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Libérez Sakine Ashtiani! Non aux lapidations et aux exécutions! Plus Jamais, nulle part! requête Page 6 de 144 2018-02-22

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6909Yukiko TomiokaKyoto-Japan2011-08-16
6908Mark ChibberUpton-UK2011-08-15
6907محدثه شریفاتآزادي سكينه آشتياني٬ لغو سنگسار٬ لغو اعدام٬ الان و در همه جاتهران-Iran2011-08-12
6906Petra SchuhFree Sakine Ashtiani, No Stoning, No ExecutionRavensburg-Germany2011-08-07
6905Heather StaffManchester-UK2011-08-03
6904William CallSt. Louis-USA2011-07-29
6903Paramisse FazzeStop stonningTehran-Iran2011-07-17
6902John KauffmanCambridge-Canada2011-07-14
6901Donni De-villeOf course this type of violence HAS to stop immediately! What type of people would carry this through? Vermin?Hinsdale-USA2011-07-13
6900Caroline LuleyThis is barbaric and no longer acceptable in our modern world. Other religious groups have given up murder and mayhem, it's time for the Muslims to do this,too.Cape Canaveral-USA2011-07-13
6899Martin ByrneRossendale-UK2011-07-13
6898Madhu RamThis is not a punishment,this is a barbaric activity,unhumanitySingapore-Singapore2011-07-13
6897Harry SchneiderStop this inhumane behavior, this is no government, but a dictatorship. The heads of this pseudo-government must be arrested and punished by international law!Langgoens-Germany2011-07-13
6896Guillaume GaldratYeu-France2011-07-12
6895Peter HoustonMossman-Australia2011-07-12
6894Miriam AnimashaunThis is an abomination against human rights, it is barbaric and is regressive. This sort of thing is what contributes to social-economic decline.

If you think that you are exempt from morality based on religious grounds [of which I am a believer] then think again as you presumably put your trust in an omnibenevolent Allah, who will hold you accountable for every drop of blood poured come judgement day.
6893James S. MooreMcclure-USA2011-07-11
6892Greg SpahlingerEast Lansing-USA2011-07-11
6891Margaret GouldShorewood-USA2011-07-11
6890Thomas LobleyMelbourne-Australia2011-07-11
6889Erik SmithLerwick-UK2011-07-11
6888Matthew SpencerMelbourne-Australia2011-07-11
6887William C. GarthrightLincoln-USA2011-07-11
6886Karin HaselbachNoneBerlin-Germany2011-07-11
6885Jonathan AndersenOslo-Norway2011-07-11
6884Elizabeth NadlerStoning is unacceptable. So is imprisonment for false accusations of crimes.Nashville-USA2011-07-11
6883Beatrice De FilippisSana\'a-Yemen2011-07-11
6882Nuria Torres MeanaBondoufle-France2011-07-11
6881Thomas HuldSesto Calende-Italy2011-07-11
6880Irene DelseParis-France2011-07-11
6879Jennifer RempelCastlegar-Canada2011-07-11
6878Sara Garcia HipolitoManorhamilton-Ireland2011-07-11
6877Bill HancockTomball, Tx-USA2011-07-11
6876Saskia LagerweyNo one has the right to kill!!!Deventer-Netherlands2011-07-11
6875Alan ChancellorBaltimore-USA2011-07-11
6874Heather CrowderFort Worth-USA2011-07-11
6873Andrew AyersI simply can't believe I am signing something like this in the fucking 21st century. Wake up, you morons.Glendale-USA2011-07-11
6872Jaimie HarringtonOmpowSTONING IS EVIL.Sandy-USA2011-07-11
6871Michael EdsonDoncaster-UK2011-07-11
6870D SteinmeyerSheboygan-USA2011-07-11
6869Sundae ShieldsOxnard-USA2011-07-11
6868Steve KillingsMaryland Atheists GroupWinchester-USA2011-07-11
6867Ronald KephartUniversity Of North FloridaJacksonville, Florida-USA2011-07-11
6866Janneke RoodAmsterdam-Netherlands2011-07-11
6865Aleksander ModzelewskiPoznań-Poland2011-07-11
6864Thomas JacksonManchester-UK2011-07-11
6863Karen TorleyFree Sakine Ashtiani, No Stoning, No Execution, No more, Nowhere

Please pay attention to worldwide opposition to this practice.
6862Joshua RoundI demand the abolishment of the current Islamic regime, for every human should live in a free and equal society!!!London-UK2011-07-10
6861Darren NelsonIpswich-UK2011-07-10
6860Johanna GrafNoneWe live in the 21st century & shouldn't practice stoning anymore, please.Munich-Germany2011-07-10

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