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Signature List Freiheit für Sakine Ashtiani, Keine Steinigung, keine Hinrichtung, nie mehr, nirgendwo
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Freiheit für Sakine Ashtiani, Keine Steinigung, keine Hinrichtung, nie mehr, nirgendwo

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6309Inge Homburg HomburgWabern-Germany2010-11-10
6308Moreau MoreauParis-France2010-11-10
6307B TelferToronto-Canada2010-11-10
6306Libuša MudraZilina-Slovakia2010-11-10
6305Soňa MudraZilina-Slovakia2010-11-10
6304Schmidt SusanneBerlin-Germany2010-11-10
6303Jacqueline HrmannThis barbaric has to stop. No stoning, No Execution.You have my total support in trying to stop them.Duesseldorf-Germany2010-11-10
6302Reinhard RuchWer nicht lieben kann wen er will, ist nicht frei. Eine Gesellschaft, die Liebe unter Strafe stellt, ist keine freie. Ein Staat, der Liebe unter Strafe stellt, ist ein barbarischer, verbrecherischer Staat.56637 Plaidt-Germany2010-11-10
6301Tanya RotheFreeeSTOP STONING, EVERYWHERE!!!Berlin-Germany2010-11-10
6300Ibrahim KhalilRespect your effortsVoorburg-Netherlands2010-11-10
6299Jane RipkenMunich-Germany2010-11-10
6298Ian SmithLiverpool-UK2010-11-10
6297Bahar Sanli-bonazziMunich-Germany2010-11-10
6296Sarah SchaubergerPaderborn-Germany2010-11-10
6295Francisco PedreroThe US elite needed to organize 9-11 to manufacture support for the Iraq invasion. Iran is now manufacturing support for the Iran invasion. How can the Ayatollahs be so stupid? What is a fanatic? A believer whose ego and power-thirst has killed his common sense.Guardamar-Spain2010-11-10
6294Olena Klymenkoit´s terrible!!!!!!! We are humans but not an animals!!!Munich-Germany2010-11-10
6293Sofia GomesVila Real-Portugal2010-11-10
6292Oliva VittoriaL'avamposto Degli Incompatibilino alla tortura, no alla pena di morte
6291Goli GolestaniOsnabrück-Germany2010-11-10
6290Manfred MarschallPrivateNo execotion without fair trial!
No stoning at all!
No death-penalty
6289Regula Buri3700 Spiez-Switzerland2010-11-10
6288Bronner-niebergall Katjaich bin einfach nur entsetzt was im Jahre 2010 auf dieser Welt alles noch möglich ist. Meiner Meinung nach steckt der Iran im tiefsten Mittelalter.76307 Karlsbad-Germany2010-11-10
6287Janet CubinMobile-USA2010-11-09
6286Thomas Behrensfree Sakine Ashtiani, no stoning, no execution, no torture, no more, nowhere!
let's stand united and firm!
6285Nina Breiterwer unter Euch ohne Schuld ist, der werfe den ersten Stein!
Free her- no stoning- no execution- no more- no where!!
6284Silvia FrankHäg-ehrsberg-Germany2010-11-09
6283Inkeri LüchemMünchen-Germany2010-11-09
6282Solange Helena VicentiniPlease! Removing the setence of Sakine.
Solange Helena Vicentini
São Paulo-Brazil2010-11-09
6281Michael RosemannHelmholtz-center For Environment And HealthStop all religious sentences, stop all political sentences.Munich-Germany2010-11-09
6280Kath MoranMen and Women alike need to stand up for the freedom of Sakineh Ashtiani no one should ever be stoned to death. What a barbaric custom this is for anyone. We already have bad feelings in this world about the way the Arab men treat their women. Why doesn't the president of Iran step in to put a end to this and maybe people around the world will look at Iran with different eyes? As a country with compassion and a president with compassion.
Sincerely, Kath Moran
Ft. Myers-USA2010-11-09
6279Helen SmithAs a teacher who attempts to inform Christian students about the truth and beauty of Islam I find this and like stories abhorrent. Surely true Islam is about the mercy and compassion of God not the power of self-inflated men.Sydney-Australia2010-11-09
6278Roshanak JahangiriMünchen-Germany2010-11-09
6277Martin ZahnerKornwestheim-Germany2010-11-09
6276Burkhard WahleNoneMünster-Germany2010-11-09
6275Ernst Felix SpormannFrankfurt Am Main-Germany2010-11-09
6274Matthias Wagnerthe real nature of men is shown in his treatment with the weak.Leingarten-Germany2010-11-09
6273Peter GeerinckGent-Belgium2010-11-09
6272Celina PopadiukWillich-Germany2010-11-09
6271Nazan OlcerIstanbul-Turkey2010-11-09
6270Ada LiebendaHeidelberg-Germany2010-11-09
6269Heike RohlfingBernshausen-Germany2010-11-09
6268Gerard ScholteOh ye religious, political and juridical leaders in the I.R. of Iran to whom it concerns! May ye realize that your abuse of power, your mercilessness towards "your" people and your general lack of humility are not going to win you a place in paradise. Perseverance in your attitudes will not find mercy in the eyes of Allah. Ye have ignored all positive aspects of a long-standing great civilization and will harvest nothing but contempt until history will put an end to your regime.Moenchengladbach-Germany2010-11-09
6267Ruth PopadiukDüsseldorf-Germany2010-11-09
6266Cordelia Pietschmann60431 Frankfurt-Germany2010-11-09
6265Birgit MünchowBerlin-Germany2010-11-09
6264Martin Dr. ReichingerBraunschweig-Germany2010-11-09
6263Gairik BanerjeeKolkata-India2010-11-09
6262Manuel KostkaMunich-Germany2010-11-09
6261Ulrike BöhmerHannover-Germany2010-11-09
6260Gabriele HerrmannsFree Sakine Ashtiani, No Stoning, No Execution, No more, NowhereKoblenz-Germany2010-11-09
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