International Committee against Stoning



July 11: International Day Against Stoning



Stoning is execution by torture, an act of sheer barbarism and a hideous crime against humanity.  Stoning is practised by Islamic governments and groups imposing the Islamic Sharia law.  Hundreds of women and men have been killed, or are awaiting death, in this gruesome way.


Such savagery and barbarism must not be tolerated.  Stopping stoning must be a priority for all humanitarian organizations and individuals throughout the world.  We must put an end to this barbaric act once and for all.


We, the International Committee against Stoning, heartened by the success of our campaign to save the Nigerian woman Amina Lawal from the brink of stoning, and overwhelmed by the level of support and sympathy directed towards our campaign, are proposing to declare July 11, the day on which in 2001 Maryam Ayoubi, an Iranian woman and mother of three children, was stoned to death, as the International Day against Stoning.


This day was proposed by the International Committee against Stoning at the International Conference against Stoning, held in Naples, Italy on September 26, 2003, and was endorsed by the conference.  July 11 should be the day on which people around the world reaffirm their rejection of stoning.


Please add the name of your organization to the list of organizations endorsing July 11 as the international day against stoning:


1- International Committee Against Stoning

2- Neapolitan Women-Italy              

3- Feminist Net

4- Social Aid of Hellas

5- Counseling Center for Women and Girls - Albania
Middle East Centre for Women's Rights

7- Organisation of Women's Freedom

8-  Al- Nisa magaizine

9-  Equal Rights Now Newspaper

10- Rationalist Press Association

11- Phoenix Women Take Back the Night

12- Social Aid Of Hellas

13- Woman and Development

14- Groups of Social Exclusion-Centre of Research and Development-ONAKA-

15- União de Mulheres Alternativa e Resposta

16- International Federation of Iranaian Refugees

17-The International Campaign Against Sharia Court in Canada

18- Jens-e-dovom magaizine

19- Arlene Johnson, Publisher/Author News Source, Inc. Norway

20- WAVE (Women Against Violence Europe) 

21- UMAR – União de Mulheres Alternativa e Resposta - PORTUGAL

22- Ceni - Kurdish Women's Peace Office

23- Aspekt - Feminist Educational project from Bratislava, Slovak Republic

24- The International Committee to Protect Freethinkers

25- Homa Darabi

26- Solidarity with Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq NYC

27- Hope not Hate - Isle of Man

28-Internationale geselshaft für menshenrechte - Frankfort
29- Centre for the Defense of Women’s Rights in Kurdistan