Martigues-France2010-11-08
6233Santoro RobertoTettnang-Germany2010-11-08
6232Sigrid GodbillonPfullingen-Germany2010-11-08
6231Ingrid LeeTerre Des FemmesAllendorf-Germany2010-11-08
6230Anna DlugoschBerlin-Germany2010-11-08
6229Frank KühnBerlin-Germany2010-11-08
6228Emel EngintepeBochum-Germany2010-11-08
6227Deoliveira-carret Alberte07300-tournon-France2010-11-08
6226Claudia CluciNu Fac Parte Din Nici O OrganizatieViata ti-o da Dumnezeu,si numai el ti-o poate lua.Rm. Valcea-Romania2010-11-08
6225Carla Neves:[
Pax e Bem
6224Anastasia SchadtBerlin-Germany2010-11-08
6223Dagmar Müller-listBerlin-Germany2010-11-08
6222Thomas DaebelBirkenwerder-Germany2010-11-08
6221Roswitha RoccaDas Mittelalter ist vorbei! Frauen und Männer sind Gleichwertig. Das ist ein Mord, das sind abscheuliche Verbrechen die ausgeführt werden! Das MUSS aufhören, sofort!

Roswitha Rocca
6220Julia StekelerTübingen-Germany2010-11-08
6219Eliza MedeirosJoao Pessoa-Brazil2010-11-07
6218Luiz La SaigneBambuparqueRio De Janeiro-Brazil2010-11-07
6217Jo Moldynall humanity needs to rise to a state of compassionChicago-USA2010-11-07
6216Debra ElliottNew London-USA2010-11-07
6215Roxana CurtgeafarLife is priceless!!!Brasov-Romania2010-11-07
6214Woisson ClaudeRaimbeaucourt-France2010-11-07
6213Ammi AthwThis is NOT the Islam! STOP IT!Berlin-Germany2010-11-07
6212Balbinot Lucile74250 Fillinges-France2010-11-07
6211José Ignacio Federico Pereyra MiñoSanta Fe-Argentina2010-11-07
6210Andrrea Carolina De Los Milagros Pereyra MiñoRepudio y me opongo al acto salvaje e inhumano que se comete contra la persona de Sakineh Ashtiani.Santa Fe-Argentina2010-11-07
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