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Signature List تحرير سكين محمدي أشتياني, لا للرجم, لا للاعدام, ليس بعد الآن, ولا في اي مكان
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تحرير سكين محمدي أشتياني, لا للرجم, لا للاعدام, ليس بعد الآن, ولا في اي مكان

جستجو امضا
   اسم    و يا فاميل   و يا شهر   و يا كشور  
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6459Carlo BeltramNon à la lapidation et à la torture!!!!!!Rennes-France2010-11-26
6458Annalena LindenMarburg-Germany2010-11-26
6457Zita SzaboWien-Austria2010-11-26
6456Marion GraflVienna-Austria2010-11-26
6455João Manuel Da Silv BatistaAmadora-Portugal2010-11-26
6454Burkhart CarmenDgb-frauenausschuß Südbaden-hochrheinFreiburg-Germany2010-11-24
6453Delerue JulietteBruxelles-Belgium2010-11-24
6452Liliana FerreiraLisbon-Portugal2010-11-24
6451Andrea AndersUlm-Germany2010-11-22
6450Alex KleffnerKoeln-Germany2010-11-22
6449Mustafaa StreetWest Babylon-USA2010-11-21
6448Erika SpethBalingen-Germany2010-11-21
6447Böhler ConstanceThe present Iranian Government is trying to implement Ayatollah Kohmeini's brutal stone age agenda of denigrating and disimpowering women. That women,innocent women, are the but of their sadistic patriarchal aims, is once more shown in the case of Sakine Ashtiani.Zug-Switzerland2010-11-21
6446Maria CornejoMünster-Germany2010-11-21
6445Dmitry GomesNenhuma. Pura Indignação...Sem comentários... não carece.Rio De Janeiro-Brazil2010-11-21
6444Engel GerardVincennes-France2010-11-20
6443Guilhot MyriamParis-France2010-11-20
6442Vera BraunOsnabrück-Germany2010-11-20
6441Houelleu AnneM-France2010-11-20
6440Bois Anne MarieHennebont-France2010-11-20
6439Ulf SellergrenHelsingborg-Sweden2010-11-20
6438Emily NorrisI denounce the charges placed upon this Innocent woman, God Bless her and keep her.Surrey-Canada2010-11-19
6437Karolina ThorwarthBerlin-Germany2010-11-19
6436Claire MeaselOakland Park-USA2010-11-19
6435Greg Meieri guess make love not war hasn't quite made it round the world yet...Attalens-Switzerland2010-11-19
6434Miroslava AdamicovaHow can do this human to other human? Wake up muslim hipocritsLyngdal-Norway2010-11-19
6433Katharina KedererOberkich-Germany2010-11-19
6432May GermanyKarlsruhe-Germany2010-11-19
6431Jean-gabriel KovacHope; Thank you!Wuerzburg-Germany2010-11-19
6430Petros AnamaterosAthens-Greece2010-11-19
6429Bernard WeisblumReligion cannot be used to sanction arbaric conduct.Madison, Wisconsin-USA2010-11-19
6428Chari RocafullWest Palm Beach-USA2010-11-19
6427Brian Mac Donald MacdonaldSelfNolalu-Canada2010-11-19
6426Sam A AAllah made us beautiful people and these beautiful stones. And in one swift moment people pick up a stone and tarnish what He created for us. I disagree to inhumane and unlawful acts of punishment the justice system of Islamic States carry out. And am against misogynism.London-UK2010-11-19
6425Eric FrodshamAustin-USA2010-11-19
6424Kathrin PetersenHamburg-Germany2010-11-19
6423Wiwie BorgMalmo-Sweden2010-11-19
6422Louis ScottFrom Homewell what can I say?
this just isnt right, no person has the right to do what you intend doing to this poor woman,
I am no appeaser of the Western ideals, I think they are shit, but you folks, I know are better than this, there is great intelligence there in Iran and the more you show it the more supporters for your cause you will have in the west,
Peace to you all and freedom or even house arrest for Sakine Ashtiani.
yours sincerely
Louis Scott
6421Ilona ZapfBerlin-Germany2010-11-19
6420Detlef ZapfBerlin-Germany2010-11-19
6419Serap KilicMannheim-Germany2010-11-19
6418Jo SteynPlease stop these murders and barbaric treatment of womenJohannesburg-South Africa2010-11-19
6417Fulvia SanchezCaracas-Venezuela2010-11-18
6416Lilith DöringShe should be free!!Mannheim-Germany2010-11-18
6415Renate MarekNesselwang-Germany2010-11-18
6414Nathalie CravenLure70-France2010-11-18
6413Spyros KouridakisAthens-Greece2010-11-18
6412Charmaine JulesNoneA Person A human being is a living body. Stoning or hanging a[ women] is not justified for any reason under any condition. There is a difference in punishing and
there is the act of stoning-hanging; this is an act of Violence. Strongly against the execution sentence of Sakine Mohamadi Ashtiani.
Los Angeles-USA2010-11-18
6411Judith FüllerDinslaken-Germany2010-11-18
6410Ann HealeySingapore-Singapore2010-11-18
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