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Signature List Free Sakine Ashtiani, No Stoning, No Execution, No more, Nowhere
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Free Sakine Ashtiani, No Stoning, No Execution, No more, Nowhere

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6559Heike BarnesMünchen-Germany2010-12-19
6558Kerstin MiedlFalkenberg-Germany2010-12-18
6557Wagner MareikeSaarlouis-Germany2010-12-18
6556Hamid HamidiTehran-Iran2010-12-17
6555François DelhayeBrussels-Belgium2010-12-17
6554Kramer DorisDuisburg-Germany2010-12-16
6553Christopher MendezHong Kong-Hong Kong2010-12-16
6552Katheleen ChoiHong Kong-Hong Kong2010-12-16
6551Emiliya ElenkovaNaThornton-USA2010-12-15
6550Jenny MillerIstanbul-Turkey2010-12-14
6549Brigitte WallisCologne-Germany2010-12-14
6548Darren LloydLondon-UK2010-12-14
6547Anna ChmielorzPaderborn-Germany2010-12-14
6546Victoria HillsI find it abhorrent that evil practices such as these are carried out by what is supposed to be an intelligent nation.

Shame on you all who codone this barbarism. She should be set free to live her life in peace!!
6545Joachim SchelbBrain Stuff Corp.Free Sakine Ashtiani, No Stoning, No Execution, No more, NowhereLa Chaux De Fonds-Switzerland2010-12-13
6544Caroline Gerkeit's about time for a change! Why is it ok for men to do everything but if a woman does something its immediately sin and it has to be punished with death. It's just a way to suppress women. And as a matter of fact he husband is already dead. First you accuse her for cheating? now for helping to kill her husband? excuse me? but let go. it's obvious that you are just looking for a reason to be on her case. I just hope for you no one will go after your "business"Hamburg-Germany2010-12-13
6543Katharina GrafLet Sakine Mohamadi Ashtiani free. Immediately!Berlin-Germany2010-12-12
6542Garrigue Giseleça suffit ces horreurs!!!!!!Ardeche-France2010-12-11
6541Bellavia MariaGrotte-Italy2010-12-11
6540Fy Jean-pierreBonjour,
Je suis libre-penseur, et n'appartiens à aucun groupe politique ou autre. La lâcheté et toute forme de fascisme m'horripilent. Je ne suis jamais anonyme, mon nom est réel, par contre je ne veux m'associer en aucun cas à des sites sectaires ou politiques. Merci de me préciser que c'est bien l'éthique du votre. J’ai un site « marchand » où je peux développer et vous mettre en lien si feeling.
Jean-Pierre FY
6539Jeannette WrightAylmer-Canada2010-12-11
6538Rachel ButtBhtBrighton-UK2010-12-11
6537Navis SophieSt Jean De Fos-France2010-12-11
6536Ménard GérardQue l'on arrive grâce à la puissance des nouvelles technologies à faire un monde meilleur. Que la barbarie cesse!Gradignan-France2010-12-11
6535Nima Mohsenyباید بدون فوت وقت آزاد گردد . اگر هم این جرم را کرده به اندازه کافی کیفر شده.Koeln_-Germany2010-12-10
6534Malene RyomVejen-Denmark2010-12-10
6533Georges Poropatagainst stoning.
It's a barbarian practice I disapprove.
Please free her.
La Roquette-France2010-12-10
6532Colin SandrinePour ma part le jugement n'est pas fait selon le respect de la Suna et ressemble à des traditions et cultures barbares mener par de l'injustice.Les incohérences du jugement rendent caduque la lapidation de Sakine.Juan Les Pins-France2010-12-10
6531Samira Nafiwe are tired,please stop this terrible horrible murderer.....Morbegno-Italy2010-12-10
6530Francesca DamicoMilano-Italy2010-12-10
6529Luciano CampiMarcignago-Italy2010-12-10
6528Kästner AnnaPassau-Germany2010-12-10
6527Raffaella VocaleMilano-Italy2010-12-10
6526Antonino De LorenzoPomezia [roma]-Italy2010-12-10
6525Francesca SerfogliLivorno-Italy2010-12-10
6524Alfonso Marzocchi MarzocchiMilano - Italia-Italy2010-12-10
6523Margrit EllisNeustadt-Germany2010-12-10
6522Natacha CarvalhoLisboa-Portugal2010-12-10
6521Armanda RibeiroLisbon-Portugal2010-12-10
6520Jeanette LaribelleRelease Sakineh, her son Sajjad, thier lawyer, realese Reyhaneh Jabbari, release Mohammad Reza Haddadi, release Ebrahim Hamidi, release Hamed Rouhinejad and every victim now..! You will pay for every single crime here on earth and in eternity!!Firenze-Italy2010-12-10
6519Duminy FrancisQuand les Iraniens se révolteront ils pour chasser la théocratie des mollahs? Courage amis Iraniens,soulevez vous et chassez ces fous de Dieu!!Boulogne Sur Mer-France2010-12-10
6518Charles Delaunay53000-France2010-12-09
6517Dalia CastanheuraNinguem merece este castigoPorto-Portugal2010-12-09
6516Magdalena Szymanska--Stoning in Islamic stricken countries is an extremely cruel and barbaric act.Warsaw-Poland2010-12-08
6515Barbara HanckLondon-UK2010-12-08
6514Melanie DeublerMonheim-Germany2010-12-07
6513Jem LakhaUk-UK2010-12-06
6512ольга верховскаясанкт-петербург-Russian Federation2010-12-06
6511Asghar SaranjamLimasol-Cyprus2010-12-06
6510Elham MolaalihosseiniJebhe Meli Iranلیماسول-Cyprus2010-12-06
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