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6809Coiffard NicoleMerci de libérer cette femme et de supprimer la lapidation en Iran.Maisons-laffitte-France2011-06-06
6808Tamara DanchevaLondon-UK2011-05-28
6807Zuzana MalikovaI am against stoning and lashing as a mean of punishing people all over the world. STOP IT!London-UK2011-05-28
6806Nancy CarmellaPoconos-USA2011-05-20
6805Renteria Pimentelje ne suis pas d'accord avec la lapidation pour aucun motiveJalisco, México-Mexico2011-05-19
6804Nadia FadaviBerlin-Germany2011-05-19
6803Robyn Lee-syeSTOP THIS INHUMANE TRADITION!!!!Townsville-Australia2011-05-15
6802Isabel MartinsLisboa-Portugal2011-05-14
6801June Margaret CastroThe world is watching Iran. Stop your barbaric ways of stoning innocent people!Surrey-Canada2011-05-09
6800Linda HalsallMelbourne-Australia2011-05-06
6799Max SchumacherBerlin-Germany2011-05-05
6798Ana Claudia SilvaSao Paulo-Brazil2011-05-02
6797Simone GiacomoNewark,nj-USA2011-04-26
6796Zilda BarbosaBelo Horizonte-Brazil2011-04-26
6795Simone LamounierBelo Horizonte-Brazil2011-04-26
6794Sylvia BennettThis is wrong and must be stopped it is barbaric.Swansea-UK2011-04-16
6793Julia NoakesHigh Wycombe-UK2011-04-11
6792Saeed SaabriBrisland-Australia2011-04-05
6791Alison MacdanielBrooklyn, Ny-USA2011-04-03
6790Jessica WilliamsThis is atrocious and a disgrace for all of humanity.
These hateful attacks and gender-based slaughters must cease!
St. Louis-USA2011-03-28
6789Mary MacneilCalgary-Canada2011-03-26
6788Julie MorrisonCalgary-Canada2011-03-26
6787Kellie DavisIt boggles the mind this still goes on. I don't know why the world doesn't stand up against it like we do for genocide and other social injustices.Calgary-Canada2011-03-26
6786Jeff HadickChicago-USA2011-03-22
6785Jane WeberIf stoing is truly the law - why is it only the women who are stoned. Adultery takes two personsSydney-Australia2011-03-21
6784Auffret BabethAu nom de la justice et dans un souci d'humanité nous implorons le gouvernement iranien de ne pas faire subir ce sort atroce de la lapidationSt Leu-France2011-03-18
6783Martin ThomasGrenoble-France2011-03-15
6782Ana Maria Lellis KrupelisSó EuWe demand:
Revoking of stoning or execution sentence of Sakine Mohamadi Ashtiani; her immediate and unconditional freedom
Abolition of stoning and execution worldwide as they are state murder
The heads of the Islamic Republic of Iran must be arrested and
prosecuted for 31 years of stoning, execution, and torture.
Immediate and unconditional freedom of all political prisoners in Iran.
6781Augusto CarreiraLisboa-Portugal2011-03-07
6780Bruneau JeanI anxious and am shocked death sentence of Sakine Mohammadi Ashtiani for adultery. I express also my deeper indignation compared to the barbarian act of lapidation. I ask that its judgment with lapidation be immediately cancelled.Marigné-laillé-France2011-03-04
6779Stella KyriakidesPortsmouth-UK2011-03-03
6778Salhi MalikaRodez-France2011-03-03
6777Ani HughesHereford-UK2011-03-01
6776Brigitte SchmidtAmnesty InternationalDie Steinigung ist eine der schlimmsten Formen der Todesstrafe und muß deshalb mit allem Engagement bekämpft werden.Brachttal-Germany2011-02-28
6775Prioul FrançoisAlbi-France2011-02-27
6774Michael GuggenheimerMevasseret Zion-Israel2011-02-26
6773Nikoline HansenBerlin-Germany2011-02-26
6772Amy MacdonaldBoston, Ma-USA2011-02-26
6771Alfons BallwegWesel-Germany2011-02-26
6770Maria GeorgakakiLondon-UK2011-02-25
6769Renée ThollotLyon-France2011-02-25
6768James DearingCorvallis, Oregon-USA2011-02-24
6767Mir SoudabehHelsinki-Finland2011-02-21
6766حامی حامی زادهحامیحامی شهر-Iran2011-02-15
6765Kohler LaurentI'm with you - LStrasbourg-France2011-02-11
6764Julie CavalcaNewark-USA2011-02-11
6763Annie GraziadeiOakville-Canada2011-02-08
6762Borowy MaryliseLe chemin vers la liberté est long : c'est toute une démarche intellectuelle que de la demander, mais la démarche réelle, celle qui engage, est difficile à assumer." Les justes" sont toujours minoritaires, partout dans le monde.
Courage, car le prix à payer est toujours exorbitant...
Conilhac Corbières-France2011-02-07
6761Elisa ThomsonLondon-UK2011-02-06
6760Dhia AgrebiCafard IntoxiquéCe qui se passe en ce moment en Iran est atroce.Ezzahra-Tunisia2011-02-06

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