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Signature List Free Sakine Ashtiani, No Stoning, No Execution, No more, Nowhere
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Free Sakine Ashtiani, No Stoning, No Execution, No more, Nowhere

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6359Alex StaveleyDublin-Ireland2010-11-13
6358Julia HeidrichNoneDas 5. Gebot:
Du sollst nicht töten!
gilt für ALLE Menschen!
6357Lena LarssonGothenburg-Sweden2010-11-13
6356Udo SamelVienna-Austria2010-11-13
6355Matthew RitchieSanta Fe-USA2010-11-12
6354Roman PražákThis is bad.Bastard muslims!Chrudim-Czech Republic2010-11-12
6353Bianca HeilerTerre Des FemmesHelfen wir Sakine Mohamadi Ashtiani !Lampertheim-Germany2010-11-12
6352Stuart HartillRamsey-UK2010-11-12
6351Maria Ines Mazzarello LopesCotia-Brazil2010-11-12
6350Gudula Hartmann-bereswillDombuehl-Germany2010-11-12
6349Murat BalkirIstanbul-Turkey2010-11-12
6348Romazini GéraldBernay-France2010-11-12
6347Cordelia SpormannFrankfurt-Germany2010-11-12
6346Amrei MayerBerlin-Germany2010-11-12
6345Ayse Idil CelebiAll the human have rights to live and you can not take it from them because of they just fornicated. Especially for the woman. Sakine didnt do it alone and what happened to the guys? Are they going to stonning also? This world doesnt belong to men.Istanbul-Turkey2010-11-12
6344Elfie Widmannnie mehr SteinigungMünchen-Germany2010-11-12
6343Sandra De BloisPlease end this barbarian actLumby-Canada2010-11-11
6342Robin SchifflerThis women is not guilty and should be freed immediately.Bremen-Germany2010-11-11
6341Thomas HoermannIn Germany I could read many articles about this. I'm shure that she is not guilty.Mettmann-Germany2010-11-11
6340Yvette Christina DreyerTerre Des FemmesLanggöns-Germany2010-11-11
6339Klaus BieberStuttgart-Germany2010-11-11
6338Edward KwiatkowskiWeston High SchoolWeston-USA2010-11-11
6337Vannier Jean-paulParis-France2010-11-11
6336Stefanie SturmAugsburg-Germany2010-11-11
6335Alexandra SturmAugsburg-Germany2010-11-11
6334Hery JocelyneParis-France2010-11-11
6333Javier ChicoCastilla La ManchaMadrid-Spain2010-11-11
6332Leroy BernardParis-France2010-11-11
6331Susann LippmannKohren- Sahlis-Germany2010-11-11
6330Busselet ClaudeGueret-France2010-11-11
6329Manuel AlmeidaLisboa-Portugal2010-11-10
6328Geza GiedkeTorturing and killing a woman [by whipping and stoning] for unproven adultery is an abomination, a extreme violation of basic human rights. I cannot believe that the great and cultured people of Iran really wants this to happen in their name.

Shame on the Iranian regime for this affair!

Mrs Ashtiani must be freed, her sentence revoked, her son and lawyer must be released.
6327John CosgraveVoters For PeaceThese arcaic idiological laws must be swept from all countries including the USA to accomplish tollarance and cooperation among all peoples.

A copy of my answer to the present state of the Human Condition in my Poem, "They are Us" is available from me upon request.
Boulder Creek-USA2010-11-10
6326Bernd JunkerJede Form von Todesstrafe oder Folter ist
Bad Oeynhausen-Germany2010-11-10
6325Werner RodunerBachenbülach-Switzerland2010-11-10
6324Christa Tiefenthaler-herzKronberg-Germany2010-11-10
6323Brigitte SamsonWb GamesSeattle-USA2010-11-10
6322Chris HoeFreiburg-Germany2010-11-10
6321Jackie RogerTokyo-USA2010-11-10
6320Saideh Rodythids execution is aginst Islam. Islam is a religion which is for the feredom of man kind specialy for women. This ex ecution is against human right and againt humanity. How can the Ajatolla Kamneji be pro Islam?Stuttgart-Germany2010-11-10
6319Wenk Eva-mariaTerre Des Femmes21423 Drage-Germany2010-11-10
6318Hermann Koelsch66954 Pirmasens-Germany2010-11-10
6317Justel MaïtéParis-France2010-11-10
6316Barbara DavisHerzebrock-clarholz-Germany2010-11-10
6315Diana CompeanCartagena-Colombia2010-11-10
6314Cintas AnaïsCourage à tous les camarades qui luttent en Iran et partout dans le monde contre la dictature!Lyon-France2010-11-10
6313Anxolabehere Anneinacceptable !Saint-mandé-France2010-11-10
6312Durant-gosset JacquelineColombes-France2010-11-10
6311Durant GastonColombes-France2010-11-10
6310Alexander Dr. HarsStop this inhumane practice!Nuernberg-Germany2010-11-10
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