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Signature List Libérez Sakine Ashtiani! Non aux lapidations et aux exécutions! Plus Jamais, nulle part!
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Libérez Sakine Ashtiani! Non aux lapidations et aux exécutions! Plus Jamais, nulle part!

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6609Helga EbertLandschaftsverband RheinlandFreiheit für Sakine Ashtiani, Keine Steinigung, keine Hinrichtung, nie mehr, nirgendwo.Köln-Germany2010-12-22
6608Claudia Kramer-neudorferWaiblingen-Germany2010-12-22
6607Sara KleinMunich-Germany2010-12-22
6606Juergen RichterWiesbaden-Germany2010-12-22
6605Stephanie GrammelLamspringe-Germany2010-12-22
6604Jeanette HellerDornbirn-Austria2010-12-22
6603Jana NawrothWincheringen-Germany2010-12-21
6602Bert SteffensAndernach-Germany2010-12-21
6601Leonie HeinzlUlm-Germany2010-12-21
6600Esser ElisabethLübeck-Germany2010-12-21
6599Norbert MuellerSchwaebisch Gmuend-Germany2010-12-21
6598Sieglinde SedlmairGod is for human rights and he forgive more than people. God does not like killing.Augsburg-Germany2010-12-21
6597Annette FrickenschmidtWuppertal-Germany2010-12-21
6596Edeltrud FellnerTerre Des FemmesBensheim-Germany2010-12-21
6595I. WagnerEssen-Germany2010-12-21
6594Karla LattrichBitte lassen Sie Frau Ashtiani frei. Zeigen Sie Stärke und begnadigen sie diese Frau , die genug gelitten hat.Brühl-Germany2010-12-21
6593Annette WinderlingHanau-Germany2010-12-21
6592Brigitte HornsteinYours Excellence,
I want to ask you for reason of humanity and in the name of human rights to stop the persecution of Mrs.Ashtiani. Please, set her free!
Please, stop stoning and other severe ways of punishing and/or killing people in your country.
Thank you! With trust in your wisdom and your knowledge of humanity and, in this way, with kind regards,
Dr.Brigitte Hornstein
6591Lisa KnopTerre De FemeEdewecht-Germany2010-12-21
6590Arkadiusz Gardziejczyk GardziejczykNonWorld would be a better pace without religions.Racula-Poland2010-12-21
6589Bettina SteinhoffMannheim-Germany2010-12-21
6588Sigrid FuchsTerre Des FemmesWetzikon-Switzerland2010-12-21
6587Heydrun BräutigamHannover-Germany2010-12-21
6586Jutta Mussong-löffler Mussong-löfflerI protest against the planned killing of Sakine Ashtiano because it is against all human rights.Bensheim-Germany2010-12-21
6585Jutta HerrmanMunich-Germany2010-12-21
6584Ute HinzeTerre Des FemmesMuenchen-Germany2010-12-21
6583Myra SidrassiMannheim-Germany2010-12-21
6582Ingrid KolbStaufenberg-Germany2010-12-21
6581Peter Edward ReedStoning must be bannedTenerife-Spain2010-12-21
6580Ulrike KrügerGöttingen-Deutschland2010-12-21
6579Nadja MeyDüsseldorf-Germany2010-12-21
6578Moinian ClaudiaBerlin-Germany2010-12-21
6577Gabriele KellnerAndechs-Germany2010-12-21
6576Meier ManfredSchleiz-Germany2010-12-21
6575Eicker LouisaNürnberg-Germany2010-12-21
6574Dorothea SchumannFree Sakine Ashtiani, only GOD has the Right to kill.

Dorothea Schumann
Tenerife Canary Islands-Spain2010-12-21
6573Iris MassonShe is NOT guilty. Killing her is a crime.Peine-Germany2010-12-21
6572Natalie Von GötzZurich-Switzerland2010-12-21
6571Janna GreveJournalismBerlin-Germany2010-12-21
6570Klaus V.poserCologne-Germany2010-12-21
6569Markus HartmannOberkirch-Germany2010-12-21
6568Martina SchuKöln-Germany2010-12-21
6567Thomas BartschatDormagen-Germany2010-12-21
6566Claudia SchlerethMoskva-Russian Federation2010-12-21
6565Irit GorgesLübeck-Germany2010-12-21
6564Beate RindererBrackenheim-Germany2010-12-21
6563Anna MeyerHamburg-Germany2010-12-21
6562Lena HarmannLingen-Germany2010-12-21
6561Benkissous JamelSans Organisationje suis solidaire avec les citoyens iranien contre le régime islamique de téhéran , contre ahmed enadjad et ces chefs spérituels, contre les crimes et les executions.

vive la liberté
6560Salah Ud Din Khan Gandapur GandapurHumanrightswe condmn the barbarianism of iran Govt and demond for the realese of the all political prisonersSukkar-Pakistan2010-12-20
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